At the beginning of this series of articles on getting ready for 2012, I discussed the concept of the great shift of the ages from the Mayan Calendar’s Age of the Fifth Sun to its Age of the Sixth Sun, from astrology’s Age of Pisces to its Age of Aquarius and from the Confederation’s Density of Choice to its Density of Love. These three shifts, from very different disciplines, are all set to take place at or around 2012. And they all are said to signal an explosion of love and understanding, transforming our experience completely.

In the second article we looked at how our unresolved thoughts of death and of the unknown predispose us to live in fear, and hopefully I was able to lay your fears to rest. Fearlessness is an essential bit of groundwork to be laid when we think about getting ready for 2012.

The third article was all about polarity. This is the Density of Choice, after all, and the single most important choice for a person who wishes to graduate, whether in 2012 or thereafter, when he dies to the physical world is the choice of polarity, which the Confederation terms the choice of service to others or service to self. That article concluded with the promise that in the next article, we would discuss how to make that choice more effectively.

And so we begin!

To become more skillful at making positively polarized choices in response to the catalyst of everyday life, we need to get away from perceiving ourselves as victims of fate. This supposition of victim-hood spawns feelings of anger, resentment, helplessness and hopelessness. We shall never get to the open heart this way!

We need to consider that our lives are not made up of what happens to us. Life is what we do with what happens to us. We create our reality through our choices of how to respond to the world as we go.

To become more skillful at making positively polarized choices in response to our catalyst, we also need to get away from perceiving ourselves as strictly physical beings. This self-concept creates many temptations to identify ourselves by outer criteria such as race, societal class, level of attractiveness and annual income. And getting ready for 2012 has nothing to do with such attributes. Like all the best things in life, the techniques used for preparing ourselves for graduation are equally and freely available to all.

We are only physical beings on the surface of our selfhood. If we look beneath that surface, we discover that almost all of our true identity resides in our non-physical energy body and its enhanced consciousness. This energy body, which the Confederation calls the indigo-ray body, is the horse we rode in on before birth, and it is the horse on which we will ride through the gates into larger life at our physical death.

Our energy bodies interpenetrate our physical bodies during our lives on Earth. Their food is the light/love of the infinite Creator as it flows through our bodies from the soles of our feet, upwards through the body and off the top of our heads. If we eat a good diet, we nourish our physical bodies. If we keep our energy bodies’ chakras open wide to receive and pass on this light/love, we nourish our energy bodies.

If our energy bodies are the realest parts of ourselves, and if in working to increase our polarity we work with the energy body almost to the exclusion of the physical body, why do we have physical bodies at all? They are messy and inconvenient in many ways! They plunge us behind the veil of forgetting. Don Elkins, the questioner for the Ra sessions, asks this very question on May 6, 1981:

“Can you expand on the concept that it is necessary for an entity, during incarnation in the physical, as we know it, to become polarized or interact properly with other entities and why this isn’t possible in between incarnations when the entity is aware of what he wants to do? Why must he come into an incarnation and lose conscious memory of what he wants to do and then act in a way in which he hopes to act?”

The Ra group responds, “Let us give the example of the man who sees all the poker hands. He then knows the game. It is but child’s play to gamble, for it is no risk. The other hands are known. The possibilities are known and the hand will be played correctly but with no interest.

“In time/space and in the true color-green density, [the Density of Love, our destination after graduation], the hands of all are open to the eye. The thoughts, the feelings, the troubles, all these may be seen. There is no deception and no desire for deception. Thus much may be accomplished in harmony but the mind/body/spirit gains little polarity from this interaction.

“Let us re-examine this metaphor and multiply it into the longest poker game you can imagine, a lifetime. The cards are love, dislike, limitation, unhappiness, pleasure, etc. They are dealt and re-dealt and re-dealt continuously. You may, during this incarnation begin—and we stress begin—to know your own cards. You may begin to find the love within you. You may begin to balance your pleasure, your limitations, etc. However, your only indication of other-selves’ cards is to look into the eyes.

“You cannot remember your hand, their hands, perhaps even the rules of this game. This game can only be won by those who lose their cards in the melting influence of love, can only be won by those who lay their pleasures, their limitations, their all upon the table face up and say inwardly: “All, all of you players, each other-self, whatever your hand, I love you.” This is the game: to know, to accept, to forgive, to balance, and to open the self in love. This cannot be done without the forgetting, for it would carry no weight in the life of the mind/body/spirit being-ness totality.”

The Ra group sees life as a game, a very odd game indeed, since to win it we lay down our hands and cease the play, melted by love. And we are the Players of this Game of Life.

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Since the energy body works best when its chakras are all open and receiving full light/love energy, in order to play this Game of Life at our best level we need to keep those chakras clear. We do not need to solve our problems to be successful. We do not need to become wise and able, like the comic strip character B.C., to mount a soapbox and orate upon the TRVTH. To succeed at the Game of Life, we need only to stay calm, alert and relaxed. We need to find and maintain a certain “tuned” attitude which allows us to be accurate observers who have our minds clear to make our most skillful choice of response when a choice is needed.

The chakras of the energy body are coded to the colors of the rainbow. The first three chakras, red, orange and yellow, deal with sexuality and survival, personal relationships and formalized relationships such as those which come with our birth family, our marriage and our work environment.

Then comes the green-ray chakra, the chakra of the heart. In order for the heart to open, the first three chakras need to be open and running full power. So our task is set before us: we need to be sure that the above issues are not throwing us into fear, worry or over-concern and therefore blocking or narrowing the pathway of light/love through the energy body.

Often it is easier to clear the chakras of issues we have with others than to clear them of our condemnation of ourselves. It is a cliché that we are our own severest critics. And certainly it is healthy to criticize the self in the effort to improve. But in terms of keeping our energy bodies clear and flowing with light/love, what we need is self-forgiveness and self-approval. Ra says, in a session recorded June 12, 1981,

“The seeker seeks the One. The One is to be sought, as we have said, by the balanced and self-accepting self, aware both of its apparent distortions and its total perfection. Resting in this balanced awareness, the entity then opens the self to the universe which it is. The light energy of all things may then be attracted by this intense seeking, and wherever the inner seeking meets the attracted cosmic prana, realization of the One takes place.

“The purpose of clearing each energy center is to allow that meeting place to occur at the indigo-ray vibration, thus making contact with intelligent infinity and dissolving all illusions. Service to others is automatic at the released energy generated by this state of consciousness.”

It may feel a bit dyslexic at first to see your imperfections and still choose to love and accept yourselves unconditionally. Try it for a while. You will find that it becomes easier as you practice! And as you accept yourself more fully, you more and more develop the compassion needed to accept others. And this also helps in creating positively polarizing choices in your moves on the Gameboard.

Notice that I did not talk about clearing the upper chakras – the blue-ray chakra of communication, the indigo-ray chakra of radiant beingness and the violet-ray gateway chakra. Clearing and working with these upper chakras is fun, and many paths of service open to those who work with the higher chakras. But what is needed to be ready for graduation is clearing the path through the lower chakras to the open heart. The Q’uo group says, in a session recorded December 13, 2008,

“An entity may rest in faith for a whole life long knowing that all is well, without ever leaving the sanctity of the open heart. Indeed it is not necessary to work with the gateway to intelligent infinity in order for a seeker to live a life of highly polarized service to others and to graduate into fourth density when the time comes.

“The heart and its energy center hold the key to moving forward with the evolution of mind, body and spirit, in that the heart is that sanctuary in which the immediate presence of the one infinite Creator is always available. Indeed, it is the nature of the green-ray energy center to be sanctified and utterly positive, resounding with the vibrations of unconditional love.”

So, to get ready for 2012, it is very helpful to spend as much time as you can in this sanctuary of the open heart, where time falls away to reveal the present moment. The Q’uo group says, on January 26, 1996,

“How can one find this present moment? We suggest often the practice of regular contemplation or meditation, for within silence there is that key which unlocks the doors of attention. And into that sanctum sanctorum of the open heart, silent and listening, there resides the Creator whose name is Love.

“We encourage each to form the habit of silence on a regular basis, for that voice which speaks in silence is that which gives life and peace. We do not say that it gives wisdom. Rather, we suggest that it works little by little to open the heart and the awareness to the presence of love.”

Next week I will conclude this present series of articles with a good look at forming and developing the habit of seeking the silence.

I open my arms and embrace your spirit! The vessels in my arms come straight from my heart, so my hug is not a simple gesture but the transfer of love directly from my heart to yours. Go ahead – hug me back! It feels so good! And let us all hug life with thankfulness and joy as we play the Game of Life!