For the last two articles, I have been focusing on the question of how to get ready for 2012. Lately there are many questions about this that have come in to my Inbox. I have recently finished a book, Living the Law of One – 101: The Choice, which is all about how to graduate from this Third Density, the Density of Choice. And I will be teaching from 101 in a gathering here at L/L Research in just a few weeks. For all these reasons, it is on my heart to talk about this issue with you now.

In the first article, I laid the facts before you from the Mayan calendar, from Western astrology and from The Confederation of Angels and Planets material on this transition to The Age of the Sixth Sun, the Age of Aquarius or The Density of Love or Fourth Density, all of which transitions take place on or around 2012.

In the second article I discussed how to become fearless in the face of this tremendous shift in consciousness and the eventual certainty of our physical death.

In this article, I will discuss the concept of polarity.

The Confederation concept of polarity is caught beautifully and succinctly by Bob Dylan in his song, “Gotta Serve Somebody.” The chorus to this song runs,

You’re gonna have to serve somebody, yes indeed; You’re gonna have to serve somebody. Well, it may be the devil or it may be the Lord But you’re gonna have to serve somebody. (all rights reserved, © 1979 Bob Dylan)

Naturally, Ra and the other Confederation sources do not use the polar opposites of “the devil” and “the Lord.” Those are emotionally charged terms, and it is the Confederation way to speak of metaphysical principles using emotionally neutral words. Instead of “the devil” they use the term “service-to-self polarity.” Instead of “the Lord” they use the term, “service-to-others polarity.” In general, we know what we mean when we think of being good or evil. But the Confederation creates an explicit way of describing both polarities.

Let me back up a bit and fill in the background of these terms. The Confederation sees all of us as powerful people indeed. They describe us as sparks of the creative principle – very young Gods who are still learning. They see us as citizens of eternity and beings of infinite individuality who proceed through a seven-grade Creation-School before ultimately returning home to the Creator. We are at the very end of Earth’s third grade, its Third Density, the Density of Choice. We are now attempting to graduate to fourth grade, Fourth Density, the Density of Love.

For well over 75,000 years, they say, in incarnation after incarnation, we have been attempting to choose whether to serve ourselves or to serve others. Our relationships, challenges and incarnational issues have all been carefully designed to encourage us to make and continually confirm our choice of polarity.

The Confederation sees us as containing all things within ourselves. They say we have complete free will as to which of the attributes available to us we will choose to develop. And they say that for most of us, we are already well on our way along the chosen path of polarity before we even realize that we want to choose a polarity and run with it. Don Elkins, Questioner for the Ra sessions, asks Ra in Session 19, recorded on February 8, 1981,

“Can you tell me what bias creates the momentum towards the chosen path of service to self?”

“The Ra group responds, “We can speak only in metaphor. Some love the light. Some love the darkness. It is a matter of the unique and infinitely various Creator choosing and playing among its experiences as a child upon a picnic. Some enjoy the picnic and find the sun beautiful, the food delicious, the games refreshing, and [they] glow with the joy of creation. Some find the night delicious, their picnic being pain, difficulty, the sufferings of others, and the examination of the perversities of nature. These enjoy a different picnic.

“All these experiences are available. It is the free will of each entity which chooses the form of play, the form of pleasure.”

Then they note, “Those truly helpless are those who have not consciously chosen but who repeat patterns without knowledge of the repetition or the meaning of the pattern.”

Elkins, a physicist, thinks about this and in the next session, dated February 9, 1981, he asks,

“Yesterday we were talking about the split that occurs when an entity, either consciously or unconsciously, chooses the path that leads to either service to others or service to self. The philosophical question of why such a split even exists came up. It was my impression that just as it is in electricity, if we have no polarity in electricity we have no electricity; we have no action. Therefore, I am assuming that it is the same in consciousness. If we have no polarity in consciousness we also have no action or experience. Is this correct?

The Ra group responds, “This is correct. You may use the general term “work.”

Elkins then asks, “Then the concept of service to self and service to others is mandatory if we wish to have work, whether it be work in consciousness or work of a mechanical nature in the Newtonian concept in the physical. Is this correct?”

Ra says, “This is correct with one addendum. The coil, as you may understand this term, is wound, is potential, is ready. The thing that is missing without polarizing is the charge.”

Elkins asks, “Then the charge is provided by individualized consciousness. Is this correct?”

Ra says, “The charge is provided by the individualized entity using the in-pourings and in-streamings of energy by the choices of free will.”

The Confederation, then, sees us third-density humans fundamentally as energy beings rather than physical beings. And they see the chances and changes of our mortal lives as energetic rather than physical happenings, at base. So each thing that happens to us physically is also and more fundamentally an in-pouring of energy. They call this in-pouring energy “catalyst.” And we use our faculty of free will to decide how to respond to this incoming catalyst.

Later that month, in Session 28, recorded on February 22, 1981, Elkins asks, “Are you saying, then, that we have not only a polarity of electrical charge but also a polarity in consciousness?”

The Ra group replies, “This is correct. All is potentially available from the beginning of your physical space/time; it then being the function of consciousness complexes to begin to use the physical materials to gain experience [and] then to polarize in a metaphysical sense. The potentials for this are not created by the experiencer but by intelligent energy.”

In other words, this “school for souls” in which we are presently students is specifically set up to give us opportunities to make our choice for love or fear; for giving or taking: to polarize. Not only the Confederation sources but also all of us considering these words are striving to polarize in service to others. We have all made that initial choice of polarity. We “consciousness complexes” take the physical circumstances of our lives and respond to them in ways that increase our polarity – our ability to do “work” in the metaphysical sense.

All of us, I think, can look back at our lives thus far and spot the moment when we woke up and realized that there was more to this life than simply living and dying, and that we were more than flesh and blood. For some, that moment came early; for others it has come later. But part of that awakening is almost always an enhanced sense of our own worth, and our corresponding responsibility for what we think, say and do. And those three modes of expressing our polarity are the three avenues of increasing our polarity.

Firstly, our thoughts are ephemeral to the physical world, but they constitute our deeper reality in the metaphysical world, where thoughts are literally things. So we work to refine our thoughts; to “tune” them as we would tune an instrument, so that the Creator can play Its song upon us in tune. As The Prayer of St. Francis says it, we hope to sow love instead of hate, unity instead of discord, instead of darkness, light, instead of sadness, joy.

Secondly, in what we say, we hope to encourage and support the good that we see in the people around us, rather than tearing down and overly criticizing them. We encourage public policies that express the ways of love. We talk up the good in life rather than focusing always upon the unfortunate and regrettable events and challenges to which we are witness.

And thirdly, in our actions, we do whatever we do in ways that show our radiance of being, our love of the Creator, of each other and of ourselves. When an ethical decision must be made, we try to take the high road, to “do the right thing.”

The Ra group suggests that the service-to-others graduation level is 51%; that is, if we are thinking of others and hoping to aid them over half the time, we are ready to graduate. They put the bar for service-to-self-polarized graduation at 5%; that is, if we are thinking strictly of our own needs and manipulating others to meet those needs 95% of the time, we are ready to graduate.

So let me put this question before you: are you still floundering a bit in polarity? Are you still in that sinkhole of indifference between 5% and 51% service to others? If you feel that the answer may be yes, the solution is simple and easy to apply: practice thinking in terms of responding to all circumstances that come your way by focusing on helping, encouraging and supporting the love in the moment. Open your heart and let love flow through you – not your human love alone, but the love of the Creator which is infinite and will never run dry. Become a lighthouse. And let love abide in your life.

Next week, I will talk about just how we can get more skillful at doing that!

I open my arms and embrace your spirit! Let’s get ready for 2012 by loving, loving and loving some more!