This series of articles addresses the question of what role the Confederation of Angels and Planets in the Service of the Infinite Creator plays in the Earth world. Through the years I have channeled several of the Confederation entities such as Ra, Hatonn and Latwii. I am reporting on what they say.

In the first article, I reported on the way the Confederation describes itself and talked about the Confederation group Ra’s interaction with the Egyptians during the time of Akhenaton, and how they have been working with us earthlings ever since. In this article I’ll look at what the Confederation says about its role in the Harvest.

What is the Harvest? In order to answer that, we need to look at the Confederation’s description of how our Earth world works. They say that our creation progresses through seven densities while completing its circuit from the moment the undifferentiated Creator decides to splinter off parts of Itself such as you and I to the final moment of return to our source.

The earth experience begins, according to the Confederation, in first density, which compasses the elements and forces such as earth, wind, water and fire. Earth’s second density contains the plants and non-self-aware animals. Third density is the first density to support self-aware people such as we. We have been in third density for a bit over 75,000 years. Since there are three 25,000-year-plus sub-cycles to third density here on Earth, that puts us at the very end of third density.

We hope to graduate from third density, the Density of Choice, into fourth density, the Density of Love. Our graduation time is here. People are already being harvested from Earth’s third density when they die a natural death.

Perhaps you have heard the on-going discussion about 2012. Some feel that a Rapture, such as is described in the Bible, shall take place then. Those who have lived satisfactorily “good” lives will be taken up into heaven in an instant, along with all the righteous dead.

I am fond of that imagery! Can’t you just see the surprised look on the faces of the long-buried folk as their caskets fly open and they are swooped up into the air with the angels? Were I among their number, I would be thinking, “What’s going on? Where are my shoes? And why is my hair such a mess? Crikey! Wait! I need to freshen up first! I can’t meet my Maker looking like this”

That’s not the Confederation take on Harvest, thank goodness. They suggest, rather, that we will each have the opportunity to go through Harvest when we die our natural deaths, whenever that is. They describe the Harvest process as walking the steps of light. And that is where the Confederation comes in.

When we die, they say, we leave our physical bodies behind. The silver cords that keeps our physical bodies connected to our energy bodies release upon death and we rise away from our physical bodies in our indigo-ray energy bodies. That is the “horse we rode in on” when we came into our physical bodies at or around our birth date.

Then we move into our violet-ray bodies, where the full spectrum of our vibrations can be read easily. In these “tell-all-and-hold-nothing-back” bodies, we come to the steps of light. We walk up them. We will notice that each step of light is denser with light/love. At some point, the steps depart the highest third-density light and enter the lowest fourth-density light, passing through a quantum leap in the nature of light.

We do not see the quantum change. We are only walking up the steps into fuller light, and stopping when the intensity of the light becomes uncomfortable. If we have walked the steps into fourth-density light, we have graduated. If we are still on third-density steps of light, we will need to repeat third density. There is no heaven above or hell beneath, and no arbitrary judge. There is only a natural progression, when we are entirely ready to progress. And we have all of eternity to take this journey.

Don Elkins asked the Ra group about the Confederation’s role in the Harvest in Session 51 of The Law of One, Book 1: “I was wondering if there is supervision over the Harvest and if so, why this supervision is necessary and how it works, since an entity’s harvestability is determined by the violet ray. Is it necessary for entities to supervise the harvest, or is it automatic?

The Ra group answered,

“In time of harvest there are always harvesters. The fruit is formed as it will be, but there is some supervision necessary to ensure that this bounty is placed as it should be without the bruise or the blemish.

“There are those of three levels watching over harvest.

“The first level is planetary and that which may be called angelic. This type of guardian includes the mind/body/spirit complex totality or Higher Self of an entity and those inner-plane entities which have been attracted to this entity through its inner seeking.

“The second class of those who ward this process are those of the Confederation who have the honor/duty of standing in the small places at the edge of the steps of light/love so that those entities being harvested will not, no matter how confused or unable to make contact with their Higher Self, stumble and fall away for any reason other than the strength of the light. These Confederation entities catch those who stumble and set them aright so that they may continue into the light.

“The third group watching over this process is that group you call the Guardians. This group is from the octave above our own and serves in this manner as light-bringers. These Guardians provide the precise emissions of light/love in exquisitely fastidious disseminations of discrimination so that the precise light/love vibration of each entity may be ascertained.

“Thus the harvest is automatic, in that those harvested will respond according to that which is unchangeable during harvest; that is, the violet-ray emanation. However, these helpers are around to ensure a proper harvesting so that each entity may have the fullest opportunity to express its violet-ray selfhood.”

The Confederation came to our planet and its peoples precisely because our Harvest grew near and the number of souls ready to move on was few. Hatonn, quoted in the Introduction to The Law of One, Book One, page 35, puts it this way:

“There is going to be a Harvest, as you might call it, a Harvest of souls that will shortly occur upon your planet. We are attempting to extract the greatest possible Harvest from this planet. This is our mission, for we are the Harvesters.

“In order to be most efficient, we are attempting to create first a state of seeking among the people of this planet who desire to seek. This would be those who are close to the acceptable level of vibration [for Graduation]. Those above this level are of course not of as great an interest to us since they have, you might say, already made the grade. Those far below this level, unfortunately, cannot be helped by us at this time. We are attempting at this time to increase by a relatively small percentage the number who will be harvested into the path of love and understanding.

“Even a small percentage of those who dwell upon your planet is a vast number, and this is our mission, to act through groups such as this one in order to disseminate information in such a fashion that it may be accepted or rejected; that it may be in a state lacking what the people of your planet choose to call proof.

“We offer them no concrete proof, as they have a way of expressing it. We offer them Truth. This is an important function of our mission—to offer Truth without proof. In this way, the motivation will, in each and every case, come from within the individual. In this way, the individual vibratory rate will be increased [by individual, free-will choice]. An offering of proof or an impressing of this Truth upon an individual in such a way that he would be forced to accept it would have no usable effect upon his vibratory rate.

“This, then, my friends, is the mystery of our way of approaching your peoples.”

For those who have wondered why the good guys don’t land on the White House lawn and lay the Truth on us with absolute proof of their superior knowledge, here is the answer!

Planet Earth Herself is at Harvest time, and Ra stated in Session 6 of The Law of One that “This sphere is at this time in fourth-dimension vibration. Its material is quite confused due to the society memory complexes embedded in its consciousness. It has not made an easy transition to the vibrations which beckon. Therefore, it will be fetched with some inconvenience.”

Elkins asked, “Is this inconvenience imminent within a few years?”

The Ra group replied, “This inconvenience, or disharmonious vibratory complex, has begun several of your years in your past. It shall continue unabated for a period of approximately thirty of your years.”

This conversation was held in 1981, and thirty years from then is 2011, within the general period predicted by many sources besides the Confederation as being the time of a great shift in consciousness. So here we are, living on a planet which is vibrating fourth-density light, while many of us are still locked within third-density vibrations due to our culture’s love of war and the accumulation of power and resources and our disdain for cooperation and collaboration in stewardship for the sake of the planet and its people as a whole.

The heat we generate through aggression and discontent has forced Planet Earth to balance and rebalance Her energies through the extremes of weather we have been experiencing in greater and greater intensity over the last half-century.

Even though the penalty for flunking the walk up the steps of light is simply repeating “Grade Three” in the Creator’s school of souls, still, most of us would like to move on now! The Confederation says that becoming harvestable is a fairly simple matter. It is not a complex thing. Indeed, Ra notes in Session 16 that “It is absolutely necessary that an entity consciously realize it does not understand in order for it to be harvestable. Understanding is not of this density.”

OK, good! No cramming for this test. Just a walk up the steps of light, with lots of help to be sure we get a good, fair stroll with no stumbling or other extraneous problems.

So how do we prepare for Harvest? Towards what, then, are we working in this Density of Choice? We are making the choice for service to others or service to self, over and over. Each time we do so, our vibration rises.

In Session 17, Elkins asks Ra, “In the book Oahspe it states that if an entity goes over fifty-one percent service to others and is less than fifty percent service to self, then that entity is harvestable. Is this correct?”

Ra replies, “This is correct if the harvesting is to be for the positive fourth-dimensional level. The entity who wishes to pursue the path of service to self must attain a grade of five; that is, five percent service to others, ninety-five percent service to self. It must approach totality.”

It may seem odd to us, who live in a culture where the evil-doer is always consigned to hell, that a truly negative soul can graduate to fourth density. Yet it makes sense, given the Confederation’s scheme of how the creation works. Graduation from third density is accomplished by those who can enjoy and use fourth-density light. Those who have polarized sufficiently, either in a positive, service-to-others sense or in a negative, service-to-self sense, can move on.

Of course, those reading these words are undoubtedly polarizing towards service to others, as I also am attempting to do. Therefore, in the fullness of time, hopefully we’ll see each other again, in Earth’s positive fourth density! I look forward to the meeting with joy!

I open my arms and embrace your spirit. May we approach the Harvest of Earth with quiet confidence and an ever-increasing intention to love and serve the Creator and our fellow beings here on Earth. May we share a good journey to the steps of light!