I first became personally aware of angels when I was 25, in May of 1968. I was visiting a friend shortly after my first husband divorced me, recovering my balance after a time of testing during which I managed to separate from him physically while not separating from him in terms of rendering our friendship null or creating a division between our souls.

It was a dim, cloudy day, reflecting my state of mind. I was alone, reading Thomas Mann’s elegiac novel, “Magic Mountain”, studying for my Masters in Library Service. As Mann’s characters dragged slowly towards death from tuberculosis and gazed at the cold, bleak alps outside the windows of their sanitarium, I felt as though I were being pulled down into the eddies of that sad story.

Briefly, I looked up from my book, closed my eyes and prayed, “Lord, show me your grace.” As I opened my eyes, a shadow caught my glance and I saw an amazing sight. A red-haired young man was improbably perched on the narrow edge of a wastebasket near the door of the room, apparently weightless. He was in perfect proportion but was only a foot tall. His white robe and wings announced him to be an angel.

“Who are you?” I asked. “I am Michael,” he replied, and I am here to love you and make you feel safe.“ Then he disappeared.

Soon after that, in the fall of 1968, I began attending Calvary Episcopal Church, a beautiful Victorian Gothic parish in downtown Louisville, Kentucky. There I began to see angels quite regularly, lovely Pre-Raphaelite angels. There were often quite a number of them resting and swooping near the vaulted, arched ceiling of the sanctuary. Years later, I talked with another woman who also saw them. She saw the same style of angel as did I, and we agreed that no self-respecting angel could appear any other way in such a building.

At séances, which I used to attend quite regularly back in the early 1970s, when Don Elkins and I were studying the nature of ghosts, I once received an angel who called herself Rose. She was in the form of a small girl, perhaps five years old. She said that she loved my energy and would like to be with me always. Since that time, I have found that there are many such young angels, usually souls who have died at a young age and wish to do angelic work.

Whenever someone around me is ill or depressed, I ask Rose if there is an angel who would like to be sent to help the person, and through the years, many touching stories have come back to me about people’s experiences with the angels Rose and I have sent them.

In 1984, I moved to the house in which our little family still lives, a nearly-century-old Arts and Crafts home which we call Camelot. It was early April and a fitful, hopeful sun streamed into the dusty windows at the head of the upper hall as I climbed the stairs for the first time. There I beheld the angels of Camelot, barely visible; shadows, really, but carrying such a powerful sense of glory and goodness that I burst into tears. I could feel them welcoming me. They have remained ever since, always a source of comfort and peace.

So when I discuss the angels, as I am doing in this fourth and last article on the interactions of The Confederation of Angels and Planets in the Service of the Infinite Creator and humankind, I am not merely abstractly reporting on the Confederation’s information on angels. I am a believer.

Many religions contain angels as part of their belief system, not only Christians but also, notably, Jews and Muslims as well as Zoroastrians and the Baha’i faith. They are generally perceived to be messengers from the Creator.

The Confederation channelings received through our group talk a good bit about angels. They agree that angels are sometimes messengers. They say that they are also guides, guardians, agents of change and, as Hatonn said in a session on April 12, 1981, those “who often unknowingly act in such a manner as to be in attunement with the will of the universe.”

When souls have not yet evolved enough in third density to be aware of the process of spiritual evolution, it is a angels who, as Ra said on April 22, 1981, “are responsible for the incarnation patterns of those incarnating automatically.”

And when we pass from this earthly life into large life, and walk the steps of light to discover where our proper placement will be for our next incarnation, there the angels are also. As Ra said on May 13, 1981, “This type of guardian includes the mind/body/spirit complex totality or Higher Self of an entity and those inner-plane entities which have been attracted to this entity through its inner seeking.”

I find it enormously comforting to know that the angels who have blessed my life here shall follow me to the steps of light beyond this space and time, still helping me on my way!

Angels are not a part of this space/time, yet rather than being distanced from us, they are very close. Q’uo, talking about angels in a session on February 15, 1998, says that they are “ever at hand, closer than your own body, closer than your own thoughts, for the silence within those thoughts and within that body is beyond all time and space.”

The Confederation suggests that there are all kinds of angels. Some have never incarnated. Some have come through the third density, graduated and chosen to stay within the angelic realms of our inner planes, drawn by specific people still incarnate in third density whom they wish to help. They are part of the Confederation, “a portion of the same front,” as Q’uo said on February 28, 1988. Q’uo goes on to say that “these who have called your Earth home are as we who find our home planet in another location, for each seeks to serve and express the principles of the radiance of the light of the one Creator.”

Latwii, in a session on October 4, 1987, described the duties of angels this way:

“It is our understanding that the one infinite Creator and all those helping forces, which you call by name such as guardian angel, higher self, spirit guides, and teachers, have conspired with you in your heart of hearts, e’er incarnation ever began, gazing at the plan of the one infinite Creator for harmonizing all things, balancing all things, offering the maximum opportunity for service, for learning, for growth.

“It is our understanding that out of this creative collaboration of the personal self, the impersonal self, and that great non-personal self, which is the Christed deity of love, has come an incarnational plan which is without reference to what might have been or what should have been, the precise plan for maximizing the opportunities of the incarnation for learning, for growth, and for service.

“Thusly, when the question is asked, “Why this? Why now? Why me?” the question by itself, by its very nature, blocks the flow of the harmonious unfoldment of the self’s plan which is the Creator’s plan as it concerns your precious, much adored and eternal self.”

That feels right to me: angels are not here to rescue us from the outworking of the plans we have set for our incarnations. They are not here to protect us from that which we are here to learn so that we may continue to evolve spiritually. They are here to give us comfort as we go through that which we need to experience.

How many angels does each of us get assigned? Latwii, asked this question on January 15, 1989, said,

“Each entity has, besides the higher self, a male guide, a female-oriented guide and that which may be called somewhat of an androgynous guide; that is, that which has blended the polarities and has found balance in the blend.

“There are, as well, various friends which have been drawn to the entity according to the nature of the seeking which the entity has expressed and experienced in incarnation after incarnation. Some of these friends are at the time of the incarnation discarnate, and serve as guides, shall we say, that may speak in concept, image and symbol within the sleep and dreaming state, or within the meditative state.

There are many entities which are drawn to assist each entity within the incarnation, so that all possible opportunities for learning may be taken advantage of without the imposing of any choice that would override the free will of the entity during the incarnation, for it is the exercise of this free will that is of paramount importance, as the entity chooses its steps within the incarnation.“

It would appear that we are, quite profoundly, never truly alone! Our guides and angels create a web of love around us! On November 3, 1979, Latwii said that those of us “who are kindly affectioned, one to another, have as many as twelve angels [around them]. That is normally the complete assortment of angels that one individual will have.”

What can angels do to help us? On November 3, 1979, Latwii said that

“It depends upon your state of belief as to whether angels can physically aid you. If you believe in their reality, they can do almost anything, for grace is given unto those who believe. And the angels are the ministers of that grace. They are people such as you, who had learned through many lifetimes to glorify and praise the Creator. Thus, having learned, the angel can pass on the power and the invocation of light. There is nothing more powerful than the light of the spirit.

“Thus, if you pray and hear the rustle of angels’ wings, so be it. You have made contact with a part of your personality that links you with the perfection of the Creator. It is, however, incumbent upon the angel to know the limits of the laws of Creation and the will of the Father. Thus, the angels’ laws are not those of your illusion but those of reality, and so it may seem at times that your requests are not being met. And if this is so, it is because it is not the will of your higher self which shares the perfection of the Creator.”

However there is one thing that can keep us out of contact with our angels. In this same session, Latwii warns,

“Their rights stop at the point where the person denies that there are such beings; denies the deity, the spirit, and love itself.

“This does not remove the angel from the person, but it renders the angel completely helpless, and so the angel patiently and consistently will set up again and again a situation in which the person who does not believe will see something which, if he thinks about it, can open the door to belief.”

According to the Confederation, there are also “dark angels”. On April 29, 1996, Q’uo said,

“There are indeed those which you may call the dark angels which serve in their own way by providing [negative] catalyst. Any crystal shall fracture along its most flawed line. Thus, look into your own pattern of beingness to see those opportunities presented that tempt you away from love and service to each entity that you meet.

“When these opportunities present themselves it is your free will choice as to how you shall proceed. Perhaps the choice is made in action rather than in thought, thoughtlessly rather than in contemplation, seemingly by accident [rather than] a choice, and upon the foundation of this choice the dark angels, or loyal opposition as they have also been called, may offer the intensification of that choice which has been freely made. Then the [seeker] who is like unto a light is tempted to dim that light of love and service.

“If possible, the dark angel would seek to put out or control such a light. Thus is their service offered and thusly do they evolve in the negative sense of the service to self, the putting into order, and the gaining of power over others.”

I have had my innings with the dark angels! Yet they are helpless against us when we embrace the light, bring ourselves back to the remembrance of who we are, and Whose heirs of love we are.

I open my arms and embrace your spirit! Let us never forget to ask our angels to be with us, and thank them for their loving and powerful company!