In three prior articles of this “Law of One series” we discussed what the Law of One is, as well as who those of Ra are and what my experience with Ra during their contact with our research group has been. I will finish the series by talking a bit about living that Law.

All is one. And that one thing is love. That’s the Law of One in a nutshell. Everything else is a distortion. So living the Law of One is about living as though certain primal distortions of the Law of One - namely, free will, love, light and polarity – are natural laws. I believe that once we brought through the Law of One channelings, my purpose in life – my mission, if you will –has been to live those laws.

Our culture does not act as though these laws are at all natural. Therein lies the challenge!

When I consider living by the Law of Free Will, I think immediately of the many volunteers who have passed through L/L Research in years gone by. They all ostensibly came to help us. Yet when they turned towards doing that, a majority of these volunteers found that their idea of how to help us and our idea of how to be helped were in stark contrast. Instead of the volunteers making my life easier, they tended to made it much more difficult. They tended to want to spend donation money to create a life-style for themselves, rather than to work at ongoing projects to further the goals of L/L Research. As each volunteer found himself less drawn to stay with us, and spun himself out of our community, we sometimes rejoiced in their leaving!

Yet by allowing each volunteer to move through the exercise of finding service to others within our walls, without our trying to control that service, each of those volunteers greatly enriched our community. Were Jim and I to have squashed these volunteers’ freedom of choice, the rhythm of spirit would have been lost.

When I think about living the Law of Unity, my mind runs to the memory of the hardest I ever worked to practice this law. In 1984, before Don Elkins had settled on buying the house in which L/L Research still lives, Don tried to purchase the house in southeast Louisville in which we were then living. Our landlord and the owner of this house, and Don agreed on a price. The landlord then raised the price by $5,000.00 at the signing. Don, a stubborn man who knew what was right, refused to pay the extra amount. Luther refused to sell the house without receiving the extra money. The deal fell through

At issue a year later was the $5,000.00 Don had placed in escrow, pending the sale of the house to us the previous year. The landlord had sold the house to someone else by now. But he refused to release Don’s money from escrow. I resolved the dilemma, finally, by giving him $3000.00 and retaining $2000.00

When I think about this chapter in Don’s and my shared life, I can still feel the anger and righteous indignation arising. Since Don depended on me to work with all worldly matters on his behalf, I endured many fruitless conversations with the landlord. These painful exchanges occurred in the midst of Don’s last illness, his death and its aftermath.

I knew that the important thing was not to achieve fairness but to maintain in my mind a unity between the landlord and me. That’s the Law of One. How I burned! Yet somehow I made it through the slow-motion crisis without expressing a single unkind word. When the urge arose, as it frequently did, I would remind myself of how I felt when I wanted something I did not have, or coveted another person’s gifts. I kept looking in the mirror! And I made it through. The victory did not show. But nonetheless, it was a personal triumph!

The Law of Love insists that there is love in every situation, and asks for us to find it, focus upon it and bring it forth. When I think upon living that Law of Love, I am reminded of Bodhisattva in Metro, a six-minute video by Patrick Quinet and Artemis Productions.

The film opens with close-up shots of the passengers on a Metro car, riding home through the night. Their faces are blank. Their thoughts are inward and seemingly grim. A man consumed with a private joke gets on and sits down. He begins to chuckle. Then he escalates to laughter. Finally he begins to guffaw.

At first his Metro-mates are uncomfortable with his noisy hilarity. Then, little by little, they cease resisting it and join him, laughing their heads off! When a hapless, po-faced passenger boards the train and looks aghast at their humor, they only laugh the harder. The little film ends with the Metro driving off into the night, laughter billowing from it in waves.

I think this is the Law of Love in action. It is infectious. When we are having fun with life, we spread it around. A grin brings an answering grin; a smile evokes a smile in return. And when our hearts are smiling, we see better! Or rather, we see differently! In an August 12, 2007, session, Q’uo says,

“Troubles arise and they form a bubble, an energy field. Then the bubble is popped and it is no more. You are here to create the trouble bubbles and to wait for them to pop. You cannot pop them, precisely. What you do, if you are skillful, is to become patient, for there are some trouble bubbles with a very thick skin and some with a very thin skin, and who can say in what moment epiphany may create the pin to pop that bubble?”

In a way, we are holding trouble bubbles to us, quite often, in a kind of energy field of glumness and deadness of spirit. The laughter pops that bubble of solemnity and lets our hearts soar again. Exercise Love and Laughter Yoga when you spot a trouble bubble on your horizon!

The third distortion of the Law of One is the Law of Light or Wisdom. On August 12, 1984, in a session channeled through our group, Oxal says,

“That which powers the universe is not understood. That which powers the universe is love. Wisdom is the vibration which love uses. It is the material the artist uses to create experience for those who are conscious. Therefore, as you wish to learn the one original Thought, so you wish to learn all that there is. Wisdom is the refining of love into its shapes, designs, its nuances and its shadows.”

Oxal goes on to say,

“There is within each of you an innate guide, a rudder, shall we say, that steers you if you will let it. That which steers you is not wisdom alone but wisdom’s association with love, that love which is the original Thought of the one Creator.”

Those of Oxal conclude by saying,

“There is a call that stems from a very deep place, that place before time or space. It is the call of the soul or spirit to the conscious self. We may take the voyager through space and through time but it is that which is beyond space and time which will yield the simplicity, the peace and the power which is sought.

“The fruit is single. We are all love and we all distort that love. We are each unique, and yet we are each perfect, perfect as we are and perfect in the literal sense of being, in part, beyond space and beyond time, a part of the Creator.”

If Love and Laughter Yoga is a good way of bringing oneself back to the Law of Love, then the Law of Wisdom is that faculty of mind and heart which remembers to invoke the Law of Love. There is a kind of inertia which can build up in our busy lives, wearing us down as we do our chores and fulfill our honor/duties. We need to remember to invoke the Law of Wisdom and get ourselves back into our own open hearts.

In the Law-of-One cosmology, the great original Logos or Thought of love uses light to create all that there is. So when we strive for wisdom, we are striving to recall the structure of the universe, which is light. When the Law of Wisdom invokes the light touch, it does so literally.

And when we remember that we are made of light, in shapes of love, we become wonderful creatures indeed!

The final distortion by which I try to live is the Law of Polarity. That Law indicates that we are all here in the Earth world to increase our polarity by being of more and more service, either to each other or to ourselves. Positive polarizing is all about being of service to others and thereby enhancing our positive vibrations. In a session recorded by L/L Research on November 21, 1999, Q’uo says,

“From the standpoint of an entity which is not within the heavy chemical illusion of third density you gazed upon the richness of the learning experience awaiting you, and you gleefully rubbed your hands, thinking to yourself that this would be a wonderful adventure, an experience to remember, a great opportunity for increasing your polarity.

“This last is central, for each of you chose catalyst that would work directly upon your polarity; that is, the intensity with which you desire either to serve others or to serve yourself. It seemed so obvious to you, before incarnation, that these relationships that were being set up and the dynamics that would develop would be helpful. It simply did not occur to you that, perhaps, you might lose your way, that, perhaps, you might become completely overwhelmed by the sea of confusion, that you might temporarily and again and again drown in this confusion and become completely without hope.

“It was not obvious to you from the standpoint of infinity and eternity that minutes and hours could be endlessly long, that the dynamic of a difficult relationship could be excruciating emotionally, that the pain of living through relationships that were somewhat difficult over a period of time would be cumulative and distressing in the extreme. These things did not occur to the eager and ardent soul that you are in eternity and infinity. Simply put, it did not occur to you that the veil of forgetting would have such a powerful influence upon your awareness of the truth.

“However, it is just this deadening, numbing forgetting that places you in the optimal position for work in polarizing and sharpening and honing the desire to serve ever more truly, ever more deeply, ever more purely.”

Here we are, you and I, in this Earth world, on the Metro of Life! As we ride along from birth to death, we are as voyagers and we will meet many a stranger, friend and lover who will help us to live this Law of One. Perhaps it is time for us to turn to each other and find the laughter within that pops our trouble bubbles and brings us to our open hearts! As we reach out to each other with our smiles and our love, we shall be honing our desire to serve as we go.

I open my arms and embrace your spirit! Thank you for living the Law of One with me! I love you!