In this series of articles on the Law of One, as channeled through L/L Research in the early 1980s, I have spent some time presenting the Ra group’s basic definition of the Law of One and talking about who the Ra group described themselves to be and what their motives were in contacting our group.

In this article, I would like to give you a sense of how it was for me to go through the three years of that contact.

Leading up to the contact that began early in 1981, Don and I had gotten to know Jim McCarty, who had begun attending our meditations in 1978. We were both very impressed by him. He was a deeply committed spiritual seeker with a firmly established path which he had pursued for a decade. It had moved him from homesteading and reading politically oriented spiritual information through Paul Shockley’s “This Awareness” channeling and then, by a series of coincidences, to our group. His mental and emotional stability were impressive. Younger than I by four years, he was physically very powerful, despite his modest size – Jim is 5’ 8“ – and able to do all the physical work in the office, kitchen and yard which I was increasingly unable to handle due to the onset of severe rheumatoid disease.

Although Don Elkins was completely heterosexual, and although he and I had the best natural chemistry together I have experienced within this lifetime, as soon as he and I had bonded in late 1968, he indicated that he wished to preserve celibacy in his relationship with me. At that time, I was all of 25 years old. I tried living without any sexual expression for four years, finding my feminine energy increasingly off-balance.

I pondered my options. Prior to this, I had chosen to be monogamous no matter what the circumstances. I liked “doing the right thing.” However at this point, knowing that Don was my choice for life, celibacy palled. It began to resonate to me to move outside the “box” of conventional monogamy. I prayed about doing so and spirit seemed remarkably accepting of this option.

And I had a good candidate, a man who had loved me deeply for years, a college friend whose proposal of marriage I had rejected in 1963, before I married my first husband. He was a good man and a sensitive artist. I loved, trusted and respected him.

So Don and I talked it through, and he gladly gave me permission to have a sexual relationship in addition to our mated one. “Have a ball,” he said, chuckling, and gave me a big hug.

Don was an airline pilot and was gone at least one-third of the time, so discretion was easy to preserve. My lover had a low libido. So for five years, he and I would come together perhaps once each month. It was not a red-hot relationship but it was an authentically loving one on both sides. And I felt balanced again as a woman.

In 1976, my lover began attempting to impregnate me, hoping by this means to woo me away from Don. This was unacceptable to me. I reluctantly but firmly terminated the relationship and was again celibate for four more years. Early in 1980 I had a brief and very loving relationship with another old friend who had lost his wife after her long illness. He was devastated and I was part of the good in his life for a few months, until he got on his feet again emotionally.

Shortly after that, Jim and I began to click on many levels, and that summer, our relationship tipped over from being his channeling teacher to being his lover and personal friend. I was extremely fortunate in that the natural chemistry between Jim and me was almost as powerful as that between Don and me. It has remained so for close to thirty years now, to my lasting joy!

Don was always aware of my lovers. I let him know before a relationship began and after it ended. We did not speak of it from day to day. He was comfortable with my having these sexual partners and approved of each of my choices. When he invited Jim to join L/L Research, it was in full knowledge of Jim’s and my new relationship as lovers. I think Don loved and appreciated Jim as much as I did. For that golden period of our lives, from 1981 to 1984, we three human beings loved each other purely and lived together without tension or disharmony of any kind. It was a high point for all three of us.

I belabor this point at some length because people have wondered, and justly so, how I could have a mated relationship with Don, and still take a lover. It sounds like a tacky soap opera. It was not. Don needed my constant companionship and my complete loyalty and those things I gave him unstintingly. Jim, a total loner, needed only my friendship and my sexuality, and those things he had. Usually, we saw each other only at mealtimes and when we collaborated on something in the office. He would have been uncomfortable with more closeness during those early years.

Was I wrong to take lovers, when Don and I were living as one? Conventionally speaking, the answer is yes. Yet without my absolute honesty and my asking for the freedom to take a lover, the Ra contact would never have taken place. I am grateful indeed that Don and I communicated clearly on this point, and that I chose as I did.

There is no question in my mind but that the Ra contact was made possible by Jim McCarty’s addition to our research group. Without our sexual energy exchanges, I simply did not have the physical energy to do the work. Jim moved in with Don and me on December 23, 1980. The Ra group contacted us through me for the first time on January 15, 1981. In those three weeks, I had physically been powered up by our sexual energy exchanges to the point where I become able to sustain the contact.

I have been in guarded health all of my life. Presenting at birth with brain damage, barely able to see, I was expected to die. I did not. When I was two years old, I contracted rheumatic fever and again the doctor told my parents that I would not recover from that disease. I did. Then my kidney failures when I was 13 and 15 brought forth more dire predictions that I would not live through high school. I did anyway! I have always had a frail body, although my mind and spirit are very powerful. This is why the sexual energy transfers between Jim and me were crucial for the contact.

Once only, before the Ra contact, I experienced trance channeling, completely inadvertently. The friend I mentioned earlier had just lost his wife, and he asked me to channel her if I could, for she had said before she died that she wanted to get in touch with him and let him know she was all right. I did so, and found the experience very draining. I suspect that the experience was part of spirit’s plan of preparing me for working with those of Ra.

When I went into trance during the first session with Ra it was just as hard on me as it had been before. In order to make the work as easy as possible for me, the Ra group went to a lot of trouble to help me. Firstly, the group gave us a ritual for starting each session. As the Ra group said, the intention was to purify the atmosphere when we began a session. Don put the questions, while Jim gave the responses. The ritual went like this:

Question: “What is the Law? Answer: “The Law is One. Question: “Why are we here? Answer: “We seek the Law of One. Question: “Why do we seek Ra? Answer: “Ra is an humble messenger of the Law of One.” Both Together: “Rejoice then and purify this place in the Law of One. Let no thought-form enter the circle we have walked about this instrument, for the Law is One.

In addition to this ritual, Ra suggested that we create an altar for the session room on which all of my beloved Christian artifacts were placed. Jim made one by hand. Here are Ra’s suggestions, also taken from Session 2:

“The proper alignment is the head pointed twenty degrees north-by-northeast. This is the direction from which the newer or New Age distortions of love/light, which are less distorted, are emanating, and this instrument will find comfort therein. This is a sensitive instrument, by which we mean the distortions which enter her mind/body/spirit complex come from any of her senses. Thus, it is well to do the following:

“Place at the entity’s head a virgin chalice of water.

“To the center, the book most closely aligned with the instrument’s mental distortions which are allied most closely with the Law of One, that being the Bible that she touches most frequently.

“To the other side of the Bible, a small amount of cense, or incense, in a virgin censer.

“To the rear of the book symbolizing One, opened to the Gospel of John, Chapter One, a white candle.

“The instrument would be strengthened by the wearing of a white robe. The instrument shall be covered and prone, the eyes covered.

“We feel that, though this as a complex of activity/circumstance may seem very distorted from a purposeful teach/learning experience, these elaborations on the technique of trance will ease the mind distortions of those about the instrument as they perceive improvement in the instrument’s distortions with regard to fatigue. We add only that if these teach/learning sessions are held during time/space during which your sun-body does not light your room that it is best to call the instrument before the lighting of the illuminatory mechanism.”

I was lying on a studio couch during these sessions, since I almost immediately went to sleep. So it was the bed itself which was aligned to 20 degrees east of north. The chalice of water and the censer were “virgin” – a magical term, not a sexual one – because they had never been used. We used a Christmas gift from Don’s aunt for the chalice. As it happened, it had not been used. We bought a horizontal holder at first and then changed to using a vertical holder when the Ra group suggested the spiraling energy worked better that way. We put into service the Bible my brother, Tommy, had given me recently. We still have these items on our little altar in the living room at Camelot.

Previous to this time, the channelings which I did tended to be “pot luck” in format. However the Ra group preferred a question-and-answer format. As they said in Session 3,

“I will not suggest the proper series of questions. This is your prerogative as free agent of the Law of One having learned/understood that our social memory complex cannot effectually discern the distortions of the societal mind/body/spirit complex of your peoples. We wish now to fulfill our teach/learning honor/responsibility by answering what is asked. This only will suffice for we cannot plumb the depths of the distortion complexes which infect your peoples.”

Don loved that particular statement, as he also felt that there were a lot of “distortion complexes” infecting humankind on Planet Earth! So Don settled in as Questioner, Jim became the Scribe – it was he who first transcribed the sessions – and I was the Instrument.

At first, we held the sessions as often as we could manage it, given Don’s need for time away from the group, flying for the air line. However I was rapidly reduced to between 80 and 85 pounds – not emaciated, for I am short and small-boned, but quite slender. Eating more food than I have ever eaten in my life, I could barely maintain that weight. We responded by slowing down the sessions. By far the majority of the sessions were received during 1981. Our last session was done shortly before we moved to our present location, in early 1984. So the contact lasted about three years.

They were wonderful, golden years. It did not matter to me at all that I was undergoing constant psychic greetings and having bizarre things happen to me. I adapted with a happy heart. Adoring Don with every breath in my body, it was more than enough reward to see Don actually happy. It was also wonderful to know that we were serving the light.

The contact ended with Don’s prolonged illness and death in 1984. I was heartbroken but I had been forewarned by the depth of Don’s illness. Long before he actually passed into larger life, I was well into the grieving process. How I wished that I could have been taken instead of Don! But that was not to be. Don’s work was finished with the Ra sessions – he told me that himself. My work had just begun, for I had another mission to accomplish, as did Jim.

On November 7, 1984, my first mission, being channel for the Ra sessions, was ended. And my second mission, living the Law of One, began. Jim and I are still entirely absorbed and engaged in fulfilling that mission. Every day we end our Morning Offering by rededicating ourselves to this mission and praying for Spirit to help us do our highest and best job with it. We often blunder. Sometimes we know it, and sometimes it only comes to us by hindsight that we have gotten off the track of the highest and best. But our intentions are pure. And it is an utter joy and privilege to be right here, doing what we do!

I open my arms and embrace your spirit! You too are engaged in living the Law of One, each time you ask yourself, “Where is the love in this moment?” We all support each other, though we may be strangers, as we collaborate together to live the Law of One, and to lighten the consciousness of Planet Earth at this time of Harvest. Please feel confident that our collaborative efforts are successful, and rejoice in the chance to serve the light!