In 1978, Jim McCarty had been on Hummingbird Mountain for almost seven years. He was utterly content there. However his troublesome conscience started suggesting to him that his service to others needed more attention. He began corresponding with the “This Awareness” group gathered around Paul Shockley’s channelings, and he started coming to L/L Research’s public meetings.

He and his friend and closest neighbor from a half a mile away began making the weekly pilgrimage to our meetings from 70 miles southeast of Louisville, in Marion County, Kentucky. Eric was satisfied to listen to the channelings but Jim decided to try his hand at channeling, and soon became my best student.

The two were faithful attendees. Eric is still a beloved old friend, one we always hope to corral for Thanksgiving and Christmas, along with his lady mother, Phellis, whom he recently rescued from the old folks’ home in which his sisters had installed her when she showed signs of age. But his interest back in the late ‘70s waned as Jim’s waxed, and by 1980, Jim was driving up to Louisville alone.

Don and I had been comfortable in a lovely old Douglass Avenue apartment near a large park in eastern Louisville for the twelve years we had been together, but Don was eager to add Jim to our spiritual family, and we moved, in the summer of 1980, to a beautiful house atop a high hill a bit south of our old neighborhood, on Watterson Trail. The home, lavishly planted with all sorts of bulbs, blooms and bushes, was perfect for the three of us because one part of the house contained four bedrooms, a living room and a huge kitchen with room for the big table we from which we took our meals. The other part, accessible through a screened porch, contained a bedroom and an office large enough for two desks, plus all our books. Don and I could live together in one part of the house and Mick could be solitary in the other.

Jim considered Don’s and my invitation to join L/L Research, but at first he turned us down. He had promised Shockley that he would drive west to Oregon and work with their group. He sold his property and packed his truck, Sanity, with all his worldly goods and drove cross-country about twenty-five hundred miles to the Yamhill Valley region of Oregon, surely some of the loveliest hill country in America. He settled into Tootsie Roll, a caravan on Shockley’s property, and began to repair the roof on the Windsong School of Awareness, the Shockley’s “home-school”.

Two months into his stay there, he received an advantageous offer to become the US distributor for a Canadian diatomaceous earth mine. Diatomaceous earth is prized by packers because items packed in it do not spoil. Jim was taken aback. Surely he had not released all physical needs in order to serve as a money-making packing mogul!

He cleared his schedule and retired to Tootsie Roll to spend the weekend in fasting and prayer. Thirty seconds into the vigil, the answer came clearly from Spirit: “Return to Kentucky and join Don and Carla.”

Again he packed Sanity with his kit and drove the twenty-five hundred miles back to within seventy miles of where he had started. As he has oft noted since then, that is the way of the spiritual journey. You travel five thousand miles to go seventy actual miles forward. The rest is to be chalked up as experience, not a mistake of any kind!

Jim came into town on December 23, 1980. He unloaded his things in an hour, including a tiny Himalayan kitten named Chocolate Bar which the children at the Windsong School of Awareness had given him as a farewell present. He set up his typewriter on one desk of the office, my own desk being next to it. He stacked fresh paper by his typewriter, preparatory to beginning to craft a revised edition of Don’s and my book of 1976, Secrets of the UFO. Then events overtook us.

On January 15th, 1981, I was teaching channeling to Leonard Cecil. Don was sitting with us. Jim was coming through the front door carrying a big load of groceries when I began to channel the first Ra session. It had taken me only three weeks of being with Jim to rev up my physical energy to the point where I was able to bring in the Ra contact.

And thusly began the greatest adventure which Don Elkins, the Questioner for the Ra sessions, Jim, and I ever expect to have.

Don and I were mated for life, but Don preferred to live a celibate lifestyle. We had gotten together when he was 39, but I was 25. After some celibate years, I decided that celibacy was not a good situation for me, and Don and I made arrangements for me to take lovers as I wished. I then took one lover, a man who loved me dearly but did not wish to marry.

His attentions did not disturb Don and me, since he showed up only when Don was working, out of town, at his job of being a pilot for a commercial airline. After nine years of this arrangement, I decided to stop seeing this gentleman for, sweet as he was, he had begun showing signs of wishing for more than I could offer him. I was devoted to Don, and that relationship came first.

When Jim McCartycame into my life, the chemistry was there, and Jim’s solitary lifestyle fit perfectly with Don’s and my relationship. Don wished my companionship, and it was his, always. Jim wished to be friends and lovers, and Jim was always content to wait until Don was out of town before asking for a date. It was an arrangement made in heaven, or so it seemed for several years.

This is an important aspect of Jim’s and my relationship, because it fuelled me for the Ra contact. My native physical energy is almost nonexistent. It has been so from my birth. I had been told by a psychic that I was being overshadowed by an immense, golden being as early as 1972. Until Jim’s lovemaking powered my physical energy, however, the Ra group could not come through me.

Jim’s physical energy was clean, clear and impeccable. He had never been one for casual, thoughtless coupling. Our sexual contact was, from the first, one of a true green-ray sexual energy transfer, and it changed our lives for the better. It also created the chance for us to be of expanded service to others. I think all those who love The Ra Material, also called The Law of One, give thanks for Jim’s devotion to the Creator in joining L/L Research, and his genuine love for me in helping me ready myself for this special contact. It would never have happened without him.

I will follow this article with others that go into Don’s and my story, for that, too, is a part of my experience of down-time in 2010, even though Don passed from this earth world in 1984. For now, I will just say that faced with constant concern for my frail health, Don decided to offer himself to our negatively oriented “friend” from the unseen realms to save me, and the tragedy of his sacrifice redounds to this day. The golden days of the Ra contact came to an end on a November day and altered the course of Jim’s and my lives forever. We were left with each other and the work.

Don had left me some money which I put into a trust. For fifteen years after his death it was sufficient to pay our bills. Jim and I together spent our days in service to L/L Research. We worked in the office each morning. After lunch, Jim would work in the yard here at Camelot, creating one beautiful stone garden after another, building a meditation hut, a cross-shaped patio, an arbor and lovely brick paths through all the plantings. I would work at creative projects as I could – my health was quite variable – and late in the afternoon, I would come outside to be L/L Research’s official weeder. It was a beautiful life, another golden age for us.

In that time, we fell deeply in love. We married in 1987, and our life since then has been an ever-building adventure together. We have seen our very small, non-profit “business” grow to its present size, a size which, while still very small, has enough work to keep busy a nearly full-time admin, a bookkeeper, a farm run by a caretaker and a social networker, not to mention the webmaster of an archive website that boasts 1600 transcripts, more or less, thirteen books and lots of other goodies in my speeches and interviews and other assets, plus the webmaster of a spiritual community website with forums, blogs and a chat room, along with many other volunteers who help us in ways small and large, including transcribing our channeling sessions. Spirit has sent just the right people at just the right times for all this to happen, and we remain humbly amazed.

As the old century yielded to the new, Don’s trust money stopped working for us. The market contracted and suddenly Jim was faced with the need to pay our bills by his labors. He had training in business and economics and I quite expected him to take a job as an administrator of some kind in industry. But my solitary husband opted to work, alone for the most part, at a lawn service. Instead of perfecting our garden, he now dances with the nature spirits in land belonging to other-selves. At first, it was a rending of the soul for him, parting from Camelot. Now he loves his work and is happiest when he is flying along a customer’s field on his largest mower.

Jim McCarty’s life experience has happened backwards. First, after his education, he retired. Then he became a pilgrim, and landed at L/L Research, where all of his days were spent in a priestly manner, whether working indoors or outside. And only in his late fifties did he go to work for a living!

Throughout it all, Jim has remained steady as a rock, meeting each change with a grace and poise seldom seen on this earth. He and I still work for Don Elkins, and are very proud to do so.

The concept of work, for all three of us, Don, Jim and I, is one we welcome. We have been busy all our lives, and our most important work has always been spiritual. It is in that sense most of all that I honor the life-in-progress of Jim McCarty. For as he has worked on himself, he has worked on the world.

Those of Q’uo said, in a session recorded February 4, 2001,

“The thoughts that you think, the emotions that you feel, the spiritual experiences that pass through your energetic system constitute your basic metaphysical identity. Every thought that you think, every thought that you pursue, every thought that you bring to a fruition, creates slight changes in the vibration that is your energy signature. To those of us, and others upon the spirit planes, looking at the metaphysical entities that you are, these vibratory nexi are very evident, and it is as clear to us as day who you are, how you are, whose you are.”

I salute you, Jim McCarty, cowboy from the plains of Nebraska, guru to many and devotee of the One Creator. Mick, you are the best! Now and always!

I open my arms and embrace your spirit. May we all strive towards the clarity and impeccability of Jim McCarty of L/L Research!