(Don channeling)

I greet you, my friends, in the love and in the light of the Infinite Creator. I am here with you in the room. I will condition the ones known as Carla and S. They will both feel my presence. It is a great privilege to be with you, and to aid you in your ability to receive our thoughts. I am Laitos. Adonai.


I am Oxal. I am with this instrument, and I am using control, because he is not used to channeling me. I am sorry that it is necessary to use this type of control for a little while, but he must be able to speak, using my thoughts.

I am a member of the Confederation of Planets in the Service of Our Infinite Creator. I am here, as are my brothers, to serve your people. This has been told you this evening. But there are some other things that should be told unto you at this time. We of the Confederation of Planets in the Service of Our Infinite Creator are here for another purpose. This purpose is to serve ourselves. For, my friends, in serving you, we serve ourselves. This is the way that the creation is built. It is made so that if you serve anyone or anything in this creation you are serving yourself. This is a truth that cannot be varied. The creation, my friends, is one thing, and it is impossible in this creation to act without affecting yourself. This is not realized by most of the people of your planet, and for this reason they have affected themselves in a miserable way. We are very sorry for this, because in doing this they have not only affected themselves, they have affected us. They have made us very sad.

We are sad because we are very sorry to see people as miserable as are yours. It is not necessary, my friends, to be miserable. It is necessary only to be extremely ecstatic at all times, for this is the way that our Creator intended it. When it is understood that all things are one and it is impossible to serve anything without serving yourself, then the state of ecstasy that I spoke of becomes reality.

I am sorry that I am required to control the instrument, but I wanted to give these thoughts to you with no possibility of misinterpretation. I am Oxal. I shall leave you now, in His love and light. Adonai vasu borragus.


I am Philip of the Brotherhood of the Seven Rays. I greet you, my friends, in the love and in the light of the Infinite One, Creator of us all. Creator of all things in all places at all times. In His light, my friends. We have said this many times: “… in His light.” Consider, my friends, what we mean when we say, “His light.”

Yes, my friends, the Confederation of Planets in His Service is here to serve you. They orbit your planet in their craft. They come in swarms, by millions and millions they come from all of creation. They come to you at this time to serve you. Will you not let them serve you? For they are here, now. If you will look, you will see them, for they will show themselves to those of you who would wish to know them. They would greet you openly but they cannot, for most of the people of your planet have so willed it. It is already known the exact reactions that would occur if a direct meeting were to take place at this time. For this reason it is very necessary that you continue in more active service. It is very necessary that more and more of your peoples learn the truth. Only this will bring about a condition which will enable direct contact to take place.

Many your peoples at this time would wish to know exactly what has happened, but they are not provided with the correct information. The information they are given should be correct. And it can be given them only by those who understand what is correct, or those which are channels and can speak directly, using our thoughts. Many people are crying out for this knowledge, but they are confused. They are confused by so many, many erroneous thoughts and erroneous sayings and erroneous deeds.

In the past, our space brothers contacted some of your people and attempted to pass on through them certain information. In each case, this resulted in failure. These contactees were not understood or believed. It led to their ridicule, and a considerable waste of effort on the part of the Confederation, and a considerable waste for those who were contacted. For in some cases, it did them harm. It seems that each time your people are contacted, it does them harm, to some degree.

So it will take strength to serve at this time. It will take strength to be a link between our brothers in space and our brothers upon the surface of your planet. But this is very necessary. More necessary, my friends, than anything else that you could do at this time. It will not be an easy task, but it is not an impossible task to alert those of your people who would wish to know what is actually occurring. It will be necessary that enough of your people believe in what we say for the Confederation to land upon your surface. It is not necessary for the people of this planet to believe in the Confederation; it is necessary that they believe in the Creator, and that they believe what the Confederation says.

There are many people here that already believe this, that already know this, for it is truth. However, this knowledge is lying dormant, below their level of consciousness. It is necessary that this knowledge be brought to their surface. A reawakening, a reexamination of their inmost thoughts is necessary for them to release themselves from the hypnosis created by their present social conditions.

It is therefore necessary that channels such as yourselves act at this time, to give to the people of this planet a reminder. A reminder of truth. Those that are ready will awaken. Those who are not ready will ignore.

Act wisely, and remember the mistakes of those who have gone before you. Do not become a stumbling block in the way of those who would be awakened, because of the peculiarity of your action. But do act, for this is now necessary.

I will leave this instrument at this time. I leave you in His love and in His light, and extend to you all of the love from all of the peoples in the Creation. For it is yours, and yours is theirs. My peace be with you. I am Philip. Farewell, and love.