(Unknown channeling)

I am Hatonn. I greet you, my friends, in the love and in the light of our infinite Creator. It is again a great privilege to be with you. I am speaking to you from a craft known to you as an “otevana.” It is a very, very large craft compared to your standards. It is several miles in length. We have been aboard this craft here above your planet for some numbers of years. It is like a world in itself, and is used for intergalactic travel. Aboard this craft we have all of the facilities that you have in your world, plus many others.

At this time, I and my brothers aboard this craft are pleased to be in contact with this instrument. You have some question about how we are always so available to your contact. We are aware of your thinking because it is also our thinking. When you have, shall I say, tuned your mind so that it will operate at the same vibration as ours, then, if you think something, it is a mutual thought between your mind and ours. This is the way that it should be. It is not as it was intended for minds to be individualized as they are upon your planet. This results in much confusion and difficulty in communication. Individualization of mind is something that we do not desire. Many of the people of your planet desire to separate themselves and their thinking from all others. This is their choice. It is a choice given to them by their Creator.

However, those of our planet are not so individualized. We are always able to contact those who avail themselves because we are always availing ourselves, for that is our mission and purpose at this time. There are always a great number of our people ready and willing to send to you that which you desire.

I am aware of certain questions about our contacts. We of the Confederation in the past have contacted directly many people on your planet. The early contactees, as they are known, were not too successful. They were unable to approach through channels of communications on your planet the people of your planet with our messages as much as we would have liked for them to. The reason for this was that the people of your planet could not understand such a form of contact, and they were not prepared to accept messages of the nature that we were able to give there. However, we are now in the position to give them much more. For this reason, we are going to support channels in a very direct way.

But there is a slight difficulty at this time. We in the service of the infinite Creator are here in great numbers. What we ask of you is very simple. We ask that you meditate. This is important, for if we are to contact you, this will be the way.