(Unknown channeling)

I am Hatonn. I am with this instrument. I greet you, my friends, in the love and the light of our infinite Creator. It is again a great privilege to be with you. I and my brothers are here. I have said this to you before. This is truth. We are here.

We are here to serve you. We will be here to serve you. We have been here to serve you. We are here to serve all of the people who wish our service. We cannot presume that our service is of value to all people in all places. Therefore, we can only offer what we have. You must accept or reject. Sometimes, you wonder why we give you what you might consider to be relatively elementary material, or material that is repeated. We do this because this is what it needed. In actuality, this is all that is needed. It is only necessary to learn to think in the original way planned by the Creator of us all to totally benefit from all of His gifts.

This is why we would prefer to continue speaking in what you might consider to be relatively elementary or simple terms. My friends, truth is very, very simple. The Creator’s plan is very, very simple. It is not necessary that we weave a complex web of circumstance to lead you to the Creator. He is within you, and you are Him. It is only necessary that you realize this in its fullest sense for you to be aware of all the Creator’s wisdom. The people of this planet have blocked their minds from this knowledge. We are attempting to teach the people of this planet how to remove this blockage.

It is a very simple process. Unfortunately, the people of this planet are more accustomed to complexity, and would therefore desire intellectual juggling of various propositions and theories. This, my friends, is not necessary. To get from where you are to where you should be requires an understanding that has nothing to do with the intellect. It requires, simply, a knowing of truth.

This truth is extremely simple. What I am trying to say is that when you become totally aware of this simple truth, then you will not use intellectual processes to understand anything that you wish to know. This knowledge will be yours, for all knowledge is linked in the Creator’s universe. There is no separation. This separation occurs only when man desires it, through use of the freedom of choice that has been given him by his Creator. Return, therefore, to the Creator. Return to the knowledge and the wisdom and the power that is yours. Do this by giving forth only His light and His love. This is what was intended. Acting otherwise, and knowing otherwise, results only in the isolation and blockage that I referred to.

Consider very carefully these simple teachings that I offer to you, for these simple teachings are all that is required. There is nothing of a complex nature that is needed. We will continue in a program designed to bring the thinking of the people of this planet back to that which they desire. Those that avail themselves of these teachings will benefit greatly, I assure you.

I hope that I have been able to clarify certain things. It has been a great privilege to speak with you. Adonai vasu.

[A question concerning personal business decisions is asked.]

I am Hatonn. I am with this instrument and I am using control. It is a great privilege to have a question asked. It is a privilege to have a question asked. I shall answer it in the love and the light of our infinite Creator. It is a very great privilege, and we welcome all questions. I am afraid, however, that it is impossible for us to interfere in the plans of the people of your planet. This is our policy. We would request that questions involving your understanding of the nature of truth be asked, for it is impossible for us to do anything to change what will occur upon your surface at this time. Each time we do anything—each time we are seen, each time something is written about us in your periodicals, anything that we do to cause your people to change their attitudes—is an infringement. We are attempting to balance our service so that the infringement that does occur will be at least balanced by the good that is created. This is why we can only accelerate our help for our teachings for the awareness of your people for us as they desire it.

I hope that I have answered to your satisfaction. I will gladly give to this instrument all that I can with respect to answers to questions that you might bring to me. But questions involving changes of your activities, especially of a physical nature, are completely beyond that that we desire to do. Please allow me to apologize for my lack of ability to act in this area, but this has been agreed upon by those of us in the service of the Confederation of Planets in the Service of the Infinite Creator. I am Hatonn.


I am Latui. I greet you, my friends, in the love and the light of our infinite Creator. It is a great privilege to be with you this evening. I am Latui. I have not been with you except for one previous time. It is a great privilege to speak with you. This instrument is not as familiar with my contact as he is with some others. Therefore, please bear with us.

My friends, I am what you call a space man. But so are you. For where do you dwell but in space? From our point of view, you are as much in space as are we. The only difference is that you are limited in your ability to travel to different points in space; you are at one place in space at this particular time.

Therefore, you are also a space man. You see, my friends, there is very little difference between yourselves and us. Our system of transportation is simply a little more refined. We enjoy certain other abilities which are much more useful than simple conveyances. They are available to all men in all places. All men are in space, they are all space men. For what you call space is infinite, and surrounds all of the creation.

We are no different. We are just slightly separated. Not by distances, my friends. By thinking. You have learned to think in a way that isolates you. It is not necessary that you remain in isolation. To do this, it is only necessary that you think in a slightly different manner.

It is not a difficult thing to do. It is a simple thing to do. Do not use the intellectual processes that you have used in the past. Learn to totally rebuke arriving at conclusions in what you consider a logical manner, for these conclusions will be based on suppositions that are made with very weak fabric, the fabric of the creation of man of Earth. If you wish an answer to any question, it is only necessary to base your knowledge on truth. This you can do through meditation. It is always available. It is not necessary to make a complex analysis.

There is a correct solution for every problem. Analyses based on the false fabric of your material world are short-lived, and the intellectual process that is so prevalent among the peoples of your planet is invariably based upon this falsity. It has been stated, “Know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.” Free from what? Free from many things, my friends. Free from many, many things. For cutting yourselves off from truth begins to put more and more limitations upon you. It is a difficult thing to relay to you, because you have been accustomed to another way of thinking. You have been accustomed to the proposition of cause and effect.

The cause, my friends, is the Creator. The effect is love. This is all that there is. This is the simplicity of the truth. Hear my words and understand them. Man was created with this truth within him. It is available to all men throughout all time. It is available through meditation.

It is not necessary to try to understand, in an intellectual way. It is only necessary to know. It is stated that you should know the truth to be free. The word that is used is “know.” Know what the truth is, my friends. Know it. Meditation will provide this knowledge.

I will leave you now. I am Latui. Adonai vasu borragus.