(Carla channeling)

[I am Hatonn.]… begins with an understanding of the Father.

My friends, of what substance is the universe made? We have told you that this substance is light. You may also call this substance energy, vibration [or] consciousness. And yet, my friends, by itself, this substance, this fundamental unitary substance would remain in an uncorporate state. The shaping force, my friends, is love.

And so we greet you in love and light. For there is nothing but these two substances which are, in fact, two aspects of the single building block of the physical and the spiritual universe. You, my friends, in your spiritual reality are articulated light shaped by love in such a way that you possess freedom and desire. Your light is shaped by the love of freedom and the love of desire.

Before we even consider that which you have called reincarnation, we simply say to you again, you are not in multiple, or a put together device. You are one being, part and parcel of the great universe which is the Creation. And your basic desire is shaped towards reunion with your Creator.

You are love and light—and yet, you have freedom. This is your spiritual reality: that you are a being articulated in light and fashioned in love, by your very nature destined to progress back towards your point of origin which is the Creator. But also, by your very nature having the freedom to choose just when you will decide to make that journey.

My friends, universes, such as the one you are now experiencing, are environments for beings, such as yourselves, to experience and enjoy. In order that each being may freely exercise each choice which is his, reincarnation, therefore, is not inevitable but will occur within beings, such as yourselves, if further experience within the physical is desired or if a being desires to be of service within the physical manifestation.

The mechanism by which this is done has been explained in many ways. And, although the instrument which I am using is not familiar, at all, with the material which she was shown, we accept the material as being what you may call a fairly good stab at analyzing that which seems like a process, but which is actually much simpler than a process. There are other explanations. The most familiar explanation to this instrument is the division of the deity into the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. In this case, that which is known as the Holy Spirit would serve as aid within the physical and spiritual meeting place so that soul and body could join. Let us simply say that whatever those who analyze desire to call the various forms of energy which are used during the mechanism of reincarnation, each is a manifestation of love, shaping light in such a way that the soul may have the experiences which it desires.

We would like to comment, also, about the use of the term morality. We will simply say this, and you may take for what it is worth. It is difficult to understand intellectually. My friends, there is no morality. There is only love. If you will radiate love for all, you will never need to know what is right and what is wrong. The entire difficulty with morality is due to a desire to follow rules rather than a desire to follow the Father. Meditation, correctly pursued, quickly shows the basic simplicity of the way of the Father. That which you term moral decision is within each and available to all. No matter what the conscious frame of mind, and no matter how many chances have been missed, that which is redeeming lies always within, and not one bit has been taken away from anyone.

This, only, we would adjust within the scheme which you presented for our appraisal. Each of us is perfect. Manifestations often do not indicate our knowledge of our perfection. But this, my friends, may be corrected from within.

I am aware that there do remain questions, but I think, at this time, I will simply ask for further questions.


I was aware that you might wish that this be accomplished. I am very pleased to have had this chance to aid you. I would like to encourage you. I can say no more. But let it be known that we are with you at all times.

I will leave this instrument if there are no further questions.


I am Hatonn. My brothers and I greet you and say farewell.