(Unknown channeling)

I am Hatonn. I greet you, my friends, in the love and in the light of our infinite Creator. It is once more a great privilege to be with you. It is unfortunate that I was unable to use either of the instruments the previous evening. However, anyone who wishes to continue availing himself to my contact will be successful.

We of the Confederation of Planets in the Service of the Infinite Creator have used this method of contact in many, many places, with many, many people. Upon your planet at present there are people in almost all areas that are receiving our communications. There are many of these people who do not understand what is happening to them. They do not understand who we are, as do you. They simply receive communications. The reason they have no idea who we are is that they have no concept of people coming to them from the stars.

This is unimportant. The only thing that is important is that they understand the message that we give to them: the message of love and brotherhood. There are many other people who receive our messages who do understand our identification. In this case, it is also only important that they understand the message that we bring to them. This is what we are here for: to bring this simple, single message. This is what is necessary for the people of your planet to learn at this time.

We of the Confederation have lived an example of this knowledge for many, many of your years. We are totally aware of the results of living the type of life that results from the understanding of the principle of love. We are not unwise in our attempt to give these principles to you, for we have experienced the effect of using these for quite some time.

I am aware that these principles are not understood by the people of your planet, not even the people who have been given them directly, through channels such as this one. There seems to be a barrier to this understanding that has been generated through thousands of years of an ignorance of these truths. This barrier is so solid at this time that it is very difficult, even for those who desire this knowledge, to accept it and put it to use. They are able to hear the words and understand them, and even though they agree totally with the concepts that we present, they are still unable to assimilate them into their own thinking. We have suggested many times that in order to assimilate this knowledge into your thinking it is necessary that you meditate. But this is something that is also misunderstood.

It is extremely difficult for the people of this planet to remove their thinking from the hypnotic state that has been created. Everything that they experience is created by their own thinking. You cannot experience something that you cannot think, because this is all that there is: there is nothing but thought. It is found in many forms and expressions, but thought is the source of all that there is: the thought of the Creator.

And this is what you are. And you are able, like the Creator, to generate thought. The thought that you generate is your responsibility. The people of this planet each generates thought, and communicates these thoughts to others. If the thoughts that are generated are of a low quality, then they will in turn generate low-quality thoughts in others. This is a self-perpetuating action. And this is the reason for the strife and confusion that is so abundant with the people of this planet. It is erroneous to say that you cannot do anything about the situation as complex as this one which has been created by millions and millions of minds through thousands and thousands of years. It is only necessary that the individual remove himself in thought from this sea of confusion, and express himself in the true love and light of the infinite Creator.

This may be done at any time. It is up to the individual. If he desires to do this, then it is only necessary that he do it. This has been demonstrated to the people of this planet many times in the past by the teachers who were here to demonstrate to the people of Earth life and the expressions of the Creator as they were intended. It is a very simple lesson, but man on Earth desires to ignore this. Very few accept these teachings and stand in the light and express only the love and understanding of the Creator of us all.

This is unfortunate. It is a situation that we who are in the service of our infinite Creator are attempting to remedy, by giving instructions which are not only verbal, and which have difficulty in penetrating the barrier which the mind has erected, but instructions of a nature that will bypass this intellectual barrier and reach the spiritual self directly. This is done, of course, during the process of meditation. This is why we have stated for so many years that meditation is extremely important. It is only necessary that you avail yourself to these concepts for those concepts to begin to cause the individual to realize once more his proper stature and position in the Creator’s scheme of things. It was stated by your last great teacher, “Know ye not that ye are Gods?” This man understood the true created purpose of all of mankind.

Why is it necessary for people, especially people who have been made aware of truth through their seeking, to stop short of achieving the knowledge of their true created purpose and being? We have been puzzled at times by the inability of the people in general of this planet to be awakened to this simple truth. We suggest that it is necessary to maintain a continual awareness of your objective. We suggest that that objective is to realize your true position in the creation, and then to act in a manner intended by the Creator. In order to do this, it will be necessary that a considerable effort be put forth. We find that the state of hypnosis brought about by the evolution of thought of the people of this planet is so great that if an individual is to free himself from it, it is necessary for him to maintain a constant awareness of his spiritual nature and purpose, and to augment this awareness with meditation. The effort put forth to do this will be much more rewarding than any other activity that the individual can engage in.

This step must be successfully made by each individual of this planet at some time or other. Wouldn’t it be reasonable to do it at the earliest possible time, for it is an extremely beneficial step. We would suggest that if progress is seemingly slow, then additional meditation may be necessary, for only in this way can the people of planet Earth free themselves from the erroneous thoughts that have been impressed upon them for so very long.

I hope that I have been of service this evening. At this time, I would accept most gladly a question.


If there are no questions, I leave you at this time. I leave you in the love and the light of our infinite Creator. It is all around you. It is you, as it is I. Open your minds and your hearts, and let it fill you with its love. Adonai vasu.