[Fragments from "Voices of the Confederation".]

(Received from unknown)

We would prefer to land upon your surface and greet you openly, but we are aware of certain principles in this creation that do not allow for such a direct infringement.


Due to the situation that now is evolving on your planet, that of transition from one vibration to another, it is necessary that we come to you at this time. It is also necessary that you avail yourself to us at this time, for there will be many, many things to be given to the ones who will accept the Creator’s plan and way. These limitations of travel, and many, many other things will be lifted, for these are of a sufficient vibration to accept them.


There are vast distances between stars in all systems, and therefore distance between planetary systems. There are vast distances between individual planets of a system. These distances are made to be navigated by peoples of the creation who have gained the ability to navigate them. If people have reached this state of evolution, then they are able to transverse the distances between planets, between planetary systems, and even between galaxies. However, if people have not evolved to this ability, then they are limited to their own planet. If people are limited to their own planet, then there is no contact made by those who can travel from planet to planet, or from system to system. We do not in any instance enter a house uninvited.

This may seem a strange way of thinking to those of your planet, but it is the plan of the Creator. It was planned that only those of sufficient spiritual evolution should travel from system to system or from planet to planet. However, vast numbers of people in this creation are so evolved, and have this ability.

Some of the people of planet Earth have this ability, and do it in a spiritual form, leaving their physical bodies behind. Each of you has this ability. All that is necessary is that you realize it by demonstrating in your daily life a complete understanding of the principles that we give to you, the principles of love and total brotherhood for all who exist throughout the creation.

It is unfortunate that it is necessary to limit a [group of] people to a planet, but it is the wisdom of the Creator that has done this. Fortunately, the people of a planet so limited are not aware of their limitations, and therefore do not reach a state of mental frustration due to the knowledge of their limitations. If they were to understand their limitations fully, then they would reach a state that would not be pleasing to the plan of the Creator. He does not wish anything bad for any of His children. When His children reach a state of understanding, and may then move from one planet or system to another of their own abilities, He welcomes them with open arms.