(Unknown channeling)

I am Hatonn. I am with this instrument. I greet you, my friends, in the love and the light of our infinite Creator. It is again a great privilege to be with you.

This evening I would like to speak to you on the subject of light. We have spoken recently to you many times on the concept of love, and what this word really means. Tonight, however, I would like to speak to you on the subject of light.

We greet you each evening, as we speak through this instrument, in the love and in the light of our infinite Creator. These are the ingredients that comprise all of the creation. All of the creation, my friends, is composed of love and light.

We use these two words because they are the words that are closest in definition in your language to the concepts that we wish to communicate. However, they are, unfortunately, extremely lacking in depth of definition. I will attempt, this evening, to clarify, to some extent, the meanings of both of these words.

Love and light. As I have stated recently, love is the force that creates. Light is what it creates. My friends, the Creator is love. You are love. You are a part of the Creator. Therefore you are love, but your love is expressed through the manifestation of light.

Light is the substance out of which the creation is formed. The Creator’s love causes vibrations. This is what is meant when the term “vibration” is used. It is a condition of love. These vibrations are the building energies that compose all of the creation, in its entire infinite and boundless sense.

These vibrations produce a manifestation that you have come to know as the visible creation—the visible creation, and many, many invisible creations; invisible to you at this time, however, not inaccessible.

These vibrations produce the basic particle that you understand as a particle of light. This particle is associated with these vibrations. And therefore it manifests as a function of the rate of these vibrations, and produces the creation, the creation in which you and all of your fellow beings experience that which you desire.

Since both you and the Creator are one, both you and I and all of the creation is a product of love. This love is a concept creating a real force, which is interpreted as a vibration. This vibration is measurable, and occurs in different intensities. The intensities are a function of the intensities of love that generate the vibration. It is possible for the parts of the Creator who act through the free will of their own to generate these vibrations using their love, and so producing the particles known to you as light.

These particles are arranged by this expression of love to produce all of what you consider your physical world and its inhabitants, and all other worlds and their inhabitants, be they what you consider physical or non-physical, for this is how all of the creation is manifested.

From this explanation it should follow that it would be possible for an individual, understanding the principles of creation, to express this love to create for himself that which he desired. This is done all of the time. We consider this activity normal, and the Creator considered this activity normal, for it was this original concept. Each of you, then, as do each of the Creator’s children, have the ability to create through love anything that you desire. It in only necessary that you express the love that is yourself.

This was demonstrated recently to the people of this planet. Many teachers who understood this principle have demonstrated it in the history of this planet. The one that I refer to at this time is the one best known to yourselves, the one known as Jesus. He was able to, by the simple expression of the love that was himself and all of the creation, create this vibration and then, through desire, there was formed of this vibration the light as was originally conceived by the Creator.

This light, then, was formed to the wishes and desires of this man. This is considered a normal activity for each of the Creator’s children, for this was their birthright, and was planned by the Creator.

If desire is to be intelligently employed, it is necessary to employ it through the principle of love, for this is the generative force which produces the vibration condensing, you might say, out of space the particle known to you as light. All of your material is composed of this single basic particle. If any desire is to be fulfilled, then one should act to do this using the creative force: love. It is possible to return things considered to be lacking in perfection to their original perfection through this principle. This is how the healing that was evidenced by the man known as Jesus was accomplished. This is how all healing of a spiritual nature is accomplished. This is, in fact, how all healing is accomplished, although your science is not at this time aware of this.

We find that it is more logical to arrive directly at the result desired, rather than to achieve this state through intermediate actions such as are performed upon your planet. These intermediate actions are performed due to a lack of understanding of the use of the creative force. This creative force may be understood by anyone at any time.

The understanding of this force is within all people throughout all of the creation. It is only necessary to realize it. Unfortunately, upon your planet at this time there is much difficulty in realizing this principle.

The conditions that have manifested through long periods of time have focused the attention of the preponderance of your people on other concepts. The concept of which we speak is not of an intellectual nature. Therefore, it is necessary to become aware of it in a sense that is not intellectual. For this reason, we have suggested that meditation is the best avenue for acquiring the non-intellectual understanding of the use of the creative force.

This is possible for anyone at any time. It is only necessary that they avail themselves of the knowledge that they already possess. It is a difficult thing to do sometimes, when surrounded by vibrations created by desire that is of a nature never intended by the Creator. We understand the difficulty arising in realizing this simple truth when impressed with the thoughts of those who would desire other than this truth.

However, it is quite possible to insulate one’s consciousness from these infringements of thought and realize the truth of one’s origin. The one known to you as Jesus was able to do this. Do not believe that this man was unique in his ability. He was demonstrating to you that this was possible. He was demonstrating that each of the Father’s children could do the same thing that He did. It is only necessary that you meditate to realize this, and then it is only necessary that you demonstrate your knowledge of it through your thoughts and your actions.

You, then, as did he, will be able to use that force that is yours to use: love. This is the word, my friends: love. But it is not understood. Love: it means all that you think it means. But it means much more. Learn what it means, and you shall truly be free.

I leave you now in my love, and in His love, and in all of the love of all of the Father’s children throughout all of the Father’s creation. I am Hatonn. Adonai vasu.