(R channeling)

I greet you, my friends, in the love and the light of our infinite Creator. It is once again my privilege to be with you.

I would like to speak with you at this time on the subject of desire. This instrument is not receiving my thoughts very well at this time. I will continue through another instrument.

(Don channeling)

I am with this instrument. I am Hatonn. I greet you, my friends, in the love and the light of the infinite Creator. It is a privilege to be with you. I am sorry that [we] could not use the instrument known as R. All that is required is that he continue to avail himself to my contact in order for him to receive my thoughts as does this instrument.

There is a need for him to totally clear his mind of thoughts and to attempt not to analyze what he is saying, but simply to say it, as does this instrument.

There is a common difficulty when using new instruments. That difficulty arises due to their inability to accept that they are receiving thoughts and then speaking the thoughts that they receive. In many cases they believe that these thoughts originate within themselves, and for this reason do not wish to speak those things. It is a simple task to act as does this instrument, as simply a receptacle with no thoughts of his own.

This is something that each of you can learn to practice. It requires meditation and practice in speaking without thinking. This instrument is doing that now—in fact, he has but little knowledge of what is to follow each of the words that he speaks and by long practice is able to clear his mind of the transient thoughts that disrupt a communication such as this one.

I suggest therefore that each of you who is new to this method of communication simply relax and allow the mind to think of nothing. It is better that you make errors in communication—which we later correct—than it is for you to fight, as it were, the concepts which we impress upon you.

I shall continue speaking through this instrument on the subject of desire, for this was a subject of interest, and there are a few points which should be investigated for further use in molding your daily activities.

Desire is a thing that dwells within each of the Creator’s children. The desire of each of them, however, is different. What this desire is, is dependent upon the vibratory level of the individual. The lower the vibration, the more basic the desire. The higher the vibration, the higher the desire. You will find, as you increase your vibration through meditation and seeking and service, that your desire will change. The things that are desired by those that are tightly locked within the physical illusion are not those desired by those on the verge of freedom. And the reason for this verge of freedom is the desire, which goes hand in hand with the increased awareness or higher vibration.

How, then, is it possible to achieve what you actually desire, and that is to remove from your thinking desires of any nature except those of unity with the creation and those of service for your fellow man? The technique for doing this, my friends, is a simple one. We have stated it many times. It is to avail yourself to the reality and truth of the creation through meditation, and then act upon the desires generated by the availing. These desires will be somewhat different from the ones you experienced before you spent time in meditation and seeking. The desire to seek will be generated from seeking. It is a self-perpetuating phenomenon. We have belabored this point many times, and we will continue to do this.

Why do we do this, my friends? Why do we continue to tell you to meditate? To understand your desires. To understand yourself, and to become aware of seeking and what it is you actually do. Why do we spend so much time on these subjects that so many on your planet would consider to be trivial? The reason for this, my friends, is that these are the only subjects that are not trivial. It is of no value at all to seek within the illusion that you now know as your physical world. What you seek there, and what you find, is not lasting. It is stated in your world that you cannot take [it] with you. This is fact. What you take with you past the boundaries of the physical illusion is one thing. That is your mind. This mind that you take with you is, in reality, all that there is. You dwell, now, in an illusion that is designed for the schooling of this mind. However, the teachers provided for this schooling are seldom heard. The schooling, however, takes place…

[Tape ends.]