(Unknown channeling)

I am Hatonn. I greet you, my friends, in the love and the light of our infinite Creator. It is a great privilege to be with you once more this evening. I and my brothers are with you at all times, but it is also a very great privilege to speak with you using an instrument.

I am aware of certain conditions that are occurring upon the planet that you now inhabit. The reason for this awareness is simple. We of the Confederation of Planets in the Service of the Infinite Creator are aware of conditions because of our awareness of truth. We have observed, for many, many of your years, conditions manifesting upon your planet. We are aware of what you would consider to be natural law—the law of the Creation. We are also aware of much of the working of this law. We are at this time attempting to give to this channel some information that he is not familiar with. If you will be patent, we will give him this information.


I am Hatonn. I am with this instrument. I am using control. This instrument will relay my thoughts using some control. This will be necessary for he is not aware of any of the information that he is giving to you.

It is possible to give to this instrument concept which he then channels directly without control. However, the concepts which we have for him at this time are outside what he is aware of. Therefore, it will be necessary to use control. Please be patient.

I am Hatonn, and am using control…

[There is a period of nonsense channeling while control is developed.]

We will rest for a short time between each attempt at communication to allow the instrument to rest. This type of communication is quite tiring.


I am with the instrument. I am Hatonn. There will be conditions manifesting shortly upon your planet, conditions that will be obvious to many of the people of your planet. They will be conditions of physical change. These conditions will bring about much seeking among the peoples upon your surface for one reason or another. It will be that in this time there be many channels such as yourselves there to speak, using our thoughts, for we have an understanding of these conditions and of their consequence.

This instrument at this time is being controlled, for many reasons. One of the reasons is that he is reluctant to speak of these things. However, at this time it is necessary for we must speak to you, the ones in this room.

There are problems that will confront the people of this planet very shortly. We have said this before, but the time now grows very short. We have ways of telling this. There will be a need for channels of communication, whether they be of the type of this instrument, who can directly channel our thoughts, or whether they simply be of the type able to relay this information from groups such as this one to groups who seek it and direct them to a group. We have far too few groups of this type to accomplish that which we seek to accomplish: to bring to the people who desire our aid the aid that they desire.

Please be patient. I will condition this instrument.

Hatonn, what kind of time span? Two years? Two months? Not that it makes much difference, but…

If the one who asked the question will avail himself to my contact, I will attempt to use him.

(R channeling)

I am with this instrument. I am Hatonn. I cannot answer your question as specifically as you would wish. I can state, however, that the time will be much less than the span of time that you would call two years. It is because of this that we find that there is some amount of urgency in reaching the people of your planet.

I will now leave this instrument and continue through another.

(Don channeling)

I am again with this instrument. I am Hatonn. I am with you, my friends. I will attempt to use this instrument now. I was saying that there is a shortness of time in alerting a sufficient number of the people of this planet to the possibility of communicating with us who are of the Confederation in the Service of the Infinite Creator. I am sorry that I have had to use control, but this instrument requires such control when he is channeling information of a specific nature. He requires this and desires it, for he has had experience with communications of this type and finds control to be beneficial in communicating the concepts that are of a specific nature.

I will now continue. Shortly upon your planet there will be conditions which will alert all of the people to something. Many will not understand what has happened, but they will know that something has happened. It is a situation where the people of the planet will have their attention focused upon something that they will all be able to speak of in common. It will be a natural phenomenon of a great magnitude, from your point of view. This will be something that many of the people who dwell upon your surface will fear. However, groups such as this one will be able to aid them by not fearing this phenomenon. There is no fear necessary.

I will continue now, since this instrument is able to receive my thoughts without using control. My friends, many of the people of this planet will know, for the first time in their present life, that there is a creation, because, my friends, the illusion that man has created upon this surface will suddenly became totally insignificant. They will be awakened from their slumber and look about them in amazement, and see about them the creation of the Father for this first time in its reality.

Unfortunately, this awakening for most of them will include the reaction of fear. And this was never intended by the Creator. And this reaction, my friends, will be because of their ignorance. These of you who wish to serve with us of the Confederation of Planets in the Service of the Creator will have the task of educating those of the people of this planet who would seek an education. And, my friends, many, many will do this. For, as I say, many will have been awakened,

It will not be an easy task, and there will be many at your door. And there will be much misunderstanding. My friends, there is one thing that is always understood, and that is love. Your demonstration of this principle will be the greatest benefit that you can offer to those that seek to learn.

It will be necessary that you prepare yourselves so that you demonstrate your knowledge of truth and the creation of the Creator. It is written in your holy works, “Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, for Thou art with me.” These words are not false words, my friends. Those words are meant for you. You have heard it spoken through a channel that, “He does not leave their shepherds without their staffs.” These are not false words, my friends. All that is necessary is that you desire to seek, and then desire to serve, and then you shall do both of these things.

You shall seek understanding, and you shall gain understanding. And you shall serve, and give to those who seek it, understanding, for this is the Creator’s way. There will be many, many of the peoples of this planet who cannot be served, for they will not seek. They will not seek the understanding that you offer. They will not be able to comprehend these concepts for the illusion which they have created will be much too strong.

This is unfortunate. And these are the ones that you will not be able to serve. And this will sadden you. But there will be a great, great number who will seek. And these are the ones whom you will be able to serve. And this will give you great joy. For this, my friends, is the source of true joy: to serve. To serve in a way that provides that which is actually desired.

Within each of us—within each individual in the entire creation—there is this desire to seek. But many, many have buried this so very deeply within them that it will take even more than you shall shortly experience to uncover it. Concern yourselves, therefore, with these who seek.

What is the event that is going to be happening?

(Don channeling)

I am again with this instrument. I will use control. There are several events that will occur. There will be events of a physical nature. These events will be, from the point of view of those who are living within the illusion, of a very destructive nature. However, there is no such thing as destruction. There is only change. This you must understand. If you understand this, then you will understand the truth of what is to occur.

There will be change, a physical change. This change will be very beneficial. However, the people of this planet who view those changes from their present state of ignorance will consider them to be quite destructive.

This is unfortunate. However, the people of this planet have had a sufficient length of time to become educated. They have, however, sought to educate themselves in the ways of their illusion rather than the ways of the Creator. This illusion is so strong in their understanding that most of them have no awareness, in a waking sense, of reality. These people will be very difficult to communicate with. They will view the changes in their immediate creation as destructive and irreversible.

Well, is it going to be an earthquake, like, or a depression, or what?

The changes will be of a physical nature. The depression of which you speak is of no consequence. It would be viewed as nothing compared to the physical changes that will occur. It will be necessary for members of groups such as this one who wish to serve to understand fully the reality of these changes, and to understand fully the accuracy of the statement made in your holy book which states that, “Although you walk through the valley of the shadow of death you will fear no evil.” This must be kept uppermost in your consciousness, for you will walk through this valley and you will demonstrate to those who seek your knowledge of truth, and only your ability to demonstrate this knowledge will alert those who seek the knowledge that you are a true and knowing channel, for many false channels will at this time be lost, for they will not be able to demonstrate their knowledge of truth, for they will cling to the illusion that has surrounded them and will display the fear that this illusion brings upon them.

This change is looked upon by those of us who understand it as an extremely beneficial change. It is also looked upon, by those members of groups such as this one who have realized the truth of this information, as extremely beneficial to all the peoples of this planet. It will be difficult for some of the members of groups such as this one to demonstrate an understanding of these truths, since they have been strongly affected by the illusion that has been created by the people of this planet. However, this understanding is a necessity to be demonstrated.

What is going to be happening, exactly?

Physical change, of all types.

And it’s going to be within the next two years?

This is me, and I don’t get a thing on that.

[A period of conversation follows in which Dave and Ralph wonder aloud just what will be happening.]

(Don channeling)

I am Hatonn. I am again with this instrument. I am sorry that I have not made myself precisely clear. I am with you, my friends, in the love and the light of our infinite Creator.

There will be massive destruction wrought upon your surface. It will be of such a nature as to totally change the surface of your planet. This destruction is within your planet at this time. It has been put there by thought. It has been put there by the thought of the population of this planet through thousands of years of thinking this thought. This thought is of a vibratory nature. You are at this time passing through the last portion of what you know as the third-density vibration. Shortly, your planet will be sufficiently within what you know as the fourth-density vibration. At this time, there will be a disharmony between the thought that creates the vibration that is your planet, and the thought that dwells within the density that is the fourth.

Much energy will be released of a physical nature. This energy will create physical changes within your planet. There will be changes within your land masses, changes in your atmosphere.

Changes in the atmosphere?

Changes in all of the physical manifestations of your planet. This will be of a nature that will be considered to be cataclysmic. This is a very good thing. However, it will not be considered good by those that are within the illusion.

Labeling this change good or bad is something that is dependent upon the individual observing the change and his orientation. My friends, the reason for this change being of a cataclysmic nature is that the thought that has been generated upon and in your planet for the past several thousands of years is a thought that is out of harmony with the new vibration that your planet now goes into. The Creator never conceived of the condition that is shortly to manifest upon your planet. This condition is manifested as a result of the desire of all the individuals that dwell on this planet. They are not aware of this desire, but their desire has created this.

They have created a condition by their desire that is shortly to be severely out of harmony with where they will physically be. Due to this, there will be a large energy release, which will manifest itself upon your planet in the form of earthquakes, storms, volcanic eruptions and in fact a shift of the poles of your planet with respect to their orientation in space.

This change that will shortly manifest itself upon your planet is, as I have said, a result of the mismatching of vibrations of your planet and its new position in space. This change will alert many of the people of your planet who are very lightly slumbering, and many of the ones who are slumbering relatively deep. Many of those people will at this time be what is known in many of your religions as “saved.” It will save them, because they will get the violent awakening that is necessary to cause them to raise their vibrations that last amount that is necessary to get them off the fence, so to speak.

There will be those who are more deeply slumbering, so to speak, who will not make the transition. It is up to you to provide those, who will be awakened with the information that they desire. We have stated that this transition is both good and bad. Ultimately, in its most broad sense, it is a good transition; however, it is an unnecessary transition. In a normal transition there would be no energy released, since in a normal transition the vibration of the planet would match closely enough and be in harmony with the new and higher vibration. This would result in no energy release, and the planet would continue in a relatively normal sense from a lower vibration to the higher. Your planet is an aberration in the evolution of the spirit of the people of the planet and the planet. The change that will take place will be a beneficial change. However, the mechanics of the change will seem anything but beneficial.

Those of the people who dwell upon this surface at this time who are totally aware of the results of this change, and the reason for it, will not in any way be affected by this change. These who are not aware of this, but who are aware of this in a spiritual sense, will be affected only emotionally, because they will not understand. These are the people we wish to communicate with.

You might ask, why is [it] that we cannot do this using your networks of communication at the present? It would seem simpler to many of you that we just present this information to the governments of the world at this time and have it given to the people of the world at this time.

We are unable to do this. We are unable to do this because many of the people upon this planet do not desire this information. And this is the only reason that we are prevented from giving it to them in a direct and unquestionable sense. Since they do not desire it, it is necessary that we present it in such a manner that it can be rejected totally by them. This may be a difficult concept for some of the people who dwell upon this planet to understand. But it is our understanding of the intention of the Creator in providing for the desires of all of his children to be met at all times.

In the future, when the conditions have manifested of which we speak, and many of the people upon this planet have initiated seeking, there will be groups of people who, having initiated seeking and having been educated by channels such as this one and channels of other groups, will then be in a state of understanding sufficiently enlightened so that they may meet with us directly. We will at that time provide direct and physical aid to these people. There are many, many more of us than you could imagine waiting to act in this fashion, in the service of the Creator, for that is how we label ourselves. And this service at this time will include a direct service to those groups of people who are desiring our service. It will be necessary, however, that these groups be somewhat isolated from groups of individuals who do not desire our service. This will be done in many ways, and these will be made apparent to you at a later time, for you do not at this time have an understanding of the many, many ways in which we can serve you.

We have said many times in the past that it is necessary for you to meditate. We have said this as an instruction to allow you to erase the illusion that has grasped so many of the people of this planet within its clutches. This meditation that you perform brings you to an understanding of reality. Reality is all about you. But it is not the illusion that continually occupies the thinking of the larger number of your planet.

We have said this to you many times. It is up to you to understand what we are saying. And there is only one way to understand it. This way is to understand it in meditation.

I am at this time going to ask if there are any other questions?

Can you give us some confirmation on the time?

I am going to try to use an instrument that is new to channeling. If you will avail yourself.

(Carla channeling)

I am Hatonn. I am with this instrument. I am having much difficulty with this instrument.

[An unrecorded question was asked: “Can you land and meet us on the land we bought in Mario County?”]

(Don channeling)

I will speak through this instrument. It is impossible to own a piece of the creation. I do not wish to sound as if I do not appreciate the problems which you find within your illusion, for the illusion is very strong, and this is the reason that we have recommended that you avail yourself to truth, in meditation, for all of these things are within you. You have simply been given the thoughts of those that built the illusion that is so strong on your planet.

There will be aid given to groups. These groups will number in the tens of thousands. It will not be necessary to convince the illusion that the groups have rights and privileges. These rights and privileges are the gifts of the Creator. The illusion will very rapidly cease to exist, as the change of which I have spoken manifests itself.

Is physical contact with you possible?

This is possible. However, as this instrument is aware, it is necessary that this be desired by each member of the group.

So, if four or five people were on the property and everyone there stated during a period of meditation that we wanted you to land, that you would?

This is not true. I have stated that it is necessary that each individual desire this contact.

To want something and to desire it, then, is not the same?

I have stated that each individual in the Creation receives exactly what he desires. This statement is true. Many of the people of this planet receive things that they believe that they do not desire. However, in truth, they desire precisely what they are receiving. In order for us to meet with a group of your group, it will be necessary that this desire is a true desire. This can only be achieved by meditation. This can only be achieved if the individual desires it.

The interpretation of this concept, “desire,” is different in your language and in our understanding. Desire is the word that is used to most or best conform to the concept. However, to understand your desire it will be necessary that you avail yourself to this understanding in meditation.

We have met with individuals of this planet many times. We have met with those who desired this meeting.

How about if everybody here really desired to meet you? Could you do that?

I have stated that if this desire manifested itself, then the meeting could take place.

So, what you’re saying is the people in this group right here don’t really desire to meet you?


I feel like I desire stronger control. Is that a confusion on my own part, or is that just a means of easing me into channeling?

Through meditation you can know your desire. I will give an example. I use this example because it is best known to the members of this group. There was a teacher once, known to you as Jesus. This man had desire. His desire was to serve his fellow man by demonstrating a knowledge of the Creator’s love. Through this desire he accomplished things that you know as miracles. This man had true desire. It is only possible to achieve true desire by initiating this yourself. If you are able to initiate a desire that is a true desire, then you will achieve what you desire, just as the man known to you as Jesus achieved what he desired. He achieved what he desired because he desired to serve his fellow man in a way that was in harmony with the desires of the Creator, for he realized his unity with the Creator.

We desire to serve our fellow man, as he desired to serve. We desire to serve you. We must serve you to the best of our ability. This will include meeting with you when this will result in what you desire. What you desire is that you grow in a spiritual sense, so that you may better serve your fellow man, fulfilling your desire, his desire, and the desire of the Creator. When our meeting with you will increase your spiritual growth and therefore meet your desire, we will desire to meet with you. I hope that I have made this point more clear.

You are desiring at this time what you are aware of that is desirable. The reason that you are not aware of what you actually desire is that you are conditioned to understand that which has been given to you as the illusion. If you will avail yourself to truth through meditation, then you will understand what you desire. What you desire is that you grow in a spiritual sense in order to serve your fellow man and in order to fulfill your desire, his desire, and the desire of the Creator.

So, to spend energy to meet you would not—would be a rather selfish use of energy?

This would not be your true desire.

Am I to understand then that the most important thing is to think within ourselves?

The most important thing is for you to meditate, for these things will be made clear to you by this simple process. This instrument has spent several of these past years in meditation. For this reason, he is aware of the things that he just channeled. For this reason, it is only necessary for me to give him these concepts in order for him to channel without control, for he already is quite sure of the veracity of what is relayed through him.

It is necessary to use control at times when we are attempting to give information of a very specific kind. It is possible to achieve a knowledge of all of these things simply be availing yourself in meditation, for they are within all of the individuals of this planet. This instrument, however, was not aware of the exact relationship of desire with respect to the evolution of the spiritual self that was just communicated through him. He was aware of those concepts in a conceptual sense rather then a specific sense. For this reason it is more effective to channel through the instrument, rather than to use him as a teacher, for we have found that it is very difficult for an individual to express the concepts which he achieves through meditation with words, which were never designed with those concepts in mind. We are simply at this time confirming what this instrument had considered conceptual truths. These were given to him in meditation many years ago.

There are several ways of becoming aware of your desires but there is only one that we recommend: this is meditation. Each of you has all of the information that this instrument has given you before he gave it to you. You have all of the information that he is going to give to you. We of the Confederation of Planets in the Service of the Infinite Creator are unable to give you any new information, for you are already in possession of all the information that exists. Each individual in the creation possesses all of the information in the creation, for each individual is a portion of the creation. The only reason for a lack of availability of this information is that this individual has desired to limit himself for the sake of his own experience.

For this reason, we have stated many times that it is necessary to meditate. Through this process you regain the communication with yourself that is necessary to be aware of all the information of the creation. There is one, single, simple Thought behind all of it. This Thought is the original Thought of the creation. In your language, this thought is expressed as love. This word most closely approaches the concept, although it is totally inadequate for an expression of the love that is the creation.

The process of giving information to you through a vocal channel such as this one is at times quite varied, and is only a small aid in creating a condition by which you can avail yourself of the total knowledge of the creation. We do find, however, that in using channels such as this one, that there is a service performed in helping those who desire it to seek the knowledge that is within them.

There are some misunderstandings about the uses of instruments. For this reason, a new instrument sometimes has difficulty in channeling our thoughts, for he confuses his thoughts with our thoughts. But in all of these processes, we are simply awakening in you the part of you that is us, and the part of us that is you. It is what you might consider a reduction of your isolation, so that instead of being isolated, you are in unity with the creation. For this reason, it is sometimes difficult for those of you who are so much conditioned by the illusion that is created on this planet to understand within the boundaries of the language that we are forced to use when speaking through an instrument the concepts which we are attempting to give you. It is necessary that an instrument such as this one spend much time in meditation, so that these concepts may be developed within him. A new instrument is able to communicate relatively simple concepts or messages of a completely controlled nature. If he is to develop into an instrument such as this one, or such as other instruments who are able to communicate concepts of a more involved…

[Tape ends.]