(Don channeling)

I am Hatonn. I am with the instrument. I greet you, my friends, in the love and in the light of our infinite Creator. It is once more a great privilege to be with you. It is always a very great privilege to be of service, for there are far too many of your people to serve. We are here with you this evening. We will condition you. We will speak through this instrument.

Be patient, for all things come to those who seek. Seeking, my friends, is the most important thing that you do. All of us in this creation seek. What we seek is the important thing. Many of your people seek, but they do not seek things that are of value. Every day you are given suggestions of things that you should seek, but if you will examine them you will find that most of them are of very little value. When you seek that truth that is permanent, and everlasting, then you seek that which is of significance.

We of the Confederation of Planets in the Service of the Infinite Creator are here to help your people with their seeking. As I have said before, there are all too few of them who are even aware that such seeking is important. Actually, they have chosen their physical incarnation, at this time, for the purpose of seeking the truth of which I speak. They are, however, for the most part unaware of this. This is unfortunate. We are attempting to remedy it in many ways and we are enlisting as much aid as we possibly can, for your people, at this time, are in very great need of knowledge of how and what to seek. They have been seeking for so long within the material realms that most of them are totally unaware that seeking is possible within the spiritual realms.

The religions of your world have, for the most part, eliminated the responsibility for individual seeking. This, however, is an extremely erroneous point of view. It is very necessary for the individual to seek truth, knowledge and the ultimate and supreme level of the Creator if he is to grow in strength and spirit and understanding and take at some future time his rightful position in the Father’s creation. This, my friends, is why seeking is so important. It is the only way for your people to get from where they are to where they should be. All of the people of this planet should not be where they are at this time. Unfortunately, they are in a state of trance. I have spoken of this before and at this time will reiterate that they are truly in a state of trance. They have been hypnotized by suggestions of social systems which have been built up by erroneous thinking through many centuries. The only way to break the chain of foolishness that reigns upon your planet is to awaken your people with proper information.

Unfortunately, as I have said, most of them at this time are not really seeking this type of information for they see no need of it. Your societies have grown to such a state of confusion that the importance of that which is real has been subjugated to nothingness; where the importance of that which is man has been elevated to the only state of importance. Unfortunately, this condition is not being remedied at the rate that we would hope for at this time. We are striving and doing our utmost to help your people and to make them aware of the situation they are in, but they are not paying attention. We can only do so much. The more attention your people pay, the more that we can do. It is a simple matter of direct free will. If the population of a planet asks for our services then we may give them freely; if only a portion of that population asks, then we must limit our services. If none of the population asks for our services, we are unable to give any of our services. For this reason, you find us in a state of hiding, you might say, at this time. For far too few of the people of this planet have asked for our services. Consequently, we must act through instruments such as this one to speak to you and tell you of the problems that now exist for us and for you and for the rest of the population of your planet.

We suggest that you, as individuals, attempt to evolve as best you can on an individual basis and at the same time attempt to, in your own way, act as examples of this evolution. By doing this, you will draw attention by maintaining a knowledge of truth. Through meditation you will be examples. You can be nothing else. Those of your people who are in great need of truth and of understanding will notice that you are different. They will notice that you will have an inner peace and tranquility. They will notice many things about you, then they will seek you out for information. At this time, you will be able to serve them as we are able to serve you.

It is a difficult thing, my friends, to serve all of the people of your planet that wish service. Many of them do not know that service is available and they do not know how to recognize the service once it is offered. Each one of them is a different problem and there is not too much time left, my friends. Shortly, many of your people will be seeking much information. More and more of them, at this time, are seeking information. But they are difficult to communicate with because of their mixing with those who do not wish to be served. We must, therefore, increase the number of channels such as this one and we must increase the amount of information that is given to your people by other means.

I am sorry that I have taken a little more time than I expected to on this particular aspect. But at this time, we consider the dissemination of our information to the people of your planet of utmost importance. It must be remembered through, that caution must be used. And, as a general rule, the information should be presented so that it may be rejected. It is necessary to create within the individual an intense seeking that is his own, rather than to force upon him information that he does not request. Therefore, act as you are directed through your daily meditations. And we will, with you, succeed in bringing the truth that your people require at this time to them.

I will leave this instrument now. I am Hatonn. I shall speak with you at a later time. I have been very pleased to be with you this evening. Adonai vasu borragus.