I am recording this in the form of a report because I did not have the microphone on and so cannot furnish a transcription. I am writing down as much of the message I received as I can remember and noting the experience as a whole for the record. In retrospect, I feel it helped me learn about doing a better job of channeling.

Yesterday, the fourth, we had a very large group for meditation and Don was not here. Nor was R, nor was M. R and M are the now more accomplished of the new channels and Don is the oldest channel in the group and very reliable. There are many people in this group who have been getting conditioning. Eight people were here who have been getting conditioning that I am sure of. They have not yet really developed as channels. They have channeled one message each. And these were very short.

We simply did not have any microphones on. I felt that I was ready to channel, I heard or was aware of certain thoughts that came into my mind and I spoke them. There was, of course, a good deal of doubt in my mind later as to whether the thoughts were mine or whether they were actually channeled; especially, since there was not a more dependable channel there to correct me if I made an error.

What the message was about mainly was simply a greeting to everybody and a statement of how pleased Hatonn and Laitos were to be here. And that they would condition all those in the room who wished it and attempt to use each new instrument that they could use, very briefly. They didn’t use anybody else but me. Although afterwards two other instruments stated that they could’ve spoken, but they were “chicken.” It is very easy to be “chicken” because when you begin to get a thought all you get is the first, which is usually, “I am Hatonn.” And unless you say that aloud, they won’t go on to the next bit, unless you say it to yourself. Which is how I got up the courage in the first place, because I said it to myself and got about the first paragraph and I realized that I was going to get a message.

So, today, there was no one here for the first time in a long time and my meditation was by myself and I had been thinking to myself all day and as many times, as I believed in other people’s channeling, I did have the predictable problem very much of self-doubt and so when I sat down and meditated and I was meditating I thought to myself, “Hatonn, if it really is an occurrence, I want conditioning now,” and I began getting conditioning and when my jaw finally opened and that unmistakable “I,” I said it. And sure enough, I got a thought and it led to another one and it led to another one, so I went on and channeled Hatonn to myself. And it was short. It said, “I am Hatonn. I am very privileged to be with you. I am pleased to see that you are meditating. I will recommend to you that you relax more because if you wish to become a channel and if you wish us to direct you there is no way for us to do that if you are misdirecting yourself.”

There was a pause after for the thought to sink in and then he just said, “I leave you in the love and the light of the infinite Creator. I am Hatonn.” So, I am now able to do it and I had a sense of it actually being over. I could feel that the contact had lifted and I wanted to ask a question so I said, “Hatonn, can I ask a question?” and immediately I could feel that there was presence as though a computer had come on and was kicking over or something and I said, “How can I meditate better?” And I got the thought, “Think of nothing. You are thinking of something.”

End of report.