(Carla channeling)

I am Hatonn. I greet you, my friends, in the love and in the light of our infinite Creator. I am pleased to be with you this evening. My friends, we have come to a place in dealing with the information which we give to your group where we are aware that there are a certain intensification of difficulties. There is a reason for this time of difficulty. You must have thought to yourself lately that a slight intensification of difficulty seems to be occurring among those who are seeking within the group. The reason for this, my friends, is very simple. The whole mission that we of the Confederation of Planets in Service to the Infinite Creator have here is simply the alerting of those of you upon the planet’s surface who wish this alerting of the knowledge of the true pathway of spiritual seeking. Once you have been alerted, my friends, to the fact that your physical existence is the environment that you have chosen in order to learn, you will after that begin to experience a certain cycle of testing. As you learn more about the spiritual path you will find a way to either demonstrate that knowledge or to refrain from demonstrating that knowledge.

When we have alerted you to the possibility of accelerating your spiritual progress then you have the opportunity to take these tests and on a conscious level be aware that you are being tested by your higher self. Each of those in your group who is honestly seeking is now at a stage of seeking in which he has learned to a certain extent in a spiritual manner it is in the nature of this environment that this new knowledge be tested. It is in actuality an occasion to rejoice for each demonstration of the way of the Father raises your vibration that much closer to your original perfect vibration.

We are afraid that we must tell you what we have learned about ourselves is also true of each of you. We have found that in each entity who seeks within the physical illusion for wisdom there is one great villain who steals all of the truth, all of the progress, and all of the awareness that he can from each of us. Who is this villain, my friends?

You may look and look for this villain but I must tell you you may not go very far before you find him, for this villain is yourself. There is a type of specific illusion which is termed personality which has to do with the physical illusion which is given by the Father the power of creation. And this so-called personality creates many, many ideas and concepts and false realities which sometimes very effectively baffle the attempt of the spirit to maintain contact with the One Who is All.

It is not a difficult thing to recognize the workings of this illusory self. It is somewhat difficult to inhibit the actions of this personality. The constant attempt to remain to some degree in a meditative state will be of great help to you in attempting to meet these tests. It is only necessary to continue to seek. It may seem difficult and, indeed, it is difficult. And yet, my friends, it is difficult no matter what road you choose. The rewards of the spiritual seeking, however, are somewhat more worth the difficulty.

We send to you our love as channels for the love of the Creator. We are His and you are His. We are all one. We are one mind and one being. Do not let yourself separate you from yourself. There is much to rejoice in and we rejoice in being able to attempt to serve you at this time. I will condition each of you now. I will communicate with you in a direct manner. I will leave this instrument at this time. I am Hatonn.