(Carla channeling)

[I am Hatonn.] I greet you, my friends, in the love and in the light of our Infinite Creator. It is a privilege to be with your group this evening. It is always a privilege to speak with your group. We are aware of your question. I am also aware that there is, at this time, already a relatively acceptable level of understanding in an intellectual or [inaudible] sense of that subject of reincarnation within in the mind of the seeker. Therefore, my friends, I shall attempt to answer the question, which we feel was also asked today.

The question of how to disseminate the knowledge that you receive within your meditation is a tricky one. Once enough time has been spent in conscientious meditation, then the contact which you have sought with a spiritual consciousness has been established, then one may sit with the Creator. And so, each of those on the path wishes to serve. And each wishes to serve well. As each of you proceeds in this sense, this question arises in one form of another. And we say to you, my friends, whom being used as a channel for the spiritual consciousness of the Creator be recommended that you simply maintain you contact with the Creator, with the consciousness, with the light and the love during meditation. That which you intellectually know may be useful to you. But there can quickly be misunderstanding through overuse of the logical and intellectual. The ability to keep your consciousness within the purview that of [inaudible] will stand you in great [inaudible] for the essence of acting as a channel in – we correct the phrasing – of needs, questions, and attitudes. Once a question is asked, it is necessary to speak with truth and with love, with humility and with understanding. Your store of gained knowledge will help you.

And, my friends, are we always available to aid you with thoughts which may be of service in such cases. But the basic set of mind or attitude which you posses with your entire consciousness remains the much greater quality of your channeled answer to receive. You will absorb your intellectual information on a relatively shallow level. But you will gain this basic aid from your understanding. Therefore, when in a position of [inaudible] a spiritual question, simply relax and seek to know the light and the love of the Father. And that which you may best do to serve the Creator will be easy for you to do.

I am aware that this instrument is having some difficulty with understanding this message. Therefore, we would like to transfer this contact to a new instrument. We leave this instrument. I am Hatonn.

(Don channeling)

I am with this instrument. I am Hatonn. I am with you in the love and the light of our Creator. Please be patient while I condition this instrument. I will speak to you through this instrument. The man that you knew as Jesus was able to communicate very much with the people of this planet. He did almost none of this in an intellectual manner. “By their fruits, ye shall know them,” it has been written in your holy works. This is the essence of what we attempt to bring to you: an ability to do the works that you shall be known by. These works, my friends, will be simply a demonstration of your understanding of truth. This truth, my friends, is quite simple. It is the truth that permeates all things. It is an understanding of the principle of creation and of the Creator: the principle of universal love. If you are able to demonstrate this in every thought that you express or experience, regardless of the circumstances, then you will be [inaudible] the example set by the teacher known to you as Jesus.

There have been many teachers upon your planet who expressed the understanding of this love. However, very, very few of those who experienced this expression understood it. This is of no great consequence. It is important that the individual learn to understand this expression of love. The only way that we know of learning this is through daily meditation – meditation which will bring you the active seeking and demonstration of this understanding of love. This is all that is necessary for any individual in the infinite creation to understand this is all that is necessary for you to be able to convey to your fellow man. And, my friends, the only way that you can convey this is through demonstration.

At this time, I will transfer this contact to another instrument. I am Hatonn.

(T channeling)

[I am Hatonn.] I greet you, my friends, in the love and the light of our Infinite Creator. I wish to speak concerning…

[Thirty-second pause]

The contact with this instrument was broken by the instrument. I will again attempt to continue. I was saying that I wish to speak with you concerning the value…

[Fifty-second pause]

I am Hatonn. I will continue and attempt to transfer the contact to another instrument.

[Rest of the session is inaudible.]