(Don channeling)

I am Hatonn. I greet you in the love and the light of our infinite Creator. It is a great privilege to once more be with this group. It is seldom that we are able to contact those who are seeking upon the surface of this planet. There are not too many of those people of this planet who are seeking at this time. We have spoken many times to this group and to other groups about the importance of seeking, but we feel that this is not fully understood. And for this reason we will speak this evening on the subject of seeking.

It has been written in your holy works that it is necessary to seek in order to find. We are going to instruct in methods of seeking and we are going to tell you what you may expect to find. The method of seeking which we have spoken of has [inaudible] be the only recommended by us is the method of meditation. There are many forms of seeking, many intellectual forms of seeking, many practitioners of seeking. My friends, there is much to be gained through meditation that can be gained in no other way. We do not disapprove of seeking in the form of reading different manuscripts and materials. This is of a beneficial nature. However, there is no way, to our knowledge, to arrive at the goals that one [who] is truly seeking desires, unless he spends considerable time in meditation.

Meditation is what you might consider to be a strange phenomena. It does not at first seem that the individual is making progress when he avails himself to that which he desires through meditation. My friends, this is not correct—progress is always made when an individual meditates. If an individual is able to clear his conscious mind of thoughts and to relax while maintaining the spine in a vertical position, he is able to open his mind to much, much more than his normal awareness allows.

Upon your planet at this time there exists many states of awareness. The awareness of the population of your planet is quite varied. There is an awareness of an extremely low level among many of your peoples and there is awareness of extremely high level among a few of your peoples. The awareness of which I speak is an awareness of truth. Truth, my friends, being simply defined as that which is the same regardless of who is aware of it. Truth, my friends, is the same for you as it is for us. It is the same for the Creator as it is for you or us. Truth, my friends, is an absolute.

The understanding of this absolute is variable. Some of the peoples of your planet have a vague or shaded understanding, others have a much clearer understanding. Truth, my friends, is extremely simple and requires no intellectual analysis. It is simple and within each of the Creator’s children. The differences that are encountered among the peoples of your planet with respect to their understanding of this truth is due primarily and almost exclusively [to] one thing. It is due to their meditations, whether these meditations occurred in this particular experience or incarnation or whether they occurred at a previous time and were carried over into the present experience.

The Creator intended for His children to experience what they desired in every instance. He did not assume that His children would desire something that they would not wish to experience. In other words, it was assumed, you might say, that the individualized consciousness [inaudible] as created would act in what you would consider to be an intelligent manner and experience desires which would lead to the enjoyment of the creation envisioned by the original Thought. We find the condition upon this planet quite divergent from this plan. We find that man upon Earth has suffered many aberrations as a result of his lack of understanding of his ability and the original Thought of his creation. We suggest that as an individual is experiencing something which he does not wish to experience that he is experiencing this due to his ignorance. This ignorance is a product of his lack of communication with the original Thought and this lack of communication is simply due to a lack of meditation. In other words, my friends, many of the people of this planet have cut themselves off from the understanding that was given them by their Creator by ignoring the necessity of maintaining this contact.

Man on Earth has generated an illusion of false values so strong that he finds it almost impossible to return to the simplicity of the original Thought that generated it. This thought, of course, is one which we will attempt to express by using the word in your language which most closely approximates the expression. That word, my friends, is, of course, love. It is unnecessary to complicate your thinking in any way other than to express the simple love of your Creator. If this is done and the understanding is augmented through daily meditation, the system of values that is illusory and has been generated by many of your years of erroneous thinking and has been impressed upon the minds of the people of your planet because of their acceptance of these thoughts will become meaningless, and the only true meaning remaining in your consciousness will be the simple acceptance of the love of your Creator. For I suggest to you to join with your brothers of the Confederation of Planets in the Service of the Infinite One in rejecting all concepts other than that concept given to them by their Creator. Remove from your thinking everything but this love. Do this through daily meditation and then you will know the joy that we in His service know. For this, my friends, is the creation: the joy of knowing and expressing the love of our Creator.

It has been a great privilege in speaking to this group this evening. I am at this time in direct contact with this instrument. It is very simple to maintain contact with this instrument. There is only one thing that allows me to make this contact. It is necessary, my friends, that the instrument desire the contact. If this desire is what we might call an absolute desire, this contact may be established in a perfectly fluent condition. Adonai, my friends. I am Hatonn. Adonai vasu.