Who were the UFOs that picked up Betty and Barney Hill, as told in The Interrupted Journey? Were they evil, or to be feared? Do evil planets attempt to invade Earth?

(Carla channeling)

I am Hatonn. I am aware of your question. [Inaudible]. It is a privilege to be able to attempt to answer your question [inaudible] our emotional reaction to them, for they are the Creator’s children to us, and we wish only to help them, as we wish only to help you. We are, unfortunately, unable to help them at this time. Therefore, we are content to wait until such time as they require our aid.

Meanwhile, regard them with the love of the Creator for all of His created beings. To be afraid of such entities as you have called invaders is to be afraid of yourself, my friends. And it is not needed to be afraid of anything or anyone.

I am aware that this does not satisfy your questions very well, and I will attempt to use this instrument for a more specific answer, although she will find it somewhat difficult, because there must be more control used to which she is not used at this time.

The entities of which you have spoken were friendly. They were a scientific expedition which had good intentions, but their knowledge of life-forms on this planet was lacking. They had no intentions to commit any sort of infringement. They had been cautioned by the Confederation that it was best to refrain from investigating in areas populated by people.

They wished only to collect specimens of the fauna of some parts of the planet and to gain data about the predominant life-forms.

They did not attack then. They will not attack you. Their intentions are positive. They are aware of our presence. Their presence is not a harbinger of any sort of enemy.

As to other invading visitors, they are only all the barriers and possibilities. There are many, many myriads of populations throughout the cosmos. Many of them are extremely advanced, and a few of them are not only advanced but also of a nature which you might call evil.

The Creator is at the end of your path. Your faith is far stronger, if you indeed realize it, than any evil. Remember this, my friends. It is completely within your power, through meditation, to gain the love of the Creator that conquers all lack, limitation and… But, my friends, be aware that the only true nature of evil is separation from the Creator. It cannot touch you if you maintain your contact with the One who is All. Nothing from the outside may come in to harm. From the universe of truth and understanding you may show love and light upon all who come into your view.

Do not fear, my friends. There is nothing to fear but fear. This has been said before upon your planet, and it is quite true. Never waste time in fear or in hatred or in anger, for it is only another opportunity at such a time to experience and to demonstrate the love and the light of the infinite Creator.

I am the one known as Hatonn. I hope that I have been able to answer your question. Are there any further questions?

Hatonn, can you give us a specific reason why we can’t meet you face to face?

I am Hatonn. I am with the instrument. I will meet you face to face on the day you enter the Kingdom of Heaven. You may do this at any time. It is doubtful that you will do it while in the body. If you do achieve this state, then whether you are in the body or not, you would be instantly able to speak with me on any level you desired. At that point you would recognize me as your brother. No more, my friend, and no less. I am afraid that one cannot fulfill the burden of influencing one or any of your people by appearing within your vibration while your consciousness is as it is now.

You are very far from having a negative reaction, and we are pleased and privileged to have your fellowship and acquaintance in this work. But, my friends, I am only as you are.

We will proceed to the next question.

What about sex? Is it better to be a monk if you are on the spiritual path?

My friends, the subject of the physical illusion has always been a difficult one, and your question about what you call sex is an area which has a great deal of trauma associated with it.

We can only tell you that you are a free agent. You have incarnated into a physical vehicle. This physical vehicle is designed in order to offer you various experiences which you need for your progress spiritually. Due to the fact that each one is sovereign unto himself, being a free child of the Creator, each man therefore will have come to this incarnation with a peculiar and unique set of needs, which his excursion into the physical illusion will satisfy. To some people, the experience of sexuality is extremely important. To some people, there is little or no need for this particular type of activity. The rather large number of people who have lined up on one side or another of this question, and others like unto it, are reasoning about an infinite situation. There is only one answer for each person.

My friends, the sexuality is neither good nor evil. Your physical body is neither good nor evil. Sexual activity, as such, is neither good nor evil. The natural activities upon your planet are part of the Creator’s plan. Were it not part of the Creator’s plan that man should have sexuality, then man would not have sexuality. It exists simply as an opportunity. It is completely under the control of each individual as to the use to which he puts this opportunity.

There is a simple progression for those on your plane. We have noticed that you are aware that many of your Earthly masters on your planet were not particularly interested in the experience gained within the province of human desire. This is due to the fact that the Earthly plane is experienced first in a relatively gross or material state, a state which yields great strength, great sexuality, and a great deal of aggressive emotion.

The progression towards the next density of experience is one which more and more experiences an abiding within spirit, and a detachment from the needs of the material part of the self. In extreme cases, this has meant that there will be no activity of a physical nature at all for a certain person.

However, we must point out to you that this state is not arrived at by a person who decides to become holy by imposing such restrictions upon himself. This state is properly attained as a natural result and an involuntary occurrence upon achieving a completely transcendent state.

There are many, many seekers. Many of these seekers are in many, many different places. We are aware that much good may be accomplished by the correct mating of two individuals in mind, body and soul. Again, this is not a necessary path to take. There are a thousand paths to take. Each individual finds what is proper for him. To find a proper path, one may meditate, as we have said so many times. Simply meditate.

We are aware that this is a subject of confusion. But, my friends, it is simple. There are opportunities, and you are a discerning entity who seeks to understand. Seek, and ye shall find. These are true words. Seek through meditation.

Have you a further question?

Yes, I have one more. The soul does not sleep [inaudible]. What does it do when the body is asleep?

I am Hatonn. I am aware of your question. At night, my friends, you truly come alive. Many, many upon your planet only rise in consciousness in their sleep. There is a desperate starvation upon your planet. It is the starvation of the spirits that have forgotten how to contact their Creator. During sleep, my friends, your spirit involuntarily goes directly into the real universe, and breathes and lives and radiates the joy of the Creator.

Were it not for this unconscious activity of the spirit of many of those upon the surface of the planet, they would be unable to continue their existence in the physical body.

In fact, this is the reason for the amount of sleep that is needed upon this planet. It is necessary in order to give enough food to the spirit. In the case of those who through meditation have found a conscious contact with the Creator, they may find that less sleep may be adequate.

Yes. Can you still remember on awakening?

All is remembered, my friends. Nothing is forgotten. There will be much remembering of much that we seem to have forgotten when we leave this chemical vehicle and this heavy illusion.

Are there any more questions?


If that is so then I will leave you now, my friends. It has been my pleasure to serve you. I hope that I have been able to communicate with you. I leave you in the love and the light of our infinite Creator. I am Hatonn. Adonai.