(Carla channeling)

I am Hatonn. I greet you, my friends, in the love and the light of the infinite Creator. I am He who is among you. I am He who is within you. I AM. My brothers, dwell now within the I AM that you are. For I AM, not only now but always. Before this world was created and when it is long since passed again into infinite space, I AM. The creation began with consciousness, the consciousness of one vibration, each and every particle totally unified, totally homogeneous, of only one identity, that identity being love. We use the word “love” to you because of the bias which it contains within your language. The word “consciousness,” my friends, is a slightly more accurate word, yet this consciousness is the consciousness which creates. Therefore, we must use the word love. For the force of love as you understand it in your density is the indwelling of the creative force within your sphere of experience. So the creation began in an infinite and constant state of love, vibrating infinitely and in unity. And this creation sent forth the power of love to differentiate into entities that could dwell in self-knowledge, in unity, yet in knowledge of unity

This, my brothers, is described in your Garden of Eden, and in all worlds and universes there are descriptions which, within each culture, describe the state of self-awareness of unity. This was the beginning of the cycles.

And there arose within these entities in your Garden, shall we say, a knowledge to be self aware, not only of unity, but of separation. And in doing so, in choosing this path, the dimensions were born. For these entities had chosen a path which, in separation, cannot express the unity of all with all. The vibrations of knowledge of separation must travel downward through many, many frequencies, and as consciousness traveled downward, it formed a great and infinite array of potential experiences on many, many levels, one of which you are now at this time experiencing,

You are experiencing separation. That is the meaning of your physical being. With your senses, you can only feel that which is within yourself, only that which comes to your own ears and eyes and hands. You can only taste that which is given to your own experience. This incarnation, my brothers, is an incarnation of loneliness and pain, for separation is such.

Why have you come here, my friends? Why now do you vibrate in sympathy with loneliness and separation? Why now must you accept pain? May we say, my brothers, so all entities will choose to do while they are learning to seek the healing from that pain.

We seek to give you, shall we say, some distance on your problems. Not that they are not important, we do not say that. Nor do we say that they are a more nothing, to be ignored—for you were not invested with a physical form in order to ignore what is happening to you in the physical. Yet know that these things are occurring to you in such a way that you will not be tested beyond your ability, for you have yourself chosen these lessons. You have yourself chosen this pain. And you hope very dearly, in your higher self, to learn from this pain the lessons that you have come here to learn. It is a hard thing to ask yourself to trust in your own judgment when you do not have the ability to face your higher self in the flesh, so to speak. You cannot say to your higher self, “Look, I think this is more than I can take. I don’t think I can handle this. Why don’t we go back and do this over?” You don’t have that satisfaction, my friends. You must trust that the self that placed you in the situation you are now in knew and understood your capabilities and, though ambitious of learning as much as possible, did not plan things so as to test you beyond your limit. The more lessons you learn, my friends, in this incarnation, the more progress that you will make. It is not to rejoice at pain, but to understand that within pain there is the peace, when you are convinced within yourself that you have tried as much as possible to learn the lesson that is buried within the experience.

We have said to you many times, you must go within and seek the Father. If you are seeking the Father the Father will provide that which is necessary to you. And today we emphasize also that which is secondarily true: in your fellow men, seek to do service. Your energy may go most effectively for that one seeking within the physical. In the inner worlds, seek to know the Father, and in the outer world, seek to do service to the Father Who is all around you. The Creator will aid all who trust in Him, no matter how they are acting, just as the pain which you are now experiencing will fall, as is written in your holy works, on the just and the unjust alike.

Yet, in your own experience, it would be much more helpful for you to use energy in helping to the best of your ability those about you, whether or not they are seeming to help you, whether or not service seems to be offered unto you. It is written in your Holy works: one must love one’s Creator and one’s fellow man as oneself. We say to you again, it is not necessary to love one’s fellow man, or to love oneself on the level of the human, as you call it. Yet you see the Creator, and love the Creator, in him and in you, for that is the same. Then you are loving yourself and yourself in him and the Creator in each of you.

There is a cliché that is within this channel’s mind, that every cloud has a silver lining. And we would add to that that sometimes a fruit may seem to be inedible, for the skin may be tough and pitted. Yet when you peel it, the fruit within is still succulent and tasty and delicious. Experiences are like this, even the most inconvenient. Be of good cheer, my friends, and remember to attempt not only to seek the Creator in meditation, but to seek the Creator within your fellow man. With the armor of your inner guidance, and your light before you on the path, there is nothing that can harm you.

We have wanted to give you these words of comfort, for each of you is undergoing at this time some difficulty, not the same, yet as we have said, all difficulties within the physical have one thing in common, that is, the emotional or physical or mental pain. Be of good cheer. There is no pain within the garden—and the garden is within you.

I would leave you at this time, my friends. I leave you in the love and the light of our infinite Creator. I am Hatonn. Adonai.

(B channeling)

I am Hatonn. I am now with this instrument. My friends, you have often heard [us] speak about love, and my friends, you must understand, speaking of the infinite Creator, what one word best describes all facets of what you know of life? Now, my friends, you are well aware of the great power of this word. My friends, if you were only familiar with this one love, or my friends, familiar with this one word, and this word only, my friends, your progress would be so swift!

Surround yourselves in this. For, my friends, it is truly a suit of armor that nothing in all the universe may penetrate. For, my friends, when you surround yourself in love, you are indeed surrounding yourself in the Creator. The Creator is love and, my friends, nothing can penetrate this. As we all travel on our many ways, it is very true that this group sitting here today has been and has asked to be together. For, my friends, you all have a very important mission to perform. Now as we speak of this trouble that surrounds us all, one reason, my friends, that it is very necessary for you to be together—by the positive grounding that this group provides, my friends, you receive enough stimulation, stimulations, my friends, that you all very much need. And as you have advanced, my friends, we also advance. And as you have asked for our presence, we are with you at all times. There are many times, my friends, that situations will seek you out. But, my friends, the positive always draws negative; by the overcoming of these negatives, you are indeed that much stronger. For, my friends, we are all together in love. If this could only be seen, my friends.

I would at this time like to try this experiment: think to yourselves, my friends, love and fellowship and brotherhood, to all those in this room. As you think this word love, you will see or feel that it is escaping from every cell of your body. Now, my friends, never deny the help of your brother. If you would attempt, my friends, to sit for one moment in silence, and pass this love to all those in this room. We are now in the room with you, my friends, and we too will experience this. And what we will feel is true love. Allow this energy to escape and flow into your being. I will pause for one moment. I am Hatonn.


I am again with this instrument. I am Hatonn. My friends, you have experienced this energy. Now ask yourselves, what thought could penetrate this force field of love? For, my friends, it overpowers all. When you have these small troubles, my friends, as I said earlier, seek your Creator within you, and your brother’s help. For, my friends, you will all ground each other. Love is beautiful. Love is all we know. No negativity can overcome this energy, and no problem cannot be worked out.

I will attempt at this time to transfer this contact. I am Hatonn.

(H channeling)

I am Hatonn. I am now with this instrument. My friends, as we speak to you, we realize that due to your existence within the physical illusion your understanding of the concepts which we present to you is, shall we say, very shallow. Yet what is important is that you—those who are present—have truly begun to understand. Understanding is far beyond that which is intellectual. True understanding of the concept of love and all things contained within it is, shall we say, a sense, as you would call it, within your core. Within the creative consciousness of your existence, understanding awaits you. And though you are not truly aware of its presence, it constantly is flowing from within the core of your existence into your physical reality. My friends, all things which you experience within this illusion are presented and have been chosen by you as lessons. We suggest that you become more patient within this experience for, my friends, the reason that you become, shall we say, tangled up within your emotions is that you become apprehensive of the passing of time and the weight of the circumstances you experience upon that passage of time. You feel as though there is no tomorrow in which you may enjoy yourself. You ask yourself why you should experience this misery any longer. My friends, realize that without misery there can be no joy. Without the passage of time within your illusion, there can be no lessons. These things which you experience are truly difficult, yet they are the seeds upon which you grow. Some may choose to ignore these facts. Yet none may ignore them forever. Eventually, all shall come face-to-face with reality. And your progression is something which you cannot avoid. Ponder these thoughts, and in your daily routines, be thankful, although it may be difficult, for the experiences which are somewhat trying, yet bountiful in knowledge and love.

Also you should remember that the greater the lesson which you are learning, in most cases, the greater the difficulty which shall be experienced in the process of learning. Yet realize that you have the capacity to withstand whatever difficulties may arise. You are infinite, in your ability to learn, understand and persevere. I now leave you, in the love and the light. I am Hatonn. Adonai

(Carla channeling)

I am Oxal. I wish only to say a very little bit, for the light is very strong, and it is my desire to let you know that I am with you also in the light. May peace flow from you like a fountain, and from that peace may the waters of joy transform all within your world into that transcendent state when your eyes are opened, and you see and understand. I leave you in the physical, yet always bathed in the love and the light, never in the physical, but of the highest. You are transcendent beings, and though you may have pain, yet always within you there is the water of peace and the fountain of joy, for it is not a river that begins within the physical illusion, but from the highest estate. “Not as the world gives, give I unto you,” said your great master. Peace—my peace, the Creator’s peace—I leave with you now. Adonai, in the love and the light. I am Oxal. Adonai.