(Carla channeling)

I am Latwii. I am one with this instrument. Again I greet you in the love and the light of the infinite Creator and wish to send you the love of the brothers and sisters of Hatonn who are on duty elsewhere during this difficult evolutionary period in your planet. They have asked those of Latwii to, shall we say, cover their channels, and we are doing so to the best of our ability, which is considerable. We send you love and laughter.

We were attempting to contact the one known as R, due to the fact that he desires to remain an open channel and to have help in his creativity. However, he was analyzing our thoughts. Therefore, we will attempt again to make contact with the one known as R to build his confidence and to let him know that those of the Confederation of the Planets which are in the Service of the Infinite Creator are always with you. I am Latwii.


I am again with this instrument. We are aware that the instrument known as R has a brain that is jumping about like a jumping bean and, therefore, we will go ahead and speak through this instrument, assuring him that we had good contact and that when he is properly, shall we say, relaxed and peaceful within himself without worrying about time and space he will be able to contact the brothers and sisters of the Confederation at his will. We will always share our thoughts and…

May I ask a question, please?

We are delighted to have you ask a question.

Am I barking up a dead end… when I was talking to Carla about the concept of healing through neurogenetics?

We are aware of the question. To speak of barking up the wrong tree is impossible when there are a forest of correct trees. However, it must be understood that there are a million ways to approach the problem of imposing the perfection of the original idea of an entity upon that which has become distorted in your illusion.

One perfectly reasonable method of attempting to create physical perfection, as you would call it, would be that which you have spoken of. However, it must be understood that each case is an unique one, and in each illness or malfunction of emotional, spiritual or mental nature there are lessons to be learned, and there is a process which is known as learning the lesson among your peoples. We find this a ponderous concept. However, we tend to have difficulty with your concept of time, and your concept of learning the lessons is deeply tied up in your concept of time. Therefore, people upon your planet consider that it takes time to learn the lesson.

It does not take time, it takes a focusing of the will. This, however, must be done completely and freely before the new programming is attempted. The one thing that cannot be done is to reprogram before the lesson has been learned. As we said, this can be accomplished either in no time, in a small amount of time, or in what you would call a lifetime.

This particular entity has been learning a lesson and offering lessons to others through what seems to be a physical distortion of the perfection of her nature, and the lessons seem to be progressing well, shall we say. However, we do not understand progress and can only say that she is very close to achieving the point at which she is of such a disciplined nature that she no longer needs a limitation on her activities in order to stimulate the so-called mission that she has come here to perform. Her nature is so adventurous and enthusiastic that she programmed herself before this incarnation a method whereby her activities would be limited so that she could reach the goal of sharing with others those things which she knows upon a certain level, which she would not have been able to concentrate upon had she been, shall we say, working full time, as you put it among your peoples, and dealing with six children which was her conscious programming. Consequently, she was carefully maneuvered around these obstacles to her becoming a guide to others through writing and being. She has now become a being with very little of the lesson to learn. Therefore, it is quite possible that a healing will take place—if not by barking up your tree, by barking up another.

However, we may say that that which you are working on at this point is, shall we say, a seed concept and should be considered most carefully, for it has a good deal of awareness of that which is of a truer nature than most of that which is of an intellectual nature and is written down among the peoples of your planet.

One of the great graces of the one known as Timothy Leary is a sense of humor, which we find absolutely essential for the progression of the soul. We find so often in your culture that seriousness is equated with holiness, and we say to you that this is, indeed, not so and that there is a holy joy which should be connected with constant and unremitting discipline to achieve the perfect balance between joy and the carrying of that which you know in your culture as the cross. It is said in your holy works, “Peace I bring to you. My peace I give to you, not as the world gives to you.” It must be remembered that joy and the cross walk hand in hand. It is not an easy path, but it is a very joyful path, and approached with a sense of humor, each lesson can be reduced to no time instead of a small time, to a small time instead of a great time, to a great time instead of a lifetime, and so on. And, thus, you may consciously take charge of your life and goal.

Does this answer your question?

I feel that what you’re saying is that neurogenetics for the one known as Carla might possibly—in lieu of progress with her lessons—might possibly be an area to be explored and, therefore, Timothy Leary should be sought out.

You may rest assured that if this is to be it will occur in its proper time. To make an effort in this direction is not an infringement upon free will, for if it is not to be it will simply fail.

You do see neurogenetics as a proper field of communication for a real concept rather than just an illusory fantasy?

What you call your neurogenetics is like the alphabet—the fundamental necessity which is behind the kind of leap which must be made into the next dimension. If you do not have complete understanding of your personality at this level, you will not be able to be telepathic and to control consciousness.

I quit.


[Inaudible]. That was good!

[Transcript ends.]