(Carla channeling)

I am with this instrument. I am Latwii, and I greet you in the love and the light of the infinite Creator and welcome each of you to this group—those who are absent from time to time and those who are new. Again we send you the love of your special friends of Hatonn.

Ah yes, my friends, we are with you, and we are aware of the many questions upon your minds this evening. But to us the questions, although we will be glad to work with them, are humorous, due to our point of view which may seem strange to you, for we are aware of that which makes all else humorous, and that is the law of the Creator.

We have said to groups such as yours many times that the law of the Creator is one, that the understanding of that law is all wisdom and truth, and that the best word for that law is love.

We can take you on a great trip to show you that your thinking is local. You can best understand this concept by considering the love within the creation of man which varies from place to place. As your cycle changes, you have seen the laws of nature, so-called, violated many times by those who are able to use a less-local illusion or reflection of the law of the Creator. Thus, metal is bent, objects are moved, people are healed. We can take you away from your time and your space, and you can see that they are, indeed, not laws at all. We can remove you from mass and show you that that, too, is an illusion and not a law.

How far can we go with you, my friends? Through how many dimensions can we take you until you are in a place of light where things begin, where things end, where things are. You see, my friends, we wish to answer your questions as best we can, but we wish you to realize more than all else that questions and answers are meaningless. Feelings and emotions are meaningless. All of the tools with which you are familiar at this time are not helpful outside your locality. You have one useful attribute, and that is the quality of your love. Have you loved today?

At this time we would like to transfer to another instrument. I am of a group of beings calling themselves Latwii.


(Carla channeling)

I am Latwii. My vibrations are again with this instrument. We have been about the room and greet each of you, but we are having difficulty contacting the other instrument. We will attempt to do so at a later time.

Without further ado, may we open the meeting to questions?

I have a question.

We greet you, my brother.

This may seem trivial, but I’m intrigued by the stone that our friend [inaudible] found, and I was wondering what significance of it you are aware? Or what is it?

We are aware of your question. We would ask that the stone be placed in the channel’s hand.


We are having difficulty with this instrument, due to her lack of training. However, we can say to you that this is a natural formation untouched by man and unconnected with man. We are attempting to explain to her the processes which caused the formation of this rock. It has many layers. It was not made at once. It has been…

OK, all I can do is tell you is that I’m seeing it coming down to the Earth and then being thrown up in some kind of a volcanic… or… thrown up like a mountain being thrown up and landing and its being weathered by water.

Is it an extraterrestrial rock?

I am with this instrument. The interior of this rock is not planetary. However, the exterior of this rock is.

What is the significance of this rock, if any, that you are aware of?

That which it is given by its possessor. It would seem to be a good talisman, due to the fact that it signifies a transformational change to its possessor. We knock questions and answers, and yet we encourage the transformation of man.


You must realize we think we are funny, too. We think everything is funny, due to the fact that we are in a position where light is all that there is, and light seen in its pure state is complete joy.


I’d like some verification of an article that I read the other night that’s called “The Evidence Of Homotelepathica,” and I’d like to get some feedback on your feelings of its accuracy.


We do not find your intellectual efforts to be part of our aid to you and urge you to follow that which, according to your own free will, seems best. You must realize that to understand yourself you may not need longer and longer words but longer and longer silences.

The idea of a brain as a computer that can be reprogrammed, and the idea of planetary consciousness as a giant computer that can be reprogrammed is a manipulative idea not directly associated with the Creator’s primary law which concerns the freedom of all beings. The conscious individual and the conscious planetary awareness can make conscious changes, but the strong cannot coerce those who are not ready. Thus, patience becomes your ally, and a sense of humor that which you hold dearest.

We are sorry we cannot be more responsive to your question, but we feel that you are searching so deeply in an intellectual way at this point that we do not wish to unbalance you by entering into intellectual discussion but merely encourage you to seek the discrimination that is inherent within your own faculties below the level of the conscious mind.

Does this in any way satisfy you as an answer?

Well, it seems to me that you’re saying that the intellect is getting in the way of my spiritual development rather than as a useful tool [inaudible].

The key in all things is balance. Your intellect is a tool. Yours in balance with the proper amount of meditation and the contemplation of your, shall we say, emotional being in day-to-day and moment-to-moment actions—ah, there is perfection. Without such balance, the intellectual machinery will not feed you correct information, due to the fact that your intellect cannot synthesize information but only analyze. The activity of intuition must be sought out within a different type of mental activity which is below the conscious level. You may choose to do this while you are doing some familiar chore. You may choose to meditate. It does not matter how you achieve this state of unquestioning being in which you are listening for that within yourself which is below the conscious level.

It is, however, important for you to know that it is as important for you to understand those levels of yourself which are below consciousness as it is for you to understand that machine which is called the intellect. The intellect is a tool. The dreaming subconscious is a tool. The planetary consciousness, which lies below all of these things, is the greatest tool. Therefore, as you find your intellect racing after one idea and then another, pause and take a few moments to balance yourself with the search into other areas of your own ability to understand yourself, for within that understanding of yourself lies the understanding of that which is.

Does this answer your question?

I had the impression that some of the ideas that were coming through in this particular paper were not necessarily purely intellectual but were a synthesis, and that’s what I was pursuing in the question. It seems like the intellectual aspect of it is simply a symbolic translation of the intuitive knowledge.

[I am Latwii.] If you can make the leap from language to intuition within yourself, then you have become telepathic with the author and no longer need his words. However, this is not usually the case, and normally one absorbs the written word with the intellect. Thus, to accomplish that which you desire, which is to imprint these ideas in your own intuition, the thing to do is to take them into meditation with the full intention of allowing your discriminatory power to discern the wisdom within them.

Again, you see, we do not wish to be your gurus. We wish only to encourage you in your own searches, for that which lies before you is your guru, if you wish to put it that way, and we are only the voices coming from various people who have volunteered this service.

We do sound, however, as though we were down on all intellectual knowledge and, of course, without some intellectual knowledge the greatest of intuitions could not then be shared with your fellow man; therefore, always the balance.

Do you see our point, my brother?

I see your point. I guess I had not yet groked the difference between an intellectual symbol for communicating an intrinsic concept and the purely intellectual reasoning of data.

In that case, my brother, let us demonstrate to you the difference. In one case a person reads that there is nothing so beautiful as a rose, and he sees the picture of a rose and perhaps even goes to the store and purchases such a blossom and puts it in his vase and observes it, having been told that this is a beautiful blossom. This is programming from outside.

There is, however, another way of observing this same flowers and that is with a shock of recognition as a miracle. When one sees a rose at dawn on a spring day with the dew still hanging from the tiny petals, with a bee still fluttering about it making honey, and the miracle and the wonder of this rose sink deep into your own understanding, and it is yours. It has come from inside. Perhaps it cannot be communicated. Perhaps you can write about this rose, and someone else may go to the store and grasp it and bring it home and try to duplicate that feeling.

Do you see the difference, my brother?

Yes, I do. Well, I see the result is exactly the same though, and that is an understanding, the groking of roseness. One you get through first reading about it and then going to the store and experiencing it, and the other, you’ve just got to wander around in a garden until you have found one without knowing what it is.

The difference, my brother, is in the level of awareness to which that love has reached. On the one hand, it has touched that within you which will survive, that within you which is free from time and space. In the other, it may or may not have reached that far but probably has not, for it has simply become something that you have experienced.

Thus, we have often said to you: our words, hopefully, are salutary and encouraging and sometimes inspiring, but they are nothing compared to your own efforts, that [of] meditation and understanding of the existence that is about you.


You see, my brother, we are not crazy about words.


Is there a point which you would like to pursue further, my brother?

I think I’ve got a lot to consider. I’ll consider what you said. If I can’t understand you, I’ll talk with you further.

We are ready at any time, my brother.

I understand your concept, but I also hear you saying that by reading about something before you experience it, maybe you can never really know it as deeply. And I don’t know if I really agree or understand that not too clearly.

We would not agree with that either. We simply say that we are, shall we say, stacking the odds against ourselves by reading faster than we meditate.

Oh, I see. You’re saying that if your knowledge goes beyond the development of your being that you will create an imbalance in yourself.

You have penetrated our meaning.

Oh, yeah, well, I understand that. That’s what I find. I find myself longing for more development of my being as far as the experience of felicity on a one-to-one basis with my fellow humans, and I already seem to have a language, you know, symbolically explaining that, without having had as much experience, much development of it, in my opinion, as I’d like.

We suggest to you that one good exercise in achieving rapport with your fellow human beings is to gently place yourself face-to-face with them and look at them for a period of time. Most of your beings cannot do this, for it reveals too much of their true identity. However, there is a very loving link between those who can gaze upon each other for a period of time. This may help you to develop in compassion with your brothers and thus encourage that which you seek in telepathy.

You must realize that those of your planet have very poorly tuned receivers. They are not too bad at sending, but they are terrible at receiving. Therefore, to encourage yourself in receiving, it is necessary to become very relaxed, very receptive, and very trusting. This is sometimes difficult. Therefore, the gazing of eyes is a good exercise in receiving.

I’ve been doing that on a one-to-one basis in meditation and making use of meditative tantric exercises, use of psychedelics, and it seems to be a really good exercise in surrender, in trying to intercept [inaudible].

This is correct.

[Inaudible]. Thank you.

Oh, we thank you, my brother. Without your questions we’d be flying around up here with nothing to do. May we help someone else?

I wonder if you could speak more… You used a term which intrigued me the other night—the other day—when I first met you over here, and that was “genetic personality” and getting in touch and identifying with that. I wonder if you would talk about that a little? I’ve never heard that term before. OK?

As this instrument has become slightly fatigued, I will again attempt to contact the one known as Don so that he may carry on with this communication. I am Latwii.


(Carla channeling)

I am again with this instrument. I am Latwii. I will attempt to continue through this instrument, although she is somewhat fatigued.

The entity that is the personality is, in its true nature, a vibration which is a group of biases, shall we say, which make it unique, as unique, shall we say, as the colors which a mineral may give off when tested in a laboratory. No two compounds have the same color. So it is with the infinite number of personalities in the cosmos.

When these beings either chose or are given a physical vehicle, they take on a certain genetic, physical characteristic. Into this they must put that perfection which is their own. The bonding of these two is called the genetic personality, and it is that which comes into the incarnation, having made whatever arrangements it’s necessary to make in order to accommodate that particular physical vehicle and that particular vibration.

Peculiar, of course, to working with the genetic personality is to remove oneself back to the point at which arrangements were made with the physical vehicle, which might in some way have been choices not designed to suit or please that personality throughout the incarnation, but the answer lies in working with the basic genetic program of that physical vehicle in connection with the unique vibratory nature of the personality.

Does this aid you in your understanding, my brother?

I’d like to hear, not necessarily now but in the future sometime, more specific information on, how would you say, genetic personality engineering. That seems to be a point of interest. You know, that seems to be the next question, how specifically… because it seems like that would heal bodies [inaudible] step up the genetic message. I’d sure like to see the channel you’re using right now get to that point.

We agree that this channel probably should not be used at this time to further go into this question. However, we suggest that you again listen to the previous communication on this subject which did shed some light on your question, and we do send you our love and our light.

We are sorry that the instrument is fatigued.

That’s OK, I appreciate everything.

We’re glad. We really get a great charge out of talking to all you and of substituting for our brothers, Hatonn and Laitos, who send you their love.

Where are they?

We are very glad you asked that question, due to the fact that this instrument is dying to know.

They are at this time in your southern waters, high above them, attempting to, shall we say, cool out, as this instrument would put it, a very bloody-minded plan that is being perpetrated by those in power, not in one country or another, but by an international economic group of those who would profit from chaos.

Did you say southern waters?

That is correct.

Where is this [inaudible]? Southern waters…

Southeast Asia.

Is that it?

Southeast Asia… Vietnam.

We are attempting to give the information to this channel who is notoriously poor at geography. We’re working with her, if she will… if you will be patient.

If you go to what is known as the Philippines and keep going west you will find Hatonn.

In Vietnam.

We are aware of that statement and that is correct, although not precisely so, for Hatonn is attempting to monitor a large area. Hatonn is working through a pyramid which lies within China and is attempting to draw energy from the Earth that has been put there many, many centuries ago in your time. It is attempting to remove the effects of that which has been maddening your peoples, a lust for…

[Side one of tape ends.]

(Carla channeling)

I am Latwii. I am sorry for the interruption, but this instrument is not mechanically-minded. Please go ahead.

Do you know if the Iranian riots were caused by ELF [inaudible]?

As this instrument would say, right on, brother.

Question number two. Are the Chinese invading primarily because of the ELF knowledge?

Again, my brother, that is correct. The Russians are not being led by wise men and have a desire at this time to make good their promise to take over the Earth, and they have in their means at this time the power to do so, and they know that if they wait they will no longer have the power to do so, and they are gambling that the powers will not unleash the conventional nuclear weapons but, instead, will simply knuckle under. We, however, are aware that this is not likely, and so we are attempting to damp out these vibrations.

However, to do this without infringing upon free will is very difficult, and since it does not disturb the solar system or even the astral planes of your planet, we are having the same kind of difficulty that you would have in your court room if you were attempting to stop a murder before it was committed. We can see what is happening, but we cannot do very much about it. We hope that each of you will meditate on peace and pray that your peoples are not fooled by all of those things which occur in the weeks to come, and…

[Interruption from Don.]

Please go ahead, my brother.

My question, assuming that the Chinese invasion [inaudible] Chinese knowledge of the ELF weapon and the need to [resolve] their own right now in a very clear-cut manner so that… because they are afraid of the use of the weapon against them by the Russians, so that on a clear-cut choosing of sides and getting us on their side…

I’m sure, my brother, it is worse than that, for at this time it has been used on China. And it is, in part, that stimulus which has made them decide to make this move, for they know that they are as vulnerable as the rest of the planet.

Does the entire invasion have to do with the Russian ELF weapon rather than the so-called Cambodian problem?

There is no Cambodian problem.


That is correct.

Do you foresee a Chinese invasion of Vietnam in order to start a confrontation between the Chinese and the Russians, or do you see a Russian invasion of Iran?

This instrument believes that the Chinese have already invaded North Vietnam. Therefore, we won’t speak.

What about Iran, the Russian invasion of Iran?

The Russians have invaded Iran, not with weapons but with psychotronic mind-control devices.

Is that what the ELF weapon is?

That is correct.

What is the exact effect…

I’ll tell you all about that. You don’t have to get that through channels.

I mean upon the Chinese. What has been the effect of it?


OK. You’re tired now, aren’t you?

I am fine. The instrument has sore shoulders.

Is that where the pyramid is connected with the ELF weapon?

This is correct. We have buried, deep inside each pyramid that we have put along the magnetic lines of force of the Earth, crystals which are capable of dampening these vibrations. However, the magnetic lines of force of the planet have shifted, and we are having difficulty in making them work, and we may not be able to do so. However, this is our plan.

Is there anything we could do physically, such as helping the moving of the crystals? Is there anything of that sort that we could do that you all could not do?

Got a passport?

Really? It would really make a difference?

My brother, you could not do it, due to the fact that you could not get there. Yes, you could physically do it if you could get there, but…

You mean, it would help?

Actually, no one but a very few even knows where this pyramid is, and other pyramids around the Earth are likewise blocked by the governments that supposedly own them. Therefore, what you can basically do is on another plane, and it is, of course, just as important, and that is to be a good person within yourself, to meditate, and to love. And in that way you can add your light, and as so often said among your peoples, a little light in a great darkness shines a long way. Therefore, attempt to be a little light even though there is great darkness, and that will be the greatest help that you can be.

We have attempted to directly affect those who would be in a position to work with the pyramids and have been successful only partially. There are many pyramids that are lost or buried, due to floods and the forming of mountains.

Which is the closest one to this house that you’re aware of?

The closest one to this house would probably be in Mexico.

OK. That’s what I was wondering. Are you utilizing these at the present time? I mean, do you utilize all of them or just certain ones in the areas where the weapon is being used?

We would like to use them all as a belt of protection about the planet as it was designed to be used. However, we are utilizing the one in Egypt at this time, and it is not functioning properly, due to the two degree lack of unity with magnetic correctness. Therefore, the problem, shall we say, is larger than can be solved in the time we have left to solve it on your physical plane. What little can be done is being done by our thought processes working through the crystals which are in place. They are simply not properly aimed for the magnetic fluxes which are affecting your planet at this time.

It wouldn’t help to get a hold—for Don or somebody to get down into Mexico and get hold of the crystal and, you know, move it two degrees? That wouldn’t help? It seems it would certainly be worth it as far as the masses of population are…

It has already been attempted by those other than Don and it has not been properly done.

At this point, our best bet is to meditate. We are not speaking here of a passive and, shall we say, a doomsaying attitude, for by meditation many of the cataclysms which could have struck California two years ago were averted, and they were directly due to the meditation of groups such as yours, and thus no lives have been lost in comparison to what would have happened had one large earthquake occurred instead of various small ones. We hope that this continues.

This is the same sort of result we are hoping for in these tensions provoked by the Russian’s weapons. We are hoping that people gradually will became able to deal with them one way or another without ever going over the edge to Armageddon. And this is what we are dealing with at this point. We are hoping that the end of the cycle will be relatively peaceful and that the birth of the new age will be easier than that of Armageddon.

So the ELF weapon is counterbalanced by strong goodwill energy laid upon the same population that the weapon is being used on.

That is incorrect. There is no protection against this particular weapon by means of goodwill. We are attempting to send neutralization through the crystals to the weapon. The goodwill has to do with the spiritual planes of your planet which are not affected by this weapon. And on these spiritual planes dwell the higher selves of government leaders who are responsible for decisions involving the weaponry of which we speak. This is why meditation and goodwill is our best bet at this point. We are still speaking of people here, for they are the ones that use the weapons. Goodwill cannot affect that weapon, for it is a mind control device.

Can people prevent the use of that weapon upon themselves through meditation?


[Inaudible comments by some members of the group.]

My brothers, it has been a great pleasure to speak with you. We may not have been too inspiring tonight, but we wish to leave you in love and light. Truth cannot be overly concerned, not about anything but only about one thing—that you love. Do love. Don’t fool around, my brothers. Just love. I leave you in love. It is all around you. You can feel it flowing through you. I leave you in His love and in His light. I am Latwii. Adonai vasu borragus.