(Carla channeling)

I am Latwii, and I greet you in the love and the light of the infinite Creator. It is a privilege and a blessing to be among you at this time, and we welcome and greet each of you and send you the love of the brothers and sisters of Hatonn who are at this time on station elsewhere and have asked us to look in on your group whenever you should ask for our presence.

We of Latwii are of a different civilization from Hatonn, but our aim and purpose in being in your skies at this time is the same—that of improving the relationship between the unknown that lies beyond the reach of your peoples and that which is known by your peoples, or, to say it another way, to improve your relationships of love to those beloved brothers and sisters of the universe that dwell upon the surface of your sphere at this time.

Yes, my friends, you have a relationship to love. The relationship is unity. Thus, you encompass that which is known and that which is not known, for love is the essence of the unknown. Thus, discovery is always a form of love, and that which is known already, that which you are weary of, is a form of separation from love and from yourself.

As we look upon the peoples of your planet we see them multiplying the details of their lives in much the same way it has been written in your holy work known as the Bible. When they were in the temple, money changers sold many items that could be bought for sacrifice. Imagine, my friends, the noise of the trading and the bleating, the chirping of the sacrificial birds, the clinking of coins as they passed from hand to hand, the confused penitence of those who came to the temple seeking to find in themselves something that they had lost, something from which they were separated, seeking to find love and wholeness in the knowledge that they were one with the Creator who loved them.

To choose an image from another of your cultures, imagine the jewel inside the many petals of the lotus. How tightly are the petals closed, my friends, about the jewel of love within you? How much do you have to peel away from your life before you come to the singular and single essence of truth that is all about you? Love is everywhere. It sings in the wind, it sings in the trees. In the season which now approaches, it will sing in the burgeoning greenery and blossoming beauty of your natural world. And within your heart, my friends, do you truly need so many details to lie between you and that same simplicity of being that lies in knowing that you are one with love, that you can give love and receive love and receive love without shame and without stint, that whatever your mistakes, whatever your difficulties, you may turn from them in a moment as you would turn from any error and be fully one with love?

There is no process involved; there is no learning or wisdom involved. It is so simple that we cannot express it, and yet we ask you: throw the details from your life at least once a day. Remove the petals from the lotus, charming as they may be and as delightful as they may smell. Find the holy ground. Find the jewel, that which is love. Upon this ground you can stand without fear of falling, losing your footing, or being cast away from your place, for this is your birthright. Love is what you are. What you think you are, if you think you are not love, is an illusion, a mass of distorted detail that can be slowly weeded or quickly weeded from your life—as you would weed from a garden those things which were not pleasant or helpful—by the process of meditation.

We realize that each of you is looking for help in finding a way to this simplicity, for truly that culture in which you now live does not promise this simplicity, much less deliver it. We realize that the temptation is great to listen to those who teach, those who prophesy, and to allow them to have influence over you, but we ask you to monitor all things that you hear, read and see, including our words, with a finely-tuned discrimination of your heart, for you yourself are the most stable thing in your universe.

There is a pattern within you which can be fulfilled in many ways, but there are shortcuts. There are easier paths and harder ones. Outside influences may confuse you, or they may enlighten you. You must discriminate, and we urge you to do so, as we say, especially with our words, for we do not mean to influence you but only to inspire you to do your own work on your own precious and immortal being, for we are brothers to you in love, and we hold our arms out to you in love.

Where we are is a very light place, and the nature of light is such that we can see the simplicity of which we speak. Therefore, we are not wise to speak of this simplicity; we are simply stating the obvious. But as you go forth in the world, my friend, it will be wisdom to you, as people ask your opinion, if you can plant the seeds of simplicity, kindness, and all the qualities of that one understanding union with the Father, which is love. Plant those seeds, taken from what you would call the heaven world, into the soil. And do not be concerned whether they grow, for that is not your business. You merely respond when asked.

We are also aware at this time that many of you are concerned about others, and we ask you again to remember that each person has a pattern for their life. In many cases this pattern has not been revealed to the person, due to his lack of meditation, or due to the necessity for the pattern being hidden in order that a lesson may be learned. Thus, if you are concerned for another we encourage you to feel at one with the person for whom you care, to feel at one with love and light, and then to allow that unity to flow.

The essence of freedom is to know that the pattern has been freely chosen by each being, is being given a chance to reveal itself to that person in its own way. Within the illusion that you call the physical life, you cannot tell what is good and what is bad, for the lessons are many, and often what seems to be a difficulty is in fact a prelude to a great learning and a great happiness. Therefore, trust in the pattern of each unique being, and trust that we are all connected, unique as we each are, in total harmony of being, so that our patterns flow together as do the waters of the sea, each atom changing and flowing until one becomes all and all is one. Yes, you are unique, but you may let the bubble burst upon the wave of your being and merge completely with the unity of all and still be unique. You cannot lose this uniqueness. Therefore, allow the beauty of the patterns in the great tapestry to emerge, treasured and loved by you, given their freedom by you, whether you understand or whether you are only trying does not matter. All that matters is that your attitude is that of love toward yourself, toward others, toward the planet on which you dwell, and toward the creation of which you are a part.


We would like at this time to attempt to make contact with an instrument we have not used before. Our vibrations are somewhat different from that of Hatonn’s, therefore, we may have some difficulty in using this instrument. We will attempt contact with the one known as B at this time. I am Latwii.


(B channeling)

I am Latwii. I am now with this instrument. My friends, there is much to say about the energy known to you as love. As you know, it is all around you. But, my friends, we must ask ourselves how that we may attempt to have this energy work for ourselves.

Now, my friends, you know that the stronger love [inaudible] for love, the stronger the energy. So that is to say, my friends, that it may be some help to you to, shall we say, orient yourselves to places where you might find this energy.

My friends, we must attempt to cleanse ourselves and…


I shall try again. My friends, it is important that now that you have learned of this energy that we may share with others and, therefore, shall we say, make the vibrations of this group stronger.

My friends, it is indeed a great honor for us to speak with this group with so many in attendance.

My friends, as you see this time of year come, shall we say, portray the true look of love. My friends, allow yourselves to grow and blossom. Allow yourselves to touch others, for this energy known as love, for, my friends, if you do not learn it will indeed [inaudible] within yourself.

As I have already said, it is indeed a great honor for us to speak to you, and the one known to you as Carla has stated the energy that is present with us is somewhat different from that of Hatonn. My friends, as we leave you, we will indeed join in your meditation so that each may share this energy.

My friends, as Hatonn [does,] I leave you in the love and light of our infinite Creator.

I am the one known as Latuah [Latwii.]


(Carla channeling)

I am again with this instrument. I am Latwii, and I have been traveling about the room in a small globe of light, which is the most comfortable body, shall we say, of our peoples, and we are aware at this time that, due to the fact of interaction of our vibration with you, we have generated some heat. Therefore, if you will be patient, we will attempt, shall we say, to cool you off with a few cooler thoughts and breezes. Give us a few seconds, and we will attempt to help you adjust to our vibration.


We hope you are now feeling better, and we do greet you in love and light, and we please ask your forgiveness for our emphasis on light and wish you to know that the heat you are experiencing we will keep attempting to dissipate.

As we open the meeting to questions, the first question that we would answer is concerning our name. And we must confess to you that it is a name which is created, for we do not have names as you know names but only a vibration of light. Therefore, our name means in your language “the double,” or “the second,” and it is simply the one who is standing in for Hatonn. We are your doubles, and we send you double love and double helpings.

We would now open this meeting to questions.


Now, my friends, surely someone has a question, for we are [crying] to answer.


I’ve been reading lately about gnomes that we humans don’t see because we’re afraid of them, and I want to know [inaudible].

Yes, my sister, they do indeed appear. They are, as we, members of a vibration which is unseen among your peoples, just as—to use an analogy of which you must be aware, for this channel is aware of it—the television. You are aware of the sound of a channel coming from another domicile within this dwelling place. It is on a certain channel. At the same time there are other channels being broadcast which that particular set is not at this time picking up. However, with the simple turn of a dial it would pick up another channel, and you would see a different universe, populated largely by soap commercials, so we understand.

In our universe we have such forms which are the spirit formations of plants, animals, the thoughts of humans, the thoughts of masters, and, at the very highest levels, the discarnate entities themselves, who are the true masters of your world and who teach in the realms. There are many, many levels to this channel. It is more complex than a television channel. But what it has in common with a television channel is that it is not seen by those who are on another television channel. Thus, the dimensions directly involved with your Earth plane, which are invisible to you, are those which give the sphere of energy, which you call your planet, its life. Elves, gnomes, fairies, devas and spirits of all kinds are the elemental forms which govern the growth, the health, and the life of such things as rocks, flowers, trees, grasses and animal life.

When we come to the thoughts of man, we come to a different realm, and then above that realm is the realm of the so-called masters.

If you would improve your plant, farm, animal and mineral life, you would simply make contact in love with those things which you know to be there but which you cannot see, sending them love and asking for their help. This they will appreciate greatly, and they will give you of their bounty.

Does this answer your question, my sister?

Yes, thank you.

We thank you!

I have a question. I am continuously [inaudible] at the various and different experiences from which we all come together. I am continuously amazed at the variety of experiences that have brought us from different paths to common experiences. I opened a path myself and continue, in meditation, to use a psychoactive facilitator for my own liberation and growth, and it’s always very interesting. I’m interested in knowing what significance and what role this can play in the larger planetary scheme, from your perspective, which of course is a much more detached, liberated perspective than I can achieve.

My brother, your question is somewhat scattered, so my answer will be somewhat scattered, for which we ask your forgiveness.

The complexity of your existence and the drive that each in this room feels to seek the truth send each in this room on the many different paths, and there are many levels of awareness of the reality of these paths.

Those substances which you speak of as psychoactive have unique effects upon each person. The one who is already prepared for, shall we say, the quantum leap to consciousness—in what many among your peoples have called the Golden Age—would take such substances and feel no effect, for they are already at the level at which they are, shall we say, metaprogramming their own codes of personality and growth. The disciplines of personality are such that your only permanent exit from this illusion into the next is that of personality.

The psychoactive drugs, as you call them, are a ticket to a vacation spot in which you may experience states so that you know that they are there. The chief drawback to using these substances is that when one returns to one’s natural capabilities, one is perhaps disheartened at one’s lack of natural ability to metaprogram one’s own discipline of personality.

You must realize that you are a personality with such potential that you yourself could become a star—by which we mean a sun rather than one of those who are in the movies—or anything else you wish to be. This is the extent of your metaprogramming potential. You are not using it.

When you can attain transcendent unity with a psychoactive drug or substance, you are then on a journey which you will remember. There are, of course, dangers in dealing with states of consciousness to which you have no right by nature. That is, that you will take a wrong turning, and you will not be protected by your natural wisdom and experience in these levels. Thus, it is advisable to work with a guide with [whom] you plan to take such a journey. Otherwise, it is advisable to meditate, to explore each action and each thought and learn the discipline of personalities so that you can became transcendently one in love and thus be in that state in nature, so that when the time comes for you to progress you will have, shall we say, the window seat on that journey, and it will be yours without any substance whatever.

I understand.

We are so pleased. Does this answer your question?

Yes, it did.

Oh, we are glad. We thank you very much for allowing us to share our thoughts with you. Is there another question?

Hatonn [says] there are other beings. Are there other beings with you?

This is correct. We are many. We have a civilization, and this civilization has sent a large group of us to you.

Do you travel in space ships?

We do not travel in the same type of space ship as the one known as Hatonn. We are closely akin to light itself, and thus travel in what you would simply call light. There is a difficult concept to convey, but our personalities are complete, and the basic difference between ourselves and Hatonn is that our sense of humor has gotten outrageous, so we have trouble sometimes talking to those among your peoples, for they feel that our humor is misplaced in dealing with such serious questions as love, truth, and beauty. However, to us the joy of life is so great that we find all this seriousness very humorous.

The ones of Hatonn are of a love vibration, which is beautiful to us, and they are our brothers and sisters in Confederation, just as we are brothers and sisters. Yet, our union has become more complete, so that we would seem to you to be a great ball of light, and you would not be able to see us as individuals; whereas those of Hatonn would appear to you to be individuals, for they are, shall we say, one level closer to you in the nature of their type of physical vehicle.

Would it be correct to say that Latwii is more of the light and less of the personality, and Hatonn is more personality?

No, my brother, we would say we are more of a light vibration, and the brothers and sisters of Hatonn are of the love vibration. The love vibration is that which you are striving for. The light vibration comes as those of the love vibration learn the lessons of light vibration and enter a vibration of great power. We have enormous power, and we have learned the lessons of love to the extent that we are incapable of misusing it; thus, we may have it. It is difficult to explain to you that which we see ahead, but we can tell you that beyond love and light there is something that we would call unity, and it is for that which we strive.

Are you… are you all always around as [is] Hatonn?

We are always with you, as are all members of the Confederation. Yet, each group has its own personality and its own, shall we say, genesis of need. Therefore, we have not been called to this group until Hatonn had to leave in order to monitor the shenanigans of your blood-thirsty, war-mongering leaders in the South Pacific. They called upon us at that time because they thought that your group is ready for us, and we were very happy to jump right in there and do our best and send you all our love.

I am very gratified to… I am very gratified to experience these new voices which seem to be manifesting not only in the channeling dimension but also here at home in River City, that people within Eftspan and Space Group are at last beginning to find a voice and to come forth in song, and it’s very exciting for me. I hope… I hope that this is just a start of a new direction for us as a group because we have, for a long time I think, suffered from a fragmentation of goals and direction.

[I am Latwii.] We are reviewing the memory of Hatonn, and we find that your group has not suffered but, rather, has done very well. Most groups which intend to be light groups disintegrate due to personality conflicts. Yours has weathered these conflicts; therefore, you may rejoice that love has prevailed in your group and will continue to prevail. Never be disheartened by apparent disharmony, for there must be friction before something can move.

We are grateful that you are gratified and simply say that each of those in the group is truly attempting to do that which the Creator has for them, and this is all that is required. It is not an act of bravery or a great challenge, but simply as natural as getting up and doing what is to be done, and we thank this group for being natural and for staying together in the light and love of the infinite Creator.

Is there another question?

One more question.



I am again with this instrument. I am again with this instrument. I am again with this instrument. I am Latwii. I…

[Tape ends.]