(Carla channeling)

I am Laitos. We greet you in the love and the light of the infinite Creator. We will speak with you only for a moment. We will be attempting to begin first through the instrument known as S and then through the instrument known as N in order to build their confidence.

We would like to enable this group to become more unified and balanced at this time. So if you will have some patience and open yourselves to our conditioning, we will lend you our conditioning waves that you may all seek together that truth which lies beyond our poor words. I am Laitos.


(N channeling)

I am Laitos. I am now [inaudible]. I do greet you in light and love. It is a very special event for me to be with you at this time. We see there are those who are new to this type of channeling, and we say to you we come in love.

Many of your people do not realize that love is around you and permeates through you at all times. We have used the description of being asleep to describe most of the people of Earth. Some are awakening, although still groggy. Few have awakened totally, but we are with you at this time, my friends, to aid in any way possible your awakening—awakening to the fact that you are, in reality, a much higher being. The physical life as you know it is like a small grain of sand on a beach compared to the total you.

Because of the many different paths each of you take during your life, you come into contact with different methods of awakening. We hope to be helpful to you. The time has come for us to shake off this sleep and to awaken and to take its place that is rightfully… that it belongs to by right.

My friends, at this time my brothers and I will send energy to each of you who desires it, and we will attempt to make it noticeable to you that you are receiving this energy. We ask that you pause for a few minutes and just relax. I am Laitos.


(Unknown channeling)

I am Laitos. I am again with this instrument. We will attempt to contact another instrument. I am Laitos.


(B channeling)

I am Laitos. I am now with this instrument. Once again, my friends, I greet you in the love and light of our Association.

My friends, as the new season is upon us there is much to do and much to learn. So, my friends, as you always know, there is much to learn. Now, as we have told you many times, it is imperative that through your meditation you will advance your spiritual growth.

Now, my friends, as you know that there is indeed many of you who are asleep, my friends, it is important that there be someone that may recall the awakening of yet another being to their spiritual growth.

My friends, as you find, shall we say, time in which to do the many things that you have planned, my friends, we ask that you allow, shall we say, equal time for that of your spiritual growth. Now, my friends, when we say “equal time,” you must realize that there is ample opportunity in which to do this throughout your daily existence. My friends, continue in your meditation, and your spiritual growth is assured.

I shall now leave this instrument. I am Laitos.


(Carla channeling)

I am Latwii. I greet you in the love and the light of the infinite Creator and send you the greetings and good wishes of those of Hatonn, whose emissary we are at this time, [and] who wishes you to know that he appreciates the love that you are sending him and the Confederation in its attempts to send love to the leaders of your planet at this critical time. He wishes you also to know that the crisis is not over, and so he regrets very much not being on station in your skies, and so those at Hatonn have asked us, Latwii, to remain with you as counselors and true philosophers, to share our thoughts with you, and that we will do.

My friends, this instrument has been deep in prayer in the last two minutes, for she fears, as always, that she will not speak the words that we give her. We think that this is a perfect example of what makes us laugh at the people of your planet. You are so serious, my friend; you are so sure that you will be able to tell the truth by the use of your intellect.

My friends, it is as though you have great trees growing on top of your heads with their roots very deep inside your brains, and all the while you are concerned about uprooting these great trees with their great and deep roots. You stood out in the rain and let the sun and the wind pour over these trees and nourish their growth.

My friends, why do you worry? Why do you concern yourselves with those things over which you have no control? Why can you not pray and then let it go and act? Why can you not act and then let it go, be it error or correctness?

My friends, the roots of that tree that grows within your brain, that tree which is called the intellect, cannot be uprooted by force. The intellect can only be starved. Stay out of the rain, my friend. Avoid the sunshine. Do not think too much. It is as simple as that. Do not think about not thinking. The over-use of the intellect, the over-seriousness of your people, has held back more spiritual advancement than we can tell you among your people. You who are in the vast minority among the peoples of your planet, you who are the hope of your planet, you who care to know the truth—do not think that you can think your way to the truth. Know that you can only be the truth. You can only act the truth. You can only love, for that is the heart of the truth. You can only be the original Thought, for that is the heart of love.

There is a love that created you. In that love is all light and all joy. Joining it makes you as light as a butterfly. You have no gravity. You do not need to be serious. You do not need to heap blame, or guilt, for your past incorrectnesses upon yourself. Nor need you do it for others in any way, for others are only yourself, [inaudible] in your mind so that you may see yourself better,

Look each person in the face—look yourself in the face—and find love. If you cannot find it, let it go. Wisdom was not ever won in a moment, until the moment comes. Peacefully await that moment. Do not think about that moment or strive toward that moment in your minds for there is a deeper faculty in your heart, and it is called the will. And we urge you, instead, to employ that. Will to know the original Thought of the Creator. Seek and ye shall find. How many times have those who have spoken to you from the Confederation of Plants in the Service of the Infinite Creator said those words, “Seek and ye shall find; knock and it shall be opened unto you”? These words are from one of your holy books, and they are true. The advice is simple. It is not, “Think and ye shall find, think and it shall be opened unto you.” But think will. Use your imagination. Use your faculties of hope and desire.

And as you seek, let the journey be one of laughter as well as tears. Let yourself laugh. Let yourself enjoy that which is beautiful in each moment. Do not think too much. That tree in your head, which is your intellect, is very useful if you need firewood; and you do need a certain amount of it. You have a chemical body. You must live in a chemical world. You must make decisions having to do with your chemical personality. And the truer [inaudible] the intellect stokes the decision-making fires. Very well, then. Use it for that. For your spiritual thinking, stop it. Go into meditation with a free heart, not with a free mind. Let your mind do what it wishes. You are not concerned with your mind. Let it tie itself in knots. It does not concern you. It is a tool; it is not you. Shrug it off. Let it be unimportant.

We offer you these foolish sentences in the hope that you will see what is behind them—our desire to hold our hands out to you, our brothers and sisters, for we stand in [realms] where these things are apparent, where love is enjoyed and shared, where the intellect is understood and not over-emphasized. Indeed, we may say your intellect is, by far, greater than ours, for we know what we know by a process of direct intuition. We share one great body of knowledge among us, and nothing is forgotten. Thus, we need not the tree of intellect.

There is a place you can go in meditation that is a better place, my friends, a place in which you can be clean and fresh, new, just born, and free. We invite you to join us, for in meditation you are in a great company of all those in higher planes.

With these few thoughts I will end this discussion and proceed to a request for questions. May I ask if you have anything to ask?


We do so enjoy question time, so please feel free to ask questions.


I have a question, but I don’t want to say it. [Inaudible] You may not really answer it, just comment. Thank you.

We will attempt to, although this instrument, we find, has a positive hatred of such, due to the fact that she has too much ego. Nevertheless, we will use her.

We find that, in the larger sense, your question is very basic and, although you are thinking specifically, the decisions you must make at this time have to do more with a basic philosophy of life than anything else, and thus we can only say to you that in mediation you can find your true feelings. It is important that you realize that right and wrong are not concepts, as such, that are valid, but only that which is subjectively, for you, comfortable and proper. Thus, as you deal with people and situations, you must first deal with yourself. Knowing where you stand and who you are, you may then act in confidence.

We urge you to recall that as a plant begins to develop it has no knowledge of its destiny, and yet it is unfolded perfectly day by day. We do not believe that the flower has the faculty, shall we say, of trust or patience. The flower simply knows that there is no time and that time is only an illusion. Thus, when it blossoms it does so in a sweet surprise that is not in time but is at the proper moment. So you human beings are. You have a destiny, you have a time to blossom, a time to be picked. You have freedom: freedom to learn, freedom to look about you, freedom to actively direct that which you will do.

Unlike the flowers, you have freedom of movement and of thought and of action. But, nonetheless, your destiny is simple and profound, and you can trust it with perfect confidence, knowing that it is, shall we say, built in, and that all things, if you are in tune with yourself, will occur in the same harmony as the maturation of a flower, so that you will find a day of sweet surprise when that which has needed to blossom will have occurred.

We of Latwii send the sunlight of our love to you at this time, my brother, and hope that our words have aided you. Is there another question?


If there are no other questions we will leave this instrument. This is only our second group, and we have not yet learned how to encourage you to come with questions so that we may work with you more individually. This we enjoy very much, so we have been working with the planetary consciousness, and it is a great pleasure to work with each unique individual who asks questions, for we are then able to vibrate in harmony with each unique vibration, and we enjoy the electrical union very much.

We thank each of you for listening to our humble words and ask you to realize that we know very little and that you should not take what we say too seriously but only listen to your inner voice, for that contains the wisdom, not we. We can only love you and leave you in love and light.

We are those of Latwii. Call us Latwii, or simply send us love with no name, for our vibration is truly what we call ourselves. We leave you in that vibration and assure you that we are with you at any time that you ask for us.

We will send healing to two of you in the room whose physical vehicles are not functioning properly. We will pause at this time and do so.


We bid you adonai. Vasu borragus.