(Carla channeling)

I am Lattoo, and I greet you in the love and the light of the infinite Creator. I have not spoken through this instrument for some time, but I wish to drop in for just a few minutes to welcome each of you and greet the one known as H, for our vibration is that of peace, and we offer it to her unreservedly,

Yes, my friends, we come to your planet in peace, and we speak peace among your peoples, for we are men of peace and women of peace, and we dwell in harmony. And it is our good fortune to be able to be of service to your planet at this time when peace is so important among your peoples.

We are aware that it is a cliché among your peoples that peace is important, and many give it lip service. A few know how to achieve peace, for it is so simple that it is difficult for your peoples.

Peace is achieved when there is a state of total love between peoples. This is a state not easily achieved among your peoples. Indeed, it is not easily achieved within each of your beings, but we urge you to seek total love, first of yourselves and then of others.

In the name of the Creator I leave you in love and light, and I thank you for permitting me to speak to you. I am Lattoo.


I am Hatonn, and I greet you again, as did my brother, in the love and the light of the infinite Creator. I would like to tell you a little story.

Once there was a gardener. Year after year he planted his seeds and learned much about his crops, knowing which seeds to plant against which, which crops to move so that the land would not be depleted. He knew the rooting of each tree and of each type of grass, and he began to feel very powerful, for he had often been told that he had the best garden in all of his territory. And one day he was asked how his seeds grew, and he began to explain by taking a seed and separating it into its parts. And as he took his knife and separated the seed and showed his students the functions of each tiny part of this tiny seed, he found that he had killed the seed, for much as he would try he could not put it back together. And so he learned that he was not the originator of the garden but only the caretaker.

My friends, we ask each of you at this time to consider that you, yourselves, are seeds, planted in the garden of Earth. We ask you to understand that you are whole and perfect. It is good to nurture yourself. It is good to understand yourself and to care for the garden that you have created for yourself to grow in. But we of the Confederation of Planets in the Service of the Infinite Creator say to you, as a kind of gardener, do not separate the parts of you too completely; do not observe so closely that you peel away something necessary for the wholeness of your growth; allow yourself to be, for in that way the instinct that is within you to become can have its way in its own time and at its own pace.

The sun rises and sets upon your planet 365 times in one of your years, and yet it is in one particular day in which a seed chooses to sprout, in which a flower chooses to bloom, in which a tree chooses to blossom, as has been the experience of each of you in seeing the beauty of the springtime that you are now experiencing. Such beauty is nothing compared to the beauty of the soul, of one who is of a likeness of the Creator, such as yourselves, my brothers and sisters, Therefore, as you observe yourself, allow yourself the freedom to be instinctual, for your instincts are good, and the love which you find in meditation will know how to direct itself as your moments come.

We are aware that you are interested in the world situation at this time, and we have been monitoring it very closely, for it has been a delicate and dangerous time for many months now. But we feel at this time that there is more of an equilibrium than there has been and that there is [inaudible] that your prayers for peace have succeeded to a certain extent for the present. We do, however, ask that you continue in your constant day-to-day attempts to become a focus for love on this planet, for difficulties of long standing will continue indefinitely. As far as we know, there will be need for your prayers for peace. Only remember that that peace begins within yourself.

I would at this time like to pause for a few moments for my brother, Latwii, to speak. I am Hatonn.


I am Latwii. I am very glad to speak with you and will not take much of your time. However, I would like to share with you the color green which we are enjoying at this time, if you will allow your vision internally to be flooded with this color. We have been enjoying your fifth dimension, and the color green in this dimension is very beautiful to us. We think that your vibration is a lovely one, and we are enjoying it tremendously. Therefore, we shall at this time send to you our vibration of green and allow it to fill the room in which you dwell on the dimension which is beyond your own. If you will allow yourself to relax, we will allow it to encompass you, for it is a healing vibration and a common one.

I am Latwii.


I am again with this instrument, I am Latwii, I am enjoying your density greatly, as your colors are greatly more transparent and less dense than our own, and we find it to be very much like living in a world of glass instead of liquid, The experience is stimulating, and we are happy to send our vibrations of light to your planet at this time.

We wish only to stop in and say hello, and we will be on our way, and we wish you farewell and love.


I am Hatonn, and I am again with this instrument. We thank you for your patience, but we were deepening this instrument’s state of meditation.

We especially thank each of you, for we are aware that there was a desire for a meeting this evening on the part of this instrument, and it is always such a pleasure to speak with you and to share our thoughts.

At this time we would open the meeting to questions.


Do you have a family? Do you have a husband? Or are you a woman?

I am with the instrument. I am Hatonn. I am one of many who call themselves Hatonn, for we are a planetary consciousness encompassing a culture who has come to a oneness of thought in unison; and as we desire to serve, so we have been sent to you, called by your need.

I, myself, speaking to you at this moment, am a woman, and I am mated. However, we are not of your density, and our relationship is more that of an extended family, as you would call it, than your mated relationships which keeps walls between people, both in the generations and between friends. Thus, you may be speaking next to a man who is also Hatonn, who may be my mate or my brother, or simply one of the brothers of our clan of service.

Do you have children?

Yes, we do. However, there is a difference between our methods of raising children than yours, in that children are raised by the entire clan so that each child has many older people to whom he can turn. In the event that one does not understand, there is always another. This, we find, is unlike your culture in which the child has very few chances for an understanding relationship with an older person. This is due to the difference in our vibrations, for in our vibration the truth is clear to us, and we can see the thoughts of those around us, even those from whom we are separated, as you would call it, physically by space. Thus, there is no falsehood or deception in any of our relationships; and therefore, each child seeks out those who vibrate in harmony with him without feeling that he must choose one person over another because of what you would call a blood relationship.

There is, of course, a special affection for one’s father or mother of the flesh, as you would call it, but it is nothing compared to the emphasis which you in your density put on this simple relationship. For in reality, you in your illusion have used this relationship to work out a great many lessons of love and service whereas we cannot use this relationship, for knowing the truth of love by the vibrations, seeing the thoughts of all those about you, we would not learn those lesson in any event, were our relationships restricted. Therefore, the restrictions are lifted, and we are free. However, we choose our friends within a vibration level which closely matches our own. And when our children are ready to mate, there is no question as to their suitability for each other, for their vibrations are obviously in harmony. Thus, our family life, as you would call it, is harmonious, and we are then free to serve others. And it is this freedom that has allowed us to come to you, for we have heard the call of your planet for help, for you desire to be as we—free and happy.

And yet, all that we can tell you is that that freedom is within yourself and not within the outer world, for the outer world is a distraction and a series of distractions which serve as a catalyst for your understanding. This catalyst you may ignore; you may become unhappy; you may become tired or you may consider these things within yourself, deciding what each lesson of your life might have to do with love. And when you see the love in a situation, then you have come one step closer to what you would call the kingdom of heaven. That is the place in which we dwell, for our dimension relates very closely to your heavenly vibration, as you would call it. In that vibration we live, and from that vibration we reach back to you to help, as it were, by inspiration, to help you want to be lifted up into a place in which there is peace and joy in reality and not only in dreams.

Does this answer your question?

Yes. Do you feel any other emotions besides love? Do you ever feel angry?

We feel an emotion besides love, but it is not anger. We feel an immense sorrow, a grief. We grieve for your peoples. You are not the first civilization that has approached annihilation on a planetary level, but there are not many of you. We grieve because you are separated, and we yearn and wish and hope that we can help you become one within yourselves, with love. We grieve as parents grieve when their children are unhappy, wanting to give them happiness but not knowing how. We grieve at your nations, that they are hostile to each other. For ours is a vibration of love, and when there is love there is sadness, sadness for those who do not know love; and this emotion we feel.

We speak only for the vibration of Hatonn. You must understand that we are one of many, many civilizations which make up the Confederation of Planets in the Service of the Infinite Creator. We are, shall we say, among them, not at the greatest of vibrations. Indeed, the one known to you as Latwii, and the one known to you as Telonn, are both of a light vibration which is much higher and much more full of joy than our own. And in their messages there could never be any grief. But we have not yet reached their wisdom, and we vibrate in love. Thus, we feel sadness, and we reach out to you in both love and sadness. And when you accept our love and your own sadness as a people diminishes slightly, then we feel great joy; and when you wish to fight among yourselves, then we are sad again.


Do you feel other emotions between yourselves [inaudible]?

May we say to you that it is difficult to express our thoughts through this channel on this subject, for she does not have a vocabulary suited to express the shadings of love. There are many, many different kinds of appreciation.

There are differences of opinion among us, but they are not inharmonious, for differences of opinion are simply differences in vibration and when that can be seen simply as that, it becomes simple to move an inharmonious vibration so that the person is better placed to be in harmony with those about him. You have an expression for this, which is a cliché among your peoples. We find it in this instrument’s mind. It is called, “Birds of a feather flock together.” And this is precisely what happens among our people.

Those of us who have one goal, one type of desire, spend our time pursuing it as one being. And yet, we all appreciate each other’s skills and abilities. Thus, we do not leave the vibration of love, yet our emotions vary widely as we listen to the healing of one and the music of another, or the cooking skills of another, or the poetry of another, or the ability to travel through densities and bring back beautiful stories of another.

You do not know who is speaking to you, for we do not have names. You may be having a contact with a healer Hatonn, or the singer Hatonn, or the poet Hatonn. Thus, the messages vary from time to time to a certain extent, but we are enough alike in our desire that there is similarity.

In this instrument’s mind there is a fact which perhaps helps to clarify the question. The word “snow” is one word in your language, but among those who live in the far, far north there are many, many words for snow. Thus it is with love. When you can see the variations and the shades of love, you can appreciate and feel an incredible variety of love.

Thank you very much for answering my question.

We are the ones to thank you, my sister, for without you we would be talking to ourselves. Is there another question?

Yes. What is evil in your density? Is evil out in [inaudible]?

I am aware of your question, but there is some difficulty in answering it fully, for there is no evil in our particular density. We are in a density of unity. Evil, as you know it in your density, seems rather complex; but in reality it is simply the manifestation of separation—brother from brother and man from Creator.

Each man is the Creator. The lack of understanding of this principle of universal law is the source and the beginning of evil. Man, not understanding that all is one and that what man does to his brother he does to himself, decides to gain power over his brother and enslaves his brother.

Sometimes this evil is projected from individuals to larger groups. Whole nations, as you call them on your planet, can become evil. Whole planets can become evil. It is simply a measure of separation of man from the knowledge and love of the Creator. It is a type of ignorance, and this is why the best defense against evil in your illusion is the knowledge of what evil really is. Thus, faced with evil, you can find the Creator in the source of that evil. This blocks the evil from coming into your world, for one who loves is stronger, in unity, than one who does not love, in his evil.

In many situations that may seem that evil has triumphed, it must be understood that—metaphysically speaking—evil cannot triumph; it can only lose. That is the best it can do. That is what it is now doing upon your planet. It is keeping love in flight.

The difficulty is that many among your people do not care whether they are good or evil. Thus, they are a little good and a little evil—not truly good and not truly evil. They vibrate so weakly that they cannot help and they cannot hinder; and then they leave the field clear for those who wish power over others and wish to be evil. Thus, we always ask for you to know that all things are one, that love created all that there is, that the original Thought is love.

A true understanding of the unity of all that there is is a great gate into a realm of white light from which we can gaze at the cold eyes of evil without fear. For evil exists only on the lower planes, in one of which you are now enjoying an experience. It is an expression in which you can find evil, but it is only an illusion. It is an illusion which is caused by thought. That thought is the thought of separation. That which is good is the thought of the unity of love.

We do not have evil, due to the time we have spent on the evolutionary spiral, feeling the density that you now enjoy, through the next density which you will come to enjoy, into the one which we now enjoy.

In the next density which you will enjoy there will be evil, but it will be in a greatly attenuated form and will be seen to be a creature of thought only. Thus you will be able to deal with it in a more adult manner. It will not be as threatening, and it will be easier for you to become adept at loving. The lessons become easier as the path becomes lighter.

When you’ve reached the vibration that we now enjoy, there will be no evil; and you will find that in order to possess and to learn you must reach backward as teachers, such as we, and attempt to bring after you those who are now seeking to follow the path that you have chosen. In this way we deepen our understanding. You deepen your understanding by direct confrontation that is far more painful, but it is far quicker. And this we say to you: you have a marvelous opportunity day by day to enrich that within you which is immortal with an understanding of love.

Does this answer your question?


How many densities are there beyond your density?

We do not know. There may be a finite number, but we cannot find the end of the densities which lead to the perfect life. Therefore, we are in the position of saying that, as far as we know, the path towards the light is infinite. It is a mystery to us how a path could be infinite and yet one could reach the end. We have no knowledge of the end of this path, for it disappears into perfection. We know…

[Side one of tape ends.]

(Carla channeling)

I am Hatonn. I am aware of your question. I am deepening this instrument’s state, if you will be patient. I am aware of your question,

My sister, we must answer by giving contradictory answers. We can heal, but we may not, for the freedom of will of each individual among your peoples is the first law of our contact with you. Thus, unless it happens by accident, as has been the case from time to time, we cannot perform healing by way of proof that we are real. We must tantalize or challenge but never prove our reality.

There are many reasons for illness among your peoples, and were we to come through the process of incarnation and incarnate upon your planet with our power of healing intact in our physical body, we would then have the right to heal among your peoples. And there are many healers among your peoples that do not come from your planet but which have come because they wish to help at this time, for there is a good chance that in the generation to come there will be a great need for healers and no one of normal medical skills to help.

We are not of your density nor of your planetary consciousness but of what you would call a cosmic consciousness. Thus, we have no rights among your peoples. We can only teach. To perform among your peoples those things which are called miracles is simply going too far.

There have been entities who have attempted to break the Law of Free Will so that they could more quickly prove themselves real to humans and, thereby, help to save your planetary consciousness which is teetering on the brink of negativity. But they find that their interference, shall we say, backfired upon them, for they use channels whom they choose to be their channels [who] are most often too weak to deal with the energies. And if they work directly they cannot gauge the energies of the individual properly. Thus, we choose not to manifest physical healings or other phenomena. That we could do this goes without saying, for we can create things from what you would call thought. But we are your neighbors. We are not your God. And as neighbors we feel that we can send you our love but that you must work out your own destinies.

As we have said, there are many reasons for people to have various illnesses, and as they work these reasons out they pursue an individual course. For us to step in without being of your planet would be against cosmic law, and that law we take very seriously.

We can do one simple thing, however, and that is to send you energy to help to balance your own spiritual vibration. This is permissible, due to the fact that it is not interfering with your spiritual vibration but only, shall we say, agreeing with it, acting as, so to speak, a carrier wave for it, not interfering with your individuality but only lending it strength. Thus, at this time we would pause and send you this conditioning so that you may feel the love that we have for you.


I am again with you. I am Hatonn. This healing we give to you freely. It is a spiritual one. Those in the spirit may heal spiritually, and our conditioning wave is of such a nature. Those in the flesh may heal in the flesh. Such is the law of the universe of which we are a part.

Does this answer your question?

Yes, thank you.

May we ask if there are any more questions?


We have great gratitude to you for allowing us to share our thoughts with you. It is, indeed, a privilege, as always, to speak to this group. We send you our love, which is only the love of the Creator channeled to us through you 1 and out into the world.

We leave you in love and light. However, if you wish our presence you have only to mentally ask for the brothers and sisters of Hatonn, and we will share our love with you. If our vibration is not properly adjusted to you at some time, you have only to request that we leave. We never truly leave, for we are with you always in thought if you call. Adonai, my friends. Adonai vasu borragus.


I am Oxal. I will speak only for a moment, but I come because my brother has not spoken to you about a subject dear to our hearts. We speak of meditation. We speak of love and light. We speak of the Creator. But where do we find these things, my friends? Do we find them in our pastimes? In our work? My friends, we find them in a moment of contemplation, in a moment in which we see the beauty of the world of the Creator, in a moment of silence in which that still, small voice speaks within us, in which sweetness comes into our hearts. Seek those moments, my friends, day by day.

I leave you. I am Oxal. Adonai vasu.

  1. The phrase “channeled to us through you” was given. The phrase “channeled through us to you” may have been intended.