(Carla channeling)

I am Hatonn, and I greet you in the love and the light of the infinite Creator.

We are having some difficulty contacting this group at this time, due to the concern of the one known as M, which is causing an ambivalence, and if she will be patient we will attempt to deepen contact with this instrument while conditioning each of you. I am Hatonn.


I am again with this instrument. We do have better contact at this time. We had first attempted to speak through the one known as N, and he is aware of this. However, we will build up his confidence even more as time goes on. We realize that our time is limited this evening. We do wish to answer a question that is in the mind of the instrument. The question has to do with whether you are your brother’s keeper.

This instrument is concerned as to whether she is responsible for the spiritual growth of her mate. We would like to speak on this subject, for it is fundamental to an understanding of the true process of spiritual growth as we understand it.

That which is among your peoples known as attraction, or sexual desire, of esthetic appreciation, depending upon the proclivities of those souls involved, is a technique for placing two people in such a position that they are able to be of service to each other. Their free will is not disturbed by this relationship. However, without this natural attraction of polarity, there would be no irresistible reason to sacrifice the pleasures of the moment for a greater or nobler desire to aid another human being. Thus, those among your peoples quite rightly take mates, and thus it is their desire to be of service.

However, let us examine the concept of service. How can you be of service to others, my friends? Can you be of service in an orchard by grafting an apple onto a cherry tree, of a pear onto a peach tree, or by pinning the bloom of a tulip to the leaves of a rose? The only garden that you must cultivate is the garden of your own personality. If you have weeded your own plot, if those things which have been given you are being done to the best of your ability, if you are centered in the love of the Creator, then you can give the only service that is worth giving—yourself.

You may find this easy to give to others beside your mate, for there is an escape. You will leave friends. You cannot leave family, and your family comes to know you; your weeds as well as your crops, your fruit and flowers.

We each have a unique bias. Yes, even we have biases, we of Hatonn, and this is why we take mates as do you, for there are those who are more harmonious to our vibrations than others, those with whom it is well to work out our destinies. But you must remember, my friends, that you cannot change those whom you love; you can only be the best person that you can be. And if your example is an inspiration, then your loved one may change as you desire. You may be seeing quite clearly, but it does not matter, for the free will of your loved one is fundamental to the quality of your relationship. Thus, it cannot change; you can only be. In this way only can you be of true spiritual help to your mate or to anyone else. As we said, it is difficult, for the most part, with one’s family. To be—that, my friends, is the essence of difficulty.

When you can look at the pain of a misunderstanding and continue to be yourself in the face of it, then you become as a mirror reflecting that which may help your loved one. Speeches, arguments and inharmonious silences can never be of the help that you can be if you remain yourself.

We answer this question because we feel it is central to all relationships in your illusion, is very active, because you breathe, because you move, because all that you do is in motion. You find virtue in motion. You make lists, get things done. You try to communicate with words and actions. But of all those things, your greatest responsibility is to be yourself. Yes, you are responsible for your mate’s spiritual growth, for that is a special and privileged contact among two souls and the Creator. No, you may not change in any way the path of your mate, but only love and be.

If you can remember this simple instruction the terrific confusion that besets the most harmonious of relationships, at times, will vanish. For it is a cliché among your peoples that all are different. Realize only that all are also perfect and that in seeing your own perfection you are allowing your mate to be perfect also. With the pressure gone from a relationship, that which is needed can come naturally. Then and only then can you fulfill your spiritual responsibilities Remember that you are one with all that there is. It is hardest to be one with those to whom you are closest, but it is possible, and it is profitable.

I would like to exercise the channel known as M at this time. We will not attempt to speak words through her but only to briefly contact her. I am Hatonn.


We would now like to condition the one known as J.


I would open the meeting to questions at this time. I am Hatonn. Are there any questions at this time?


I have a question. What do you mean by being yourself? How do you know what your… I mean, there are basic things, you know, but [inaudible] talk about that?

My brother, we would be delighted to talk on this subject, for it is central. As you know, we have asked you many, many, times to spend time daily in meditation. It does not matter how you do it. This instrument has found it best to meditate briefly many times during the day. It works best for her. Other people find it better to spend an extended amount of period in meditation—twenty, thirty minutes, even an hour. This varies from person to person.

However, there is a vibration which is yourself. If you can remember your high school chemistry, you will remember that each metal has a specific spectroscopic color or group of colors which were the identifying colors or vibrations of that substance. The vibrations of a being extend from the physical into what you would call the electrical or astral and, from there, into the more spiritual realms which are called sometimes among your peoples the devachanic. All of these vibratory rates put together give a specific, shall we say, spectroscopic identification.

However, you are not a metal. You are not an element. You are, indeed, an element, that is, but not of Earth. You are an element of consciousness, and your color is one of what you would call relative virtue. You are unique, and your uniqueness is eternal.

In meditation you become one with the Creator and with your higher self, that self which will remain when your physical vehicle is no longer a functioning pile of chemicals, but rather a non-functional pile of chemicals. You will have the same vibration. To get in touch with yourself, it is best to meditate, for to find out who you are by action is a hit and miss proposition, as this instrument would call it. And those who attempt to find themselves this way only find themselves by a process of elimination, by trying something and saying “No, this is not me.” Then trying something else and saying, “No, this is not me.” And if their analysis is faulty, they may miss that which is themselves. In meditation you become centered in something that is sure, something that is much more permanent than your physical personality, something which is called among your peoples, character.

There are underlying traits that go so deep within your character that you know within yourself that they are not part of your learning experiences. These are clues to who you really are.

Of course, all of us are basically splinters, shall we say, of the great sphere of love that burst into infinite pieces at the beginning of your universe. So you are, in truth, part of love. But which part? Who are you? Who are you really? This is not a question that is prompted by an egoistic search, a selfish desire to know, a narcissistic hunger for selfhood, for selfhood you have, but to truly know that selfhood is the only wisdom. And from that wisdom comes the compassion, the patience, and the grace to love all of those people who are reflections of yourself. Your mate was drawn to you and you to her because you and she are polarized in such a way that you can reflect each other rather accurately and so aid each other in spiritual growth. You can distort that reflection by avoiding the understanding of who you really are, but in your unconscious you know who you really are.

Thus, we ask you meditate. Find not only the love within you but that unique and special love that is within you with all of its unique and special gifts. You know that some can give in one and some in another way. On all levels, some can speak, and some can listen, and some can cook, some can sing, some can hold their arms out to children, some can nurture old people, some have the gift of silence and others that of words. When you know who you are, then your gifts will flow therefrom, and it will be a free-flowing brook, one which is not stopped by the distortion of doubt. This can only be done by daily meditation, seeking the Creator Who is the seed and the source of the love that is you.

Does this answer your question?

Yes, thank you.

We thank you, also. Is there another question?


We are being sent love by the one known as Latwii, and he would speak with you but the time is short. He says simply to tell you that he is at this time a beam of light and is concentrating on some difficulties within the Earth’s surface in your western American continent. There is some difficulty, and he is sending light to strengthen the weakness of that part of the Earth’s crust. However, he sends you a big hello and, as usual, a laughing one. Now, there, my friends, is a perfect example of a planetary culture who knows itself so well that they have become free to be one.

I would at this time like to close through the one known as N. I am Hatonn.


(N channeling)

[Inaudible]… give me and my brothers great joy. We are with this instrument again so we can express certain thoughts and ideas through this instrument.

There is an eternal love ready to be tapped by anyone at any time. It flows, we will say, strictly in love. It is everywhere at all times, even though your illusions can become so strong and complicated that you think that it is not possible.

There is much truth to the saying you have all heard, “Knock and it shall be opened to you; seek and ye shall find.” There is little effort involved in finding this eternal, flowing love. You simply desire it, and it is with you. You may not recognize it, for you expect bells to ring and your body to tingle—great excitement happening. It is not like this; sometimes it is, but not often.

Whenever you desire the love of the infinite Creator, it is with you. If you do desire it and think thoughts [that] you desire it, it is with you. You do not have to wonder when it will happen; it is simply with you. You can go on with whatever you are doing and it shall be known to you in one form or another, my friends.

We talk of love of the infinite Creator. Sometimes it is repeated so much it sounds just like words, but, my friends, your language cannot describe the immensity of the love available to you. There are many beings, shall we say, who constantly are projecting love and light to you. It is almost funny to think someone [is] here who has considered themself to be abandoned. It is almost comical to us, because you are never really alone.

I will end this message now, my friends. We love you very much. I am Hatonn. Adonai vasu borragus.


(Carla channeling)

I am Makai. I have not spoken to this group before. I am a member of the Confederation of Planets in the Service of the Infinite Creator and am traveling to a new post and have come across your message being sent. We would like to say that we have enjoyed your vibrations and wish to send you our love, also. We are, shall we say, healers, and we send you our love and healing light as we pass through your skies. We leave you, but we simply wish to say greetings and love. I am Makai. Adonai.