(E channeling)

A charge to keep I have to serve the present age. God of grace, God of Glory, on Thy people pour Thy power. Crown Thine ancient churches [inaudible]. Bring her bud to glorious flower. Grant us wisdom. Grant us courage for the facing of this hour. Amen.


(Carla channeling)

I am Hatonn, and I greet you each in the love and the light of the infinite Creator. It gives me special pleasure to greet the one known as L and the one known as E, for we have not spoken through instruments to these sisters for some time, although, as you know, we are always with you if you desire our vibration.

As we look at the vibration of your world at this time, we are sure that you are aware that we are seeing a darkening of the vibration, due to an increase in negative emotion felt among your peoples toward each other and even toward themselves.

It has sometimes been said that ignorance is bliss; this is a saying among your peoples. And when you are dealing with a spiritual journey, this is very true; for knowledge carries with it a great responsibility. That which is known and not practiced reflects itself upon the knower, so that he must again know that which he has already learned. This is the price of knowledge, my friends—that you practice what you know.

You need several ingredients in order to be able to do this well. In meditation you can deepen several of these ingredients. The first and most important is confidence—the kind of confidence that comes from knowing who you are. Have you ever, my friends, in meditation felt all the parts of yourself finally come into alignment with your highest goals and your deepest beliefs? By centering yourself in meditation, by finding that within you which vibrates in love and seeks the light of the Creator, you can find a quietness and a peacefulness that you can then use in the somewhat hectic and chaotic world that you find about you.

It is true that not all of your problems are large. You do not have to decide the fate of nations, but your vibration on an individual basis is as important, as vital, and as necessary to the salvation of your planetary consciousness as is the vibration of kings and heads of state. You do not move armies with your commands but can you command yourself? My friends, this is perhaps the hardest thing to do of all the tasks that you have been given in this experience. So many things occur which cause you to lose yourself; and instead, you act in a way which you yourself would not approve of, were you in control, were you conscious of your behavior.

As you come out of meditation, then, this confidence that you have gathered therein becomes your armor.

[Telephone rings. Pause while the call is attended to.]

I am with the instrument. I am Hatonn, and again I greet you in love and light. We apologize for the delay. We will continue through this instrument.

As we were saying, the confidence which you have gathered in meditation becomes your armor, and it is as though you are wearing a cloak of light through which no negative vibration may pass. Thus, you do not need to react to irritating, angry and other negative statements from others. Circumstances cannot penetrate the confident one who moves in power. This confidence is, indeed, the most important benefit which you receive from meditation. There are others, and you may find them as you proceed along the path of seeking. You may find yourself deepening as a person, becoming more able to understand the problems of others and finding that you are an ear, which is requested many times by others, for they sense in you a deep understanding. In this way you are of service to your brothers and sisters. You may find the gift of laughter, which is not easy to come by in a daily life which can be so easily filled with difficulties. As your character grows deeper and your knowledge more centered, you begin to see the divine comedy of your existence—the delightful balance of lessons and experience. You cease looking for happiness, and you become divinely happy, whatever your circumstances may be. In short, my friends, you slowly become a generator of your own experience rather than the recipient of other people’s experiences of the world view, which is so often negative. In this way only can you aid your planet at this rather dark hour.

We thank you for allowing us to speak to you through this instrument and [for] supporting her and us with your vibrations at this time. It is a great privilege to share our thoughts with you.

At this time we would pause while our brother, Laitos, moves about the room, offering each of you the conditioning wave of our vibration. I am Hatonn.


I am Hatonn, and I am with this instrument only to ask if you have any questions at this time. Please ask them now if you do.


If there are no questions at this time that you would ask, I will leave you in the love and the light of the infinite Creator. I am only a voice through this instrument, known to you as Hatonn; but I and my people send to you the love that we have in abundance from the Creator to you. We leave you in that love and that light, which is not ours but the Creator’s, and bless each of you. Adonai, my friends. Adonai vasu.