(Carla channeling)

I am Hatonn, and I am with this instrument through the grace of all present, and we send you blessings and thanks for allowing us in your midst this evening. May we greet each of you and send you our love?

We ask you tonight, my friends, about treasure. We are aware that the treasure that is in your heart is sometimes buried. It has been written in your holy works, “Where your treasure is, there shall your heart be also.” And yet we say to you, my friends, that your heart may contain any treasure which you desire. Thus, the question of treasure is far more the question of your buried desire.

We wish to speak with you only for a very short time this evening, but we wish very much, very much to encourage you to desire, with the greatest intensity possible, that which you wish to desire. Have you desired? Have you desired, this day, well, my friends? Have you had small desires easily satisfied? Have you glanced up into the lovely imperium arches of your heavens during this day and sought and dreamt and hoped—those desires which make men into beings who are claiming their birthright? That is what lies between you and the birthright of love and light—which you brought into this illusion—your inability to remember to desire it. That is all that separates you from infinite love, infinite light, and the power of a consciousness which these understandings can coordinate and enable. What have you desired today, my friends? We ask you in the name of the Creator.

At this time we would pause so that the one known as Laitos may pass among you.

[Pause, then the group chants “om.”]

I am Laitos, and I am with this instrument, with thanks to my sister of Hatonn. We [inaudible]. We should ask this instrument to realign and retune the group, due to the addition of your sister and brother, and we feel most happy with the harmony of your circle at this time.

We would like at this time to condition and send healing to the one known as E. I am Laitos.


I am again with this instrument. We have been working with each of you during the pause. However, we wished especially to work with the one known as E, who is in some discomfort at this time. We would now like to do some more work with the one known as L, if she will relax. I am Laitos.


I am again with this instrument. We would now like to send our vibrations to the one known as H1. I am Laitos.


I am again with this instrument. If the instrument known as N would open his self to our contact, we would like to close through the one known as N. I am Laitos.


(N channeling)

I am Laitos. I am now with this instrument. My friends, as we view the souls on your planet, we yearn sometimes to reach out and aid directly [inaudible] to help, but we know we must not; for the will of the infinite Creator does not work that way at this time. We see millions of people evolving, and we know that eventually they will all attain a state of higher consciousness. We are sorrowed by the pain we see, though we know there is a great plan. We know that deep within each of you there is a higher state of consciousness and that each of you, in reality, control your own destiny; for you have willed it so.

My friends, we send you our love. We are with you always. Your time upon this planet is just an instant, as we see it, but it is a valuable… We love you, and we leave you in the light and love. We will attempt to make our vibration known to you at this time, if you will open yourself to it. We would describe it as… a pleasant sort of feeling.

I leave you now in the light and love. I am Laitos. Adonai vasu borragus.


(Carla channeling)

I am Latwii. I greet you in the love and the light of the infinite Creator and am most appreciative of your desire to hear my babbling remarks once again [humorously]. Therefore, since you have asked us to be here we are very delighted to be with you this evening; and, indeed, we are most sincere in sending you our love. We have come to answer questions at this time. If there are any among you, we greatly encourage you to ask them.

I have a question that I would like you to kind of comment on, but I don’t want to say what the question is; so if you feel like attempting that I would appreciate it.


If we would allow our imagination to run free, we would tell you that the answer is no. However, we will attempt to be more responsible than that: we ask that you wait, for in waiting, that plan which our brother has spoken of in this meeting will come to fruition. The forces which surround a moment of time, as you call it, are very questionable and variable, and a simple waiting is often a catalyst for change. Does this answer your question, my brother?

Yes, thank you.

We thank you. Is there another question at this time?


H2 Yes, I have a question. Several weeks ago, in response to one of my questions, you said that we or mankind was seeded on this planet, and yet we had nothing to say about that—we had no choice in the matter. Why was that so?

What can I tell you, my brother? None of us have a choice; we are all the Creator. The condition of creation exists; it will exist infinitely. We are in a position in one of the infinite universes of the infinite creation, not due to chance, but due to the cycles with which you have become involved as you pass through the many universes of the Father’s creation. You begin in darkness, if beginning is a possibility; of this we are not sure. We are sure, however, that like travelers your eye is caught by a pretty color, and off you go into an illusion that is that color of being. And so you have been attracted to this illusion and ultimately to this incarnation. You are the Creator. You do not have a choice—none of us do. Yet you have infinite choice in the amount of time it takes you and the way in which you wish to articulate your creator-ness. Thus, the paradox which is the necessity of spiritual truth is satisfied. You have no free will, and you have complete free will. You have been seeded by your choice. There is no mysterious and possibly questionable moral gardener who has seeded Earth. The gardeners are you yourselves—not trapped in time and space but delighted, instead, by the color of this creation.

Does this answer your question?

H2 Partially. Paradoxes are a puzzle to me. Do I understand you to say that we had no choice in being created, yet we had a choice in coming here?

That is not precisely correct. You were not created. You are the Creator. You are a portion of all that there is. You are a portion of no time and no space. Consequently, you are not a created being. You are Creator and creation. With that concept under control, we may say to the second part of your question that you do have that portion correctly understood.

Paradoxes, of which you spoke earlier, are an absolute necessity if one is to advance spiritually. If you are not facing a paradox at this time, then you are not trying. Thus, you must at all times be involved in a puzzle. We hope only that the puzzle is worthwhile, that you are pressing ahead from paradox to paradox so that you begin to live what you cannot understand; this, you understand.

How are we doing with you now, my brother?

H2 Better. I also think I have come up against another paradox; and that is, if there is reincarnation, and if there is no time, and all is one, and all is now, then all past lives, present lives, and future lives are now. If this is so, then how is it that in past lives some of us—or at least someone—lived in magnificent structures, ruins of which stand today, and we see them as ruins? If all is now, all in a living instant, how is it that those in centuries past are living there now, yet we see these marvelous structures as ruins?

If you will pardon us, we must take a few seconds to align this instrument, for she is becoming [inaudible] to the intensity of our vibrations. I am Latwii. I am Latwii. I am with this instrument. I am with this instrument. We have better contact now. We thank you for your patience.

In answer to your question, my brother, perhaps the most intelligible answer has to do with a rather tired cliché from this instrument’s mind; she is familiar with it many times over. Take a piece of living tissue from your thumb and look at it under a microscope—look at it under an intensely strong microscope. Ultimately, under the atomic microscope, you can begin to see the creation—the galaxies, the solar systems, the planets. There are beings on your thumb. How long do you think their lives are, in your time? How many civilizations pass while that cell that is a universe is spending itself as a living part of your being? And when it is sloughed off in a giant nova, when the explosion that ends all life occurs, what infinity do you think has taken place for those beings? What ruins have been built and lost? What Romes, what United States, what Chinas have come and gone?

You yourselves are in time and space that is far less slow, shall we say, relatively speaking, than many universes. The universes of the creation are infinite in their differences. There is one uniting truth, and that is that beyond time and beyond space lies unity. You live in a [inaudible]; this is an illusion. The illusion can be manipulated by those who understand it. Thus, we ourselves travel in no time. Some among your peoples have been able to master various dimensions beyond time and space. No one understands this. However, there is only now. The problem is that this now is within the understanding only of those who do not have a watch and do not know time. Now is now. You experience now and another now and another. It is as though you were standing on a wheel and going round and round. Could you but stand in the center of the wheel, you might turn, but you would not go anywhere. It is in the state of now that information, such as some of your most famous mediums have had access to, is stored. By some, this place is called, locally, the Akashic Record. This is possible because all times are truly one. You are not living in a straight line; you are living in a circle. The beginning is your ending, and there is no beginning or ending.

Does this even begin to answer your question, my brother?

H2 It doesn’t help me understand, and it doesn’t help me understand how my camera records this illusion of the Parthenon standing there in ruins, yet at one time Socrates and others were there when it was in all its glory. The thing that bothers me about this… maybe it’s unanswerable… is that if all is now, and the Parthenon is now there, Socrates is there and other of his Greek comrades in the living now, and yet I have been there in the living now and it is a ruins, and my camera said it is a ruins also. Does my camera have illusions also?

Your camera is part of the illusion which you now enjoy. We must distinguish between your now now and your other now. You are living in a now now, something like a muu muu, and it is only so so [said humorously]. Consequently, in order to understand now you must live in another now, in that other now you may see what you wish to see and really understand what you want to understand, but you cannot be in the now now—you cannot do both. Thus, this illusion is to you a lesson time in which that which is an illusion appears real.

It may be of interest to you to remember that if a physicist were to describe the Parthenon either in ruins or in its original form, he would describe a structure of space. There are great differences among physicists, but it is agreed that there is either almost no mass or no mass at all to any physical structure, including human beings, but rather a series of magnetic fields. Therefore, logically, one could put one’s hand through a Parthenon, a person, a table, a building, or whatever one wished to put one’s hand through. However, in the now now it is impossible, and your camera is part of the now now. You have many indications in the now now of those who are not within the now now, and those people walk right through everything, thus indicating to you that the now now is not the only now.

Does this help, my brother?

H2 Now it helps some.

Now we are glad! Is there another question at this time?

H2 I have another question, since you’re here, Latwii. It’s something you said several weeks ago, when you were talking about the color green and its filling a room in which we dwelled in another part—not here but somewhere else—and you also said that you were enjoying our fifth dimension—I assume the vibration of our fifth dimension. Does that mean that we exist elsewhere as well as here?

It is not a question of location, my brother, for the dimensions are interpenetrating. However, you exist in denser and denser vibrations, according to your abilities. All of you exist into the fourth dimension, and there are adepts among you who are working at this time, actively, in the fifth dimension and are attempting to understand some of the teachings of the inner realms of the sixth dimension. There are a few people who work as far as the eighth, but there are two within this room who have seen it in visions and are aware of its nature, although they could not maintain it for any length of time. This is the octave of your universe, and these are the dimensions of that octave. To go beyond that, you must be free of your chemical body; and therefore we are talking to a roomful of those who are not going to be doing that any time terribly soon; however, there are many, many infinities to explore within those dimensions and much wisdom to learn. Therefore, we urge you onward; for the path becomes lighter, the teachings truer, and the laughter happier.

Did you wish to know about green, or was that the essence of your question?

H2 Green?


H2 No. You just mentioned the color green, and that was a reference point.

Ah, yes. Green is simply an important color for this particular group, due to the fact that it has healing properties, and there are many in this group who can use them. Therefore, we were attempting to surround you with that vibration.

Is there another question?

H2 Since we were talking about other existences and everything being now, is it possible there is another me living across the street from me or somewhere else on this planet as of now or several other me’s?

You are, my brother, in this particular universe, a time traveler but not a space traveler. Thus, you live each of your lives simultaneously, but you are not in the same space with yourself. However, in order to be aware of the past or future you must reach an altered state of consciousness, and this should be done only with the proper respect for knowledge. Knowledge, as we have said to you before, entails responsibility.

H2 Are you trying to give me a message about responsibility?

The message is general, my brother, and not for you alone, and it is simple; that is, if you know it and do not act it, the backlash effect will be hurtful to you; thus, you will begin to know it truly. That is the law of knowledge of the spiritual kind.

H2 Thank you very much, and I also thank the group for my taking this time.


We were drawn here by the one known as E, and thus we would at this time ask her if she would wish to voice her question to us?

[E had left the room.]

I am Latwii. We are sad that our sister is not here to ask the question, for we do not wish to answer in her absence. Are there any other questions at this time?

H1 I have a question. This is about channeling. I have pretty much given up on the idea of being a vocal channel, and I have begun to feel that if I could paint, along with a fellow trying to learn [inaudible]. There are certain images and concepts that I get that are in color and form and have movement that I think I could express through those two mediums. I was wondering if I could get any type of conditioning that the verbal channels get.

I am with the instrument. Yes, indeed, my sister. You can get as much conditioning as you need, and to ask for it is to receive it. We would suggest that you request the presence of two of the Confederation whom this group has known for some time: the vibration of Laitos, which is the basic conditioning vibration, and the vibration of Nona, which is an extremely sensitive vibration and one oriented more than most of the Confederation toward that part of love which expresses itself in art and beauty. Thus, this instrument requests the presence of Nona when she wishes to sing, and those who are involved in the arts will do well to request those two vibrations as good underliners to your own natural talent. You understand that we could not work with you did you not already have a good deal of ability in the area of conceptualization, abstract thinking, and the desire to be a channel for the love and the light of the Creator. With these things in your heart and in your character, you can then make full use of the Confederation. We wish you great good fortune, my sister, with your endeavor.

Well, my friends, is there another question at this time?


I have one. I am getting ready to open up to a deeper level in my own channeling. I think you can tune in to what I’m referring to. I’m wondering if there is anything that you all might be able to do at this time that would help me to do this.


We would at this time be glad to send you an image which will appear to your inner eye, where it is not infringing upon your free will but only aiding…

[Side one of the tape ends.]

(Carla channeling)

Let us define this image for you now. Make it sharper. This is a key to that level which you may trust. We would also say to you at that time that you may carefully watch the next level beyond that, for this is not necessary for you to enter at this time; and the, shall we say, expansive or… we are giving this instrument a concept she cannot express. We are working with her… Within the next dimension there is a spreading of the personality which we would not recommend. Therefore, if you feel the next vibration beginning to disperse your personality through the universe, we would suggest that you pull yourself back from that realization, for it is not yet time for you to be able to use the knowledge which you would gain in that work.

May we help you further, my sister?

I appreciate what you’ve given. Thank you.

We are most grateful to be of service. Is there another question at this time?

I have a question. Is it helpful for us to be aware of other lives and other incarnations from the standpoint of spiritual development? If so, how do we do this?

This is a difficult question for us to answer, because we do not know what triggers the spiritual development of any being. It is usually not at all valuable, as his being spiritually, to know his past incarnations. Normally, what is powerful to the individual is to be in the presence of someone who is happy, who has something that the searcher does not have, who suggests something that the seeker might not know. This is why we speak through these instruments—to attempt to inspire, stretch curiosity, cause you to arouse your own instinct for progress.

Unfortunately, it has become a fad among your people to discover who they were in past lives. If you have a specific personality conflict with another being, it is sometimes helpful—not in the spiritual realm but in the realm of human relationships—to go back to the previous experience and discover what it is that you are reaping in this incarnation as a result of actions in the past, However, if you can learn the art of forgiveness, you do not need to know what it was that somebody did to somebody else. If you can ask forgiveness with all your heart and forgive with all your heart, you have broken the laws of karma. Thus, you have no need of knowledge of an esoteric or occult type.

Unfortunately, this type of information has often been misused, due to the rule we were explaining earlier that knowledge implies responsibility. Thus, if you know what your lesson is and still refrain from learning it, your lesson becomes harder and harder until, as a matter of survival, you must learn it. To make it easy upon yourself, explore the possibilities of love in this incarnation, in this moment, at this time, with these people, in this environment, in this illusion, before you begin working with previous lifetimes. For it is in this life that you have the opportunity, at this moment, to take conscious control of your destiny and to speed yourself on your journey toward the light which you now invoke in this meeting.

Does this answer your question, my brother?

Yes, it does. Thank you.

As always, we thank the questioners, for we could not say a word if you did not ask us your questions. Is there another at this time?


I have one. During the day, sometimes I’ll think about you all. Sometimes I’ll ask questions, but I don’t… you know… I don’t hear the answer, but I can’t think of an answer. Are you all listening when I think about you?

We are checking the computers at this time… one moment. The one known as Laitos is with you at all times when you ask your questions. Laitos is the easiest of the Confederation to, shall we say, hear conceptually. At this time you are not picking up the concept. However, if you persist in daily meditations, you will begin to receive impressions. They will not be, or usually are not, in words. You will simply get an impression. Or you may go to sleep and awaken with an impression.

We cannot work more closely with those who seek our advice than the conscious intellect allows. We find your vibration to be one of a strongly logical and commonsense type. This, I am afraid, my sister, is not a very easy vibration to enter, due to the fact that your common sense tells you that you are asking questions of thin air. Thus, we encourage you to ask your questions, and one day you will begin to feel the concept of the presence of the one known as Laitos. We must say, however, that sometimes when the questioner is alone, the answer will simply be a feeling of presence, due to the fact that the power of the individual is not strong enough to warrant a stronger impression. Also, some questions are not answerable, due to our desire not to infringe upon free will. However, the one known as Laitos is there with you when you mentally request his presence. We hope that you will gradually become aware and be comforted by the presence of that kindly vibration.

Does this answer your question, my sister?

Yes, thank you.

We thank you. May we ask for another question at this time?


I am going to leave this instrument, for she is becoming fatigued, and if the one known as H2 wishes, we will close the meeting through him. I am Latwii.


(H2 channeling)

I am Latwii. I am with this instrument. I hope he will relax more. I promise not to hurt you.

You have been wondering why I have not talked with you since the last meeting. You are too anxious. You want too much. You must learn to accept what comes to you. Oxal is your main contact.

We would speak to the group about the advisability of learning how to cope with general problems of daily living in a spirit of love. We hope you can keep in mind that we are with you. When I say “with you,” I mean someone of us. And we are with you in love, and we will do whatever we can to aid you. By “can,” I mean what is lawful for us.

Your hopes for betterment are not in vain. You will evolve in betterment in some time frame, because it is your destiny. You can help it to be now, or—if you must in your own pursuits—it can be any time later. Let it be now, my friends. We do love you. We care for you. We send you love and light.

I am Latwii. Adonai vasu borragus.