(Carla channeling)

I am Hatonn, and I greet you, my friends, in the love and the light of the infinite Creator. As always, it is our privilege to speak with you, and we thank you for inviting us into the midst of your group.

We share our thoughts with you, insubstantial though they may be, one life speaking to another, one brother speaking to another, for are our lives not like clouds as they cross the moon, visible only for a brief time, before and after lost in the darkness of the eternal heavens? Yet, we are now here, you and we, and it is with deep appreciation that we join our thoughts to yours in this transient moment.

Yes, my friends, your lives are very transient, and yet your spirit is indomitable. There is [nothing] that you cannot seek, nothing that you cannot will to know, if it be done honestly and courageously and without selfishness. And so even though your brief life may sometimes seem to be relatively meaningless, your activities mundane, your thinking confused, we say to you that if you can each day find some moments to meditate, to center your will upon the desire to know the love of the Creator, that wish for the original Thought will be unto you as a beacon, guiding your spirit far into the stormy seas of night when you have crossed the moon and there is no light.

We are sorry that we have had to delay our speaking to you this evening, but there was a desire in one of those present that we not speak. And this, 1 my friends, is a perfect example of that which we deal with now: the transience of experience. There is a saying in one of your holy books, “All flesh is grass.” We are not being mournful. We are attempting to be emphatic about the direct and important knowledge that you must have that you yourself are not your bodies, your pains and pleasures, or your experiences, but are instead a vibration which is temporarily and transiently housed in a chemical body. That vibration has certain characteristics which show forth to a greater or smaller amount in the physical amount in the physical body. Each characteristic shows forth as the degree of loving kindness of your nature, the degree of generosity, of compassion, of kindliness, that you have within your character. It may show forth in your ability to help people by healing, by the preparation of food, by working with your hands, by singing, or by telling stories, or by raising the young who are entrusted to your care that they, too, may know the Creator as do you. These biases come through from your vibratory personality into the physical illusion. However, you must not take this illusion any more seriously than you would take the passing of a cloud across the moon on a stormy night, such as this one. You know that there will be other clouds and other nights, other sequences of activities. These are unimportant. Your only important effort should be placed in centering yourself in the knowledge of the original Thought of the Creator, which is that of infinite love expressed in light. This light has formed all of His creatures: the planet in which you live, the skies which surround us in different vibrations. All things are light.

As you begin to have this ability to be detached from the transient experience and to be rooted in the knowledge of the original Thought, your power as a personality will develop, so that those circumstances which may seem to you to be inharmonious will of themselves become more harmonious, for your attitude will become such that nothing can disturb you.

I would pause at this time so that my brother, Laitos, may speak. I am Hatonn.


I am Laitos, and I greet you in the love and the light of the infinite Creator. If you will permit me, it will be my privilege to work with each of you. I would first condition this instrument, for she is experimenting with a deeper, shall we say, meditative state.


We thank the one known as Carla for working with us, and we find that she is more and more capable of working with the light vibration of some of your contacts, such as Latwii, due to her growing ability to deepen her meditative state.

We would now attempt to condition the one known as M. I am Laitos.


We thank the one known as M for working with us, and now we would like to condition the one known as J. I am Laitos.


I am again with this instrument. We thank each of you for being able to work with you. If we can help you to deepen your meditative state, that is our only desire among your peoples, for if we can but help the people of this planet to meditate and feel the oneness of all creation we will, indeed, my friends, have a part in the delivery of a tiny infant. That is the new age dawning upon your planet. At this time it needs all the midwifery that it can get.

Please ask for us at any time that you may wish for us to, shall we say, underscore your own meditative state. I am Laitos. Adonai.


I am Hatonn. I am again with this instrument. We are sorry for the delay, but the one known as Oxal was attempting to contact the instrument known as Carla. However, she was not able to perceive this. Therefore, we will continue for Oxal, saying to this instrument greetings from the one known as Oxal.

The one known as Oxal is concerned lest he be misunderstood in this group, for there has been in this group, shall we say, an impostor using his name. Therefore, the group consciousness of Oxal asks each of you to be in total at-one-ment at any time that the name of Oxal is heard in this group, for it is not wise to allow astral entities to deal with this group in its present configuration. We must explain that there is nothing intrinsically wrong with astral beings in general, but specifically mimicking a Confederation member by an astral being is very confusing to those who would believe the channeling of such beings. Thus, we ask your help in the future, as you call it, and we thank you.

At this time we would open the meeting to questions.


If there are no questions requested of us at this time, we would leave you with only a few thoughts, my friends.

You know that love is all that there is. You may think of it as the great medicine that is needed by your peoples. You may think of yourself as a healer, for the one who loves heals. There are different methods and different levels of healing, peace-making and calming the troubled waters of your ever turbulent society. Among the millions of you who are incarnate on the planet Earth, some have the power to heal nations through what you call your politics. Some have the ability to heal the hunger for knowledge through what we call teaching. Some have the ability to heal sickness and ill health. Some can heal melancholy, some loneliness, but all work through the vibration of love. There is a great sea of love around you, my friends. Float on it, rest in it. There is nowhere you can go that is not full of love, if you have but the eyes to see and the heart to understand. In meditation, may your hearts be opened to that understanding.

I leave you in the love and the light of the infinite Creator. I am of the group consciousness of Hatonn. Adonai vasu borragus.

  1. A storm was raging outside.