(Carla channeling)

I am Hatonn. And I greet you in the love and the light of the infinite Creator. I and my brother Oxal were attempting to speak through the one known as N in order to increase his confidence for times when he might be the solitary channel for a group meditation. And we will attempt again at this time to begin this meditation through the instrument known as N. I am Hatonn.

(N channeling)

I am Hatonn. Greetings, my friends, in the [inaudible]. My brothers and I are greatly pleased that you have gathered here this evening to seek truth. We know there are many ways to do this. And it is [inaudible] that, my friends, we always seek the truth [inaudible] they will [inaudible] for it is a wall, so to speak. Many paths have led up to this particular [form] where the paths cross. Let this time be a time to gather each of your vibrations together so that in this group effort you may feel more easily this light of the Creator which is in each of you. You may branch out seemingly far away from your true desire to know truth and love but you cannot go far enough away to escape the love of the Creator, for He forgets no one, for He is everyone. Deep beneath your layers of illusion runs the true life. All the knowledge you wish to receive is within you already, my friends. You only have to discover this as you have already done so. We of the Confederation of Planets in Service to the Infinite Creator know of the troubles upon your planet happening [inaudible].

Remember for each problem, my friends, there is a solution. And through the practice of meditation answers to these problems will be made aware to you. No matter who you are, how obscure you may seem to feel, the love and light is in you and you will shine forth. You only have to desire this for it to happen. It may happen overnight while you sleep or take a longer time. But the time is not important in this respect. For if you truly seek love for your effort you shall be rewarded.

At this time I will transfer this contact. I am Oxal. I leave you in the light and love of the infinite Creator.

(Carla channeling)

I am with this instrument. I am Oxal. I will continue through this instrument, if you will be patient, for we must condition this instrument briefly for she is attempting to balance our contact. We believe we have better contact now; we will continue.

Your minds are full of many things, my friends. As we were saying, your world is full of words, full of guns, full of negativity at this moment in your space/time continuum in your illusion. All of you are at this time obeying the only wisdom known to man. And that is you are silent and [in search] of the single Thought that created all of you, to which all of you belong, your original Thought, the Creator, my friends, which is love.

We will tell you a small story to see if we can inspire you with a greater respect for meditation and the art of silence.

It was winter and beneath the cold [inaudible] the pine cone gave up a seed to the soil. And when Spring loosened the earth the [inaudible] blessed it. The seedling became a sprout. The years passed and the small pine tree began to grow. Many things occurred about the pine tree, There was a forest fire not far from him and he felt the agony of many of his brothers. There were woodsmen who killed others of his older brothers and again he felt their pain. But they did not speak, but always stretched living fingers to the sky as if to touch the sun. For all things in Nature know to turn to the sun, although they do not call it love, for they have no words. They do not die but the great Sun-body, symbolic of love and light, is to them their source.

Eventually a little boy moved close to this forest, and he cared about this tree and became very fond of it, and one Christmas he dragged his father to the tree and begged him to bring it home as a Christmas tree. And the Father, very fond of the young boy, dutifully dug the tree up, put it in a bag and after Christmas planted it by the old family house. The boy and the tree grew together and the boy, first so childish, became grown. He became wiser and wiser and he asked many questions of the tree. For he felt very close to this tree that had grown nearly as tall as his house while he had grown to be a man. And at each question the tree would lift his fingers to heaven and point toward the Kingdom of the Creator.

And as an old man, this person found finally that all of his questions had but one answer, and that was in the Kingdom of Heaven; not the kingdom of man, for there are words. And he had found there are no answers but only that which is.

And as he died, he asked of his family only one thing. He said to them, “I am ready to say good-bye to all things on this plane, for I love you all and I have no enemies. And I have nothing more that I wish, but I would that you would bury me near my friend. And they looked puzzled, for they did not know he had a friend. And he said to them, “The tree—the silent tree beside the house.” And so it was that in eternity, he and the tree became one.

Anything that we can say to you, my friends, is folly. For words cannot reveal anything of importance. We speak through these instruments to hopefully give you the encouragement and the inspiration to seek through meditation the truth, the Creation. We, well grounded in the love and the light of the infinite Creator, are as helpless before you as trees pointing their fingers to the Kingdom of Heaven. We can show you the way but we cannot give you the desire to seek. You are here tonight because of that desire. Have that desire on a daily basis, my friends. Continue in your seeking; and you will find that your path becomes ever more light and that your questions become ever more few.

I will leave this instrument now so that one of my brothers may address the meeting. I am Oxal. Adonai, my friends. I leave you in the love and the light of the infinite Creator.

(N channeling)

I am Hatonn. I am with this instrument. Greetings again from…

Many of your peoples sometimes feel they have no purpose in living besides the seemingly unimportant things on this planet. When we tell you you live in an illusion and this is true. As you know, these objects that you see from your planet are not the same things; are not really what they appear to be. They are comprised of much smaller units you call atoms which come together, form the illusion of being solid.

You may wonder why you are here to begin with in this illusionary world. My friends, we say to you that if you did not truly desire to be here, you would not be. We can compare your planet to a school: many lessons to be learned through your experiences. The only difference is with your schools on Earth you receive grades, but in the plan of the infinite Creator you receive not grades but the experience of learning and when you have learned something, my friends, you evolve.

At this time, my brothers and I would like to send you what we call a conditioning wave. We will attempt to make known to you our presence by intensifying our vibrations, so to speak. And at this time we pause for a moment. In order to do this, if you desire this, we will attempt to make ourselves known to you.


(N channeling)

I am again with this instrument. I am Hatonn. It has been a very great honor and privilege to speak through this instrument to you this evening. My friends, we sincerely hope you have benefited from this meditation. And if you desire [inaudible] our presence you only have to make it known and we are with you wherever you may be. We send you our love. I will leave you now. I am Hatonn. Adonai vasu borragus.

(Carla channeling)

I am Latwii. And I greet you in the love and the light of the infinite Creator, as we do all of us of the Confederation. We have no choice, for that is all that there is.

My friends, I come to you only to offer my services in case you may have a question for us at this time. If you do, please ask now.

We have a question from one who is not present at this time. But we would wish to address to the one known as S our love and constant devotion to her as she is physically very alone in her seeking at this time. We are aware that she has again become comforted by our presence and it makes us very happy that we have been able to reestablish contact with her. Along with the one known as Hatonn, we of Latwii have been requested to monitor the desires of the one known as S so that she may draw comfort from our presence whenever it is necessary. We cannot say the words that she wishes at this time. However, we are aware that she will understand that this has to do with her own free will and therefore our metaphysical hands are tied. Again, to sister S we send our love.

Is there a question among those in this group at this time?


I am Latwii. My friends, I think I am losing my touch, for I cannot answer any of your questions this evening. However, I offer my love and my thanks for your patience, for the one known as S was much desirous of our speaking. I will leave you this time, as always, in love and light. And may you find some laughter along the way. Adonai, my friends. I am known to you as [Latwii].