(H channeling)

[I am Hatonn.] Greetings, my friends, in the love and the light of our infinite Creator. It is indeed a privilege, as always, to speak to you. We of the Federation of the Planets in Service to the Infinite Creator have come to you to share with you our thoughts this evening. You have gathered for this purpose and for this we are grateful. For this is our greatest means of touching with your people and serving them in this manner as it is at the present time our best means of relaying our thoughts, our energy, and our love to your civilization.

We speak through many instruments such as this one around your planet. And we of the Confederation wish to grow closer to your people. For as all of you may witness, your peoples, which are divided into segments called countries are driving down what you might call the darkest avenue of their experience. Yet at the end of this avenue they shall find the love and the light of the Creator.

Your planet is experiencing great turmoil. Yet if you had the ability to look into what you would call your future, as in some extent we do, you could see the great benefit that can be derived from your present difficulties. Your planet must grow. It must grow rapidly. And with this growth there shall be the accompanied pains of growth.

As you travel throughout your life, you hold dear to many concepts. Many of these concepts as you grow older are altered. And many times you are separated from them for you have seen an alternative. And the people upon the planet Earth now must learn to expand their awareness. And they must be willing to separate themselves from many of the concepts that they hold so dearly. For in holding to a fixed concept, allowing for no variation, as your people seem to do, you limit your ability to grow. Yet, indeed, the growth shall occur for the planet on which you reside grows in spirit as do you. Its growth is undeniable by any of your peoples. You may share in it or you may be consumed by it. The choice is yours.

Many of your people are focusing their energies at this precise moment on the concept of what you would term as war. We must say that as things stand we do not foresee an immediate large scale warfare. Yet farther down the road it looms largely in the possibilities. And it is indeed brought even closer to happening by the present thoughts of each of your peoples. For every one of you that consider this concept, in doing so, you add energy. And with enough energy added to the concept, it will indeed be created. For all of you upon this planet, as all of your brothers throughout the galaxies, were as your Bible states, “created in the image and likeness of your Creator,” thus meaning that you have the ability to create also.

The creation itself is a magnificent thought energy, to the best of our realization. Your thoughts are energy, and indeed shall materialize on one plane of life. Therefore, we urge your peoples to turn from this concept. And consider not the warfare that may loom so largely in your future, but concentrate on the dawning of awareness and the coming of your so-called messiah.

We of the Confederation wish to assist your people in utilizing their thought energies to the greater benefit of all civilizations. By speaking through instruments such as this one we are doing the greatest amount of good that we can do at this time. We hope that in the future we can work with you, amongst you, and grow with you, if this is the choice of your people. When you are ready, we shall come to you.

We of the Confederation are weary, for we have waited a long time, as you would consider years. We are weary because we have watched over your people. And we have seen them struggle, struggle beyond that which is imaginable by any of us, searching for the answers to your existence, the meaning of your life. And we have grown weary because the answers are so simple. In fact, each of you already know them if you would but look within yourself and discover your own reality. The purpose of your life on this particular planet, or shall we say, in this particular classroom, the greatest purpose is to learn to love one another without any vice, without any stipulation, without any envy or regret. If your peoples learn even half of this lesson they shall advance into a civilization which is compatible to ours. And they shall grow to work with us and to travel with us throughout the universe, and to spread what they have learned to their unfortunate brothers on other planets who have yet to come to these realizations. The simplicity of your existence, the meaning of your existence, the reason for your existence is love. Love encompasses all things. For it is the ingredient upon which all things were created.

I shall transfer this communication to another instrument. I am Hatonn.

(Carla channeling)

I am with this instrument. I am Hatonn. We are sorry for the interruption and greet the instrument known as Don. We again greet you in love and light.

And what is that subject of which we speak, my friends? What is that strange and much sought after thing that is called love among your peoples? It is not what you think it is, my friends. We ask you to visualize in your mind’s eye an individual whom you admire, an individual whom you would be like. What is the nature of this individual, my friends? What in this individual inspires you in this admiration? The answer is something different in each person’s experience. But we suggest that the one thing that there is in common is that people who are loved and admired are themselves the open channels for that which is truly love. Not love as it is known among your people. Not something that is done or said or spoken or thought. But something that is.

There are some people that you know that have the gift of being. And whoever they are, and whoever type of being that they show, they show it in such a way that the love of the Creator shines through. And they become windows in which is reflected the fire of love. Yes, my friends, love is a very intense fire. Love is that which you experience, when you experience all that you experience. You yourself are love. All that you experience is love. The creation is a creation of love, love impressed upon waves of light in many, infinitely many, combinations giving the universes infinite densities, and giving the entities that dwell in those universes their infinite varieties. But all, my friends, all are varieties of love. Who are you, my friends? What variety of love have you experienced this particular day? What love did you see today? What love showed through you today? We ask you these questions.

We ask you these questions because there is a point in your seeking at which these questions will become very, very important. And that is the point at which you decide that you want to take responsibility for yourself. Your life in this particular experience is short. And each experience that you have is fleeting. And if you know that each experience is one of love, you then, my friends, are in command over that experience. You know what to look for. You know what you are seeking. You are seeking to understand the love that created the observer in yourself that is observing the experience. And you are seeking through that observer to find the love in your experience. You are love and you are waiting to be reflected.

When you see that love distorted around you, when you see anger, when you see global anger, or when you see personal anger, when you see fear, trepidation, unhappiness, all of the negative emotions, be they small or great, if you are looking with the knowledge that all things are love then you can see that all these things are distortions of a basic vibration of love. And that which is unlovely you can have compassion for. And that which is difficult you can surround with your own desire to give comfort and rest to those things around you which need comfort and rest. You cannot do this from the stores of your own love, for they are but limited, my friends. You can only do this when you make contact with the source of all that is. We are speaking of that one experience which is the source of all experience, that one love which is the source of all love, that one Thought which is the source of you and this channel and we ourselves as we speak through this channel.

Seek the Creator, my friends, in meditation. For it is the Creator’s love that is infinite and can carry you through all those experiences of your days, giving you the sweet and precious understanding of the truth, the fine and lovely contentment that only love can bring, and the happiness that the divine laughter of joy in love will produce. We speak to you from a place which you would call the kingdom of heaven, for it is a place where love is visible. We wish that you could join us here. And you can join us in thought. And that is why we ask you to call upon us whenever you might be ready. For we would gladly assist you with our conditioning wave so that you will find it easy to meditate.

At this time I will leave this channel, briefly, so that one of my brothers may work with the conditioning wave. I am Hatonn.


(Carla channeling)

I am Laitos. And I have been working with each of you. I greet you in love and light. And wish to tell the instrument known as H, the instrument known as W, that we have been attempting to speak through each of them. However, they were not properly conditioned to accept our words and thus we simply conditioned each of you, attempting to make our presence known to each of you. We thank you for your grateful attention and we will leave you at this time. As always, we leave you in the love and light of the infinite Creator. I am known to you as Laitos. Adonai, my friends.

I am again with this instrument. I am Hatonn. And I return to this instrument to ask that if you have any questions at this time you ask them of this instrument. Is there a question at this time?


We are aware that there are two questions, but we prefer to wait until the questioner decides to ask them of us, rather than speak before we are specifically invited. If there are no more questions we will leave you.

We are sorry, my friends, for any and all difficulties that may face you this day. We know that your illusion is a difficult one. And we send you our love and support, as always. You must remember the value of insubstantial things. For the rainbow that was the promise in the covenant of Abraham was only a bridge of light. Take that bridge, my friends. It cannot be felt. It cannot be touched. It cannot be weighed. But you can see it and know it. And there is promise for you in each moment. For you too have a covenant and birthright, for you are children of the Creator. And in that Creator resides all love. Desire then, my friends, to experience that love, and to know that one original Thought. Knowing that simple thing, you then have access to all that there is.

We leave you with these few pitiful words, knowing that we cannot touch you in any important way, but that only you can choose your own spiritual path. We hope that we can encourage you along that path. Adonai, my friends. We leave you in the love and the light of our infinite Creator. I am Hatonn.