[The entire tape is difficult to hear.]

(Carla channeling)

I am Latwii, and I greet you in the love and the light of the infinite Creator. [Inaudible] We of the Confederation [inaudible] and especially welcome those who are new to this group. We are very honored to have [this opportunity] and wish to express our happiness at being able to share our thoughts with you, but always with the understanding that we are your brothers and are not all-wise or all-knowing but only beings who can make errors. Thus, we attempt to tell you the truth as we understand it but do not ask for your complete [belief] but rather your careful consideration, for yourself are the, shall we say, master [inaudible], the creator of your destiny and whatever information you may get from any source is nothing unless you make it [inaudible].

We were aware of your chanting this evening as you polarized yourselves toward the unity of God. In the religion which fostered the birth of that [inaudible] a central prayer is the prayer, “Hear, O Israel, the Lord your God is One.” Listen, my friend. What can you hear? This instrument can hear voices, birds, the humming of the machine. That is one way. What can you feel, my friends as you enter into meditation? You feel a fullness enter [inaudible]. All of you are One. Here are One. What can you see with your eyes closed? It is not the invocation of the light, but the one light, my friends, the light of love. See, my children. The light is One. You are the gate through which all of these things pass from the outside to the inside, from the inside to the outside. That is your true position within this illusion. You allow in what you choose, you allow the manifestation of what you choose.

Now, my friends, let us consider all of the great serious issues of the past [inaudible]. What of that great reputation that you had hoped for, what of your good looks, what of success, what [of cutting the grass right,] what of doing the right thing? Let us consider all these things and then let us consider [inaudible].

We are all one, my brothers and sisters. Cut your grass, pursue your goal. It is for this that you came into this environment, to attach importance to the simple doing day by day. The importance must be attached to the awareness that you have in the doing of it. Are you aware of the unity and the love involved in what you do? When you take out your garbage, my friends, when you flatter your boss, my friends, when you are angry at someone, you are learning spiritual lessons. But not from garbage, not from your boss, not from anger—from the love that in its infinite wisdom created you in individual consciousness, able to choose one gate that you would open from the outside to the inside for the inside, from the inside to the outside.

Your consciousness, my friends, is a permeable membrane. It can keep nothing out that belongs to you. And what you create within you cannot be kept from manifestation. So we ask you to turn your heads away from ambition, from pride, towards love and the oneness that links you to your brothers and sisters, to the world in which you live. It is very difficult to do these things on your own. It is even difficult to do them with us, and it is certainly [inaudible].

However, my friends, [inaudible] is ever near to the seeker. The help lies within the seeker and the method used to discover this source of love is meditation. In quiet, simple meditation, when used on a daily basis, will do more to center and untangle your thoughts than any amount of self-understanding, self-analysis, or intellectual decision, for there are many parts of yourself that are not intellectual but which belong in the decision-making process. In the processes [inaudible]. These parts of you dwell beneath the totally conscious, totally articulate self and to meditate is, among other things, to get back in touch with those different parts. There is much more to meditation than this, but this will be discovered as progress in meditation continues by each person who on a daily basis seeks the Creator [inaudible].

We realize that we do not have as articulate a way of speaking as our brothers of Hatonn, who, by the way, send you all of their love. But we can only emphasize to you that although your world seems complex and your actions in it therefore also complex, reality is in fact a very simple thing, consisting completely of the love of the Creator which has formed from light all of the vibrations of being that manifest of their magnetic field in your illusion. Thus, we welcome you in love and light and we leave you in love and light, for that is all that there are. Two components which are, in fact, one, for love is light. Light is simply the vehicle through which love manifests itself.

So, the next time that you become angry, remember that love has become angry with love. We will allow you to draw your own conclusions about [love.] I can see that we do not have a very risible audience tonight because nobody is laughing. We would like to exercise one or two channels before we leave so that Laitos may [inaudible]. We would transfer to the one known as B. I am Latwii.

I am Laitos, and I greet you in the love and the light. We are very happy to work with this group, and as we exercise each of the newer channels we will also be working with the vibrations of each of you in order that we may aid you in your meditation. If you become aware of our presence through some physical sensation, do not be at all alarmed, but if for some reason we are causing any discomfort at all, mentally ask us to adjust our vibrations.

We would like at this time to transfer to the instrument known as Jim McCarty, if he would, as always, speak the words that we give him without [inaudible]. I am Laitos.

(Jim channeling)

I am Laitos. We greet you in the love and light of the infinite Creator. It is again our pleasure and privilege to speak with you briefly through this instrument. It is necessary for the instrument to refrain from judgment or analysis.

(Carla channeling)

I am Latwii, and find that the one known as Jim [inaudible]. It is extremely good to be present with this group [inaudible] and we realize that here and there are the difficulties with analysis and [inaudible]. Of course, my friends, as listeners we do not want you to suspend judgment or discipline yourselves against analysis. However, for the verbal contact to be as precise as possible it is necessary for the instrument who offers himself or his service to totally suspend the analytical portion of the mind so that he may hear our concepts. We do not use the word “hear” in an auditory sense but in an inner sense. Just as you hear your own thoughts, so you hear ours and it takes a passive mind in order to accept the suppression. They feel precisely like your own thoughts. That is the reason that the instruments have a great deal of trouble at first, for they have no confidence that they are not simply [inaudible]. Often what will happen is that they will channel something that someone needed to hear and [inaudible] so they would know within themselves…

[The rest of the tape is inaudible.]