Latwii: When the Creator, in His infinite wisdom, sent us all into the void upon the great circle of becoming, He gave each entity the power of co-Creator. That is, my friends, He gave each of you free will. You can become whatever you desire, spiritually speaking. Thus, you can cause your world to become very complex.

(Carla channeling)

I am Latwii, and I greet you in the love and in the light of the Infinite Creator. We apologize for the delay and realize that it was not the conscious desire of any of you present that we now speak. There are sometimes subconscious feelings and doubts, which cause those of us who respect free will to refrain from speaking. But we would not speak if our thoughts were not, for some reason [inaudible]. We are [inaudible] in that we have the names [inaudible]. And we thank each of you for allowing us to share our heart with you for whatever use they may be to you. As you know, we of the Confederation of Planets in Service are very [inaudible] beings and have no ultimate truths to tell you. We come to bring a simple message. And we are grateful to you for seeking our words and [inaudible].

I would like to tell you a story, for my brother Hatonn has begun to teach me the art of storytelling, and I will practice it upon you this evening. I hope that I can tell you a good story and one that would give you some good advice.

There was once, my friends, a young tree. And this tree was a very intelligent tree. And it decided that it wished to become the best fruit tree of its kind that had ever been made in all of creation. And so, my friends, it began to plot how to grow its blossoms and its fruit, and to calculate just when its leaves should fall and when each leaf should turn to get the greatest amount of fruit from the vine. And it spent a great deal of time in attempting to fruit.

In time, the tree was very widely noted, for no two pieces of fruit were just the same but were different from each other. However, the tree was much less capable of caring for the itself than the other trees. And this it could not understand because it was, after all, a very, very intelligent tree and capable of complex and vast abstract thinking. In time, my friends, this tree withered and perished, while the other fruit trees in the orchard, who had never given a thought to who they were or how to become better, flourished as was their nature.

That is our story, my friends. Now we will attempt to speak on the story. You must understand that each of you is just as the tree - rooted in what we are forced to call love. That is an oversimplification, but it is the best word that we can find in this instrument’s mind to simply express that which is a part of creation. You, like the tree, are perfect. And instinctually, you will turn towards the sun and bear fruit for the season. However, my friends, unlike regular trees, we talked to you about a tree who was very intelligent. That, my friends, is your greatest [inaudible] in the spiritual [inaudible].

When the Creator, in His infinite wisdom, sent us all into the void upon the great circle of becoming, He gave each entity the power of co-Creator. That is, my friends, He gave each of you free will. You can become whatever you desire, spiritually speaking. Thus, you can cause your world to become very complex. And the fruits that you bear to the many [inaudible]. However, my friends, do consciously attempt to control the flow of love from the Central Sun of your existence, which is love. If you do not let love speak to love, you then begin to distort the love from which [inaudible]. The more you calculate, my friends, the more opportunity there is for distortion.

You must understand that we do not suggest that you go through life without using the tool of your mind, for it is an excellent tool and well-suited to serving. But you must be sure that you do not serve it [inaudible], for if you attempt to design and calculate your being, you will surely begin to falter. Each of you has his or her own path. Each of you needs a different meditative or prayer life for work in service to others. In order to maintain that link, the love of the Creator that speaks to the love [inaudible], each of you will find a different instinctual pattern that you must adhere to. To deviate from your instincts once you are upon the path towards the seeking of the truth, you have to some extent distorted your perception of the truth.

Because of the fact, my friends, that each of you dwells in the world in which there is a great deal of man’s creation, much of what you have been taught has been considerably distorted and results in your feeling antipathy, separation, or lack of love for some entities in some parts of the creation. This, my friends, does not mean that you are without nurturing. But you must understand from the beginning that your basic material on what you call the physical plane was not promised. Your intellect, my friends, are part of that physical material and are designed to deal with [inaudible]. They are not designed to deal [inaudible] but to create in the love that creates all.

There have been many in your culture who have called entities a word that we dislike. That word is “sinners.” We do not believe in the concept and have not found it to be truth. We have, however, found that there are many distortions of love and that each of you [inaudible] pray [inaudible] and is therefore [inaudible] intellectually. Thus, if you seek the kingdom of heaven, you cannot reason yourself then. You cannot contemplate or encapsulate or understand that which you seek.

There is another thing which is called faith, and this also is a very misunderstood word. But, my friends, that quality of the human heart comes closer to providing some insight into the process by which you may seek the truth than any other would.

We do not ask that you have the faith of Christians that in your tales from one of the holy books [inaudible]. We ask that you have the faith in yourself to follow your instincts, and to do what you feel is good and right.

You are here because you seek the truth. Beginning from that point, there is much, much to learn. But it is all learned within yourself. No matter how much you think to yourself you can never understand it. It is only through a combination of close observation of [inaudible] and analysis of the spiritual kind, and daily meditation or prayer of service to others, that your journey may be [inaudible].

We are aware that glass covers your hearts [inaudible], and that it is much easier to love from the intellect. It is easier to go to books of others [inaudible] than it is to simply compose yourself [inaudible]. We also realize that, in action, it is extremely easy to forget what you were learning. But we ask you to press on with the confidence in the self that comes from love. And although you have free will, you also have your roots on the metaphysical ground well-watered and loved. You have to reach for that love - to turn yourself to the sun to receive the light and such.

We ask you, as always, not to take yourself too seriously because you have a long time to grow, a long time to build yourself, a long time to follow the path. When you have failed, pick yourself up and be easy on yourself. And when you think you have done well to pick yourself up, don’t break your arm as you pat yourself on the back . And we ask you [inaudible] for what you are. You can only get in touch [inaudible] when you feel the love and know [inaudible].

I will pause at this time so that my friend may speak through this channel. I am Latwii.

[Thirty-second pause]

I am Laitos, and I also greet you in love. I would like to attempt to exercise the channel known as B and will attempt to [inaudible] if she will do that. I am Laitos.

[Fifty-second pause]

I am again with this instrument. I am Laitos. We are satisfied with the one known as B and we thank her for the contact and the chance to work [inaudible]. We thank you all for being willing to serve [inaudible]. At this time, we would like to work with the instrument known as C. I am Laitos.

I am Laitos. We would like to attempt again to transfer to the one known as C. We would like to make an adjustment to the [inaudible]. We will again transfer. I am Laitos.

[One-minute pause]

We thank the one known as C for his allowing us to move through him at this time. We are aware that he is somewhat confused, and we will continue to work with him. At this time, we would like to work with the instrument known as Jim. We would [inaudible]. I am Laitos.

(Jim channeling)

I am Laitos, and I am with this instrument. It is a gift to be able to speak a few words through a new instrument. It is necessary for new instruments to be able to put aside their analysis long enough to receive the thoughts which we send. It is not always an easy task for new instruments to accomplish. But with practice, it becomes much easier.

We again wish to thank this instrument for allowing us to say a few words through him. I am Laitos.

(Carla channeling)

I am again with this instrument. I am Laitos. I thank you very much for your patience, my friend, and will continue to work with you while our brothers and sisters of Latwii have a question period so that you may ask for information you would wish to. At this time, I will leave this instrument so that the one known as Latwii may [inaudible]. I leave you only in [inaudible], for you must know that we are all one being and I could no more leave you than you could your very being. I leave this instrument in love and light. I am Laitos.

[Forty-second pause]

I am Latwii and am very glad to be back with this instrument, who is kind enough to allow us to work with her. We thank her and each instrument that we are able to use. At this time, if you have a question to ask, please ask it, and we will attempt to share what information that we can.

I have a question. [inaudible] and I don’t know if I will be able to say this right. But she wanted to know if at this time, all souls that have lived on this planet are incarnated [inaudible].

I am Latwii and am aware of your question. My friend, if all of the souls that belong to the spheres of your planet were incarnate at this time, you would have a population problem. The incarnated souls on your particular sphere of existence is a very small percentage of the planetary consciousness, which includes entities from many levels. The inner levels of which we speak are known to you by many different names. The heaven worlds, of which there are seven general categories, are those closest to you. However, within your planetary influence, you also have higher beings who still remain with the planet and teach those who are open to inner teaching. And these seven levels are called by some among your peoples Devachan. And within each of these levels, there are many subdivisions, so that, as you can see, there are many, many worlds within your planetary sphere.

So, the answer, my brother, is that no - only the entities that need to incarnate in order to attempt to alleviate their karma and, shall we say, passed their testing at the end of the school grade which you are now finishing, are incarnate. It is true that there are many souls who wish very much to incarnate. The reason for this is simply that it is their last chance to work through their karma, as this instrument uses the word, during this master cycle. However, the total number of the souls who wish to incarnate is perhaps 8-10% of those who dwell within the lower four of the seven worlds which you would call the heaven worlds. This is a small percentage, indeed, of the total number of entities that belong on your planet.

Does this answer your question?

Yes, it does.

Is there another question at this time?

I’m curious about an experience that happened this morning and has for 7 or 8 years in my sleep in which I’m conscious of sleeping. It usually takes the form of a pulse of pleasure and pressure, focusing mostly in my frontal lobes and spreading through the entire brain. Occasionally, voices or visions that are difficult to discern appear as well. I’m wondering what this phenomenon is. If it’s valuable to growth or enlightenment. Can you shed any light on this phenomenon?

The instrument is aware of your question. However, she may have difficulty with some of [inaudible]. I am Latwii and am aware of your question.

The sleeping period of entities who dwell within the heavy chemical atmosphere of your density must have relief from the prison in which your physical body represents. In sleep this sustenance is possible. In most entities, it is not possible in any other way. And therefore, during sleep, you are instructed. We have gone over this material. However, in your case, due to your training, you have more of a sensory experience of being what this instrument would call “out of physical body,” which is indeed what occurs during teaching sleep. When you are in this state out of your physical body, the nature of your reality is [inaudible] becomes one, which is much lighter and is filled with energy. When the two energies of teacher and pupil–or two students learning together–touch, the pleasure of this contact is similar to an electrical experience. Although we cannot find in this instrument’s vocabulary the proper explanation of this phenomenon.

However, it is as though what you would call an orgasm in your physical body were the constant state of contact between any two entities who vibrate properly together, such as teacher, or two pupils studying together. Thus, as you are awakening, my brother, you are experiencing the last of this reality, as you reenter your physical vehicle and are able to enter into consciousness which looks out through physical eyes inwards [inaudible].

There are advantages to not having a physical vehicle. However, we assure you that each of you has chosen a physical vehicle because of the profound difficulty of achieving a true understanding of this extremely pleasureful, lovely, joyous union with the Creator. When in this vibration, you can bring that feeling, too, in your dealings with others, then you have indeed learned to serve the Creator in your brothers and your sisters.

Does this answer your question?

Yes. Thank you.

We thank you and apologize for this instrument’s lack of proper vocabulary. Is there another question at this time?

I’ve got a question of physical [inaudible], and that is: In life… I remember your saying [inaudible] the color is always [inaudible]. And I would like to know what you’d say about whether or not there are octaves of color [inaudible]… What I’m getting at is: is it possible that we see one octave of color? And, uh, just to get a sense of the next higher octave of color.

I am with this instrument. That is completely correct, my brother. However, you have not gone far enough in limiting your [inaudible]. You do not see a full arc of colors. You see a partial amount of colors that are available in your physical spectrum. However, there are instruments which can detect the rest of the octave.

You see through your physical eyes that which is needed for survival of the physical body. The physical body is, shall we say, a crude instrument that is very effective for [inaudible]. The octaves of color are, as far as we know, endless; and that is why we of Latwii have primarily devoted ourselves to cataloging colors of your various [inaudible]. We ourselves do not dwell in a [inaudible]. We go from color to color in the various densities of your planet as we work with each vibration to achieve proper understanding. For each of the creators created the spheres of energy to be unique. We have never found two that are the same. We are at this time dwelling in what you would call a type of blue, which we will now attempt to share with you.

We find it very helpful in our joint process of [inaudible] as this instrument would attempt to [inaudible]. Does this answer your question?


Is there another question at this time?


I am Latwii. My friend, I can only speak in clichés to you, but I will attempt to be helpful, for there is no more universal question than that which you asked. The way of the teacher is always to lead and to serve. If you wish your young one to walk the ways…

[Side one of tape ends.]

(Carla channeling)

I am again with this instrument. We think that she does that very well. I am Latwii. May we answer another question at this time?

[Thirty-second pause]

May we say to you how very pleased we are that you have not asked us any questions about the wars and rumors of war, and natural disasters, and earthquakes, and all of the things that seem to be on everyone’s minds, to the exclusion of the philosophy which we now teach. We are always happy to answer your questions on this subject. But to feel the vibrations of this group tonight, my brothers and sister, is a joy because we know that you are seeking at this particular moment, not in the realms of survival and physical understanding, but in the realm of seeking the Kingdom of the Father.

And as you know, we are one with you in the quest, whereas we are not too crazy about earthquakes. This is not to say we are not [inaudible] which usually is not very decipherable for precisely asked questions about the future. For the future, as you know, is always unknown until it is the will of the present moment.

If there are no more questions at this time, we would like to exercise the instrument known as A. Our contact is different from that of Laitos, and the instrument will have to tune himself to a somewhat higher pitch, for we vibrate in light rather than love. We would like to give an experience in this contact. However, we caution the one known as A to remain fully conscious, for we do not wish to violate his free will at any time. We will leave the contact for the one known as A. I am Latwii.

[One-minute pause]

I am again with this instrument. I am Latwii. We will again attempt to contact the one known as A. Our beam is much tighter and comes in at a sharper angle than those of Laitos and Hatonn. Therefore, it is a stronger beam, but one which must be more precisely [inaudible]. We will adjust to the extent of our ability to, which is not great, and again attempt to speak through the one known as A. I am Latwii.

(A channeling)


(Carla channeling)

I am again with this instrument. I am Latwii. We had originally intended to close through the one known as A. However, our vibration is very fatiguing to him, for he is not yet used to it. Therefore, we will say our goodbyes to this [inaudible]. We wish to press upon you again that you must enjoy yourselves a great deal and laugh at your misfortunes and your fortunes alike. For they are all material for your learning, and you may find the Creator in each and every moment. We realize that this is easier said than done, but then we assure you that [inaudible]. It is only [inaudible].

Now my brothers and sisters, we leave you in lots of love and light. We send you our happiness and our love from the boundless majesty of the Creator and His creation. We ask you to take what you can use from all of our words and, as this instrument would say, to chuck the rest and do precisely what you need to do. Know that we leave you always in the love and the light of the Infinite Creator. I am known to you as Latwii. Adonai. Adonai vasu borragus.