(Carla channeling)

I am Oxal, and I greet you in the love and the light of the infinite Creator. We of Oxal are members of the Confederation of Planets in the Service of the Infinite Creator and we, like the man whom you call John the Baptist, are drawn to you as messengers to bear witness to the truth as we know it. We are very grateful to be with you this evening and greet each of you and especially the one known as [inaudible] who is new to this group. We hope that we may say those things which you may need at this time to hear with your outer ears in order that your inner ears, the ears of your spirit, may be awakened to those vibrations which you have the most need of at this time. For although we speak through these instruments in intellectual patterns, the truth that we bring to you is so simple that it is difficult for your intellectual mind to accept it. Therefore, we attempt to find many different methods by which we may present this simple truth.


We are sorry for the pause, my friends, but this instrument was distracted. We now again have good contact again with this instrument. We do not speak to your group very often, but because we are of the vibration of light and yet closely connected with the vibrations of love, we are drawn to you on these days when your planetary sphere is bathed in more light than at any other time during the year.

We speak of a simple truth and we would express it to you by saying that to serve the Creator is perfect freedom. This, my friends, is a universe of love. The entities upon your sphere, being co-creators, have distorted that love in many ways. But if you can look about you to see the world the Creator has made for you, you can learn the lessons of love, of service to others that we bring to you.

The sun that rules your daytime and shines upon you so abundantly at this time of your planet’s travel about that sun offers its nearly infinite supply of light in service to all who dwell upon this planet that you call Earth. Without it your ability to survive would be negative for you are creatures developed in your physical vehicles to be adapted to that which the sun can give, its warmth and the life that it brings to plants, the evaporation that it gives to water so that there may be rain.

Yes, my friends, even your nights are illuminated by the reflection of the light of the sun. There is a darkness that exists in your density in order that you may understand the light. As it has been written in one of your holy works, light may come into a dark world and the world may not comprehend it, but still, my friends, it exists. The light of which we speak is love. For when we of the Confederation greet you in light and love we are saying the two manifestations of the one thing that animates all of creation.

And what is your role as you bear witness to a world of duality, darkness and light? For those of you who seek to know the truth, your role is one of seeking the light. For in the light is unity. In the light is love. And these things speak to the inner self of a deeper reality. Yes, my friends, it is true that some seek the dark and separate themselves from the rest of your kind and attempt to gain power over others of their kind. There is indeed power in darkness. The power that is in love, the power that is in light, is like the flaming wheel that moves eternally, unifying all those who seek its wisdom and its warmth. It is necessary that you gain firsthand knowledge of this light and this love through meditation or prayer. It is not enough, my friends, that you study, for study will not bear fruit without the catalyst of understanding. And spiritual understanding comes in silence.

Seek, then, within yourself that spark of the infinite love and light of the Creator and then, my friends, we ask you to make the giant step, to cease being observers of your own light, and to speak, when asked, of those things in which you may believe. We do not ask you to volunteer information or to press thoughts and ideas upon people who may not request these concepts, for each student is ready in his own time. But when you are asked, be courageous and speak of those things which are within you, bearing witness to the light in your own way and with your own words. For the kingdom which is called heaven by many on your planet is within you. And as you manifest it in your love, light begins to shine from you, and your being begins to touch those who may need you.

This, my friends, is the kindliest service that you can perform for your fellow beings. So be aware when someone asks for your aid, and plant the seed of thought where you may. It does not matter whether or not you may think that they have borne fruit for that is not within your provenance. It matters only that you have been true to the understanding that you now possess, just as we are true to the understanding that we now possess in sharing our thoughts with you.

We have greatly enjoyed speaking to you through this instrument. It has been some time since we used this instrument and we thank her for allowing us speak through her at this time. We will leave this instrument now. We feel the rhythmic exhalations of your spirits as they sway in gentle harmonious waves of meditation and we thank you for allowing us to mingle our meditation with yours. I am known to you as Oxal. I leave you in the love and the light of our infinite Creator. Adonai vasu.

I am Latwii, and I greet you in the love and the light of the infinite Creator. I send you the greetings and love of the entities of Hatonn and am standing in [for] him as a pinch hitter and am very glad to be with you at this time. At this time I would like to ask for questions.

I would like to know what the relationship between the mind and the brain and the will is, how they function together.

Ah, my brother Jim, you ask a difficult question. However, we are aware of the question and will attempt to answer it. The brain is a type of computer with various stages of programming. The deepest programs which have been termed metaprograms by some of your authors are those involving your survival, the reproduction of your species, your social position, and other items that are very big on the agenda of third-density living.

The mind is a function of the spirit which is an amalgam of the effects that a wealth of experiences in various incarnations have had upon the basic spiritual personality. This mind is a collection of biases, emotions and feelings. Depending upon the uses to which the mind has been put in prior incarnations, it may consist of [a] large intellectual factor or little intellect. It is, however, a mind function rather than a brain function. However, standing between mind and brain is that which you call the will. If a person does not use the faculty of his will there will go into effect an automatic metaprogram which will cause that person’s mind to become linked to his brain in a fashion predetermined by his circumstances.

Thus, native intellect, native biases, native emotions, which are brought in from the immortal spirit may be completely buried in the personality of the brain due to lack of will. However, in some instances the faculty of will is developed in the individual and in those cases the mind is able to impress its own metaprogramming much more carefully over the basic metaprogramming of third-density survival mechanisms. Any changes in metaprogramming will be developed and successfully completed by the use of the will.

As you sit here this evening you are exercising the faculty of will. It has been written, “Seek and ye shall find, ask and it shall be opened unto you.” The will is that faculty of seeking, desiring and wishing. When it is developed to perfection, the will of the individual becomes the will of the Creator and you become a clear channel so that you may function through your mind and not through the lower programmings.

Do you wish to question us further on this subject, my friend?

Just one follow-up. It seems occasionally when I think intellectually on a topic that I wish to share with someone—my feelings of that—and then forget that topic for a while—hours or days—and then speak to them later without thinking of it, a continuous flow of information occasionally occurs that I was not aware it was there. Is that the release of the information of the mind and has the will been used there in that process?

I am Latwii. That is correct, my brother. As you yourself described, preliminary to the experience of the information flow, you had the desire to share this information. What you desire you will get. Thus, we always remind you to take care in your desires. For you will receive all that you desire before you leave this density.

Does that answer your question, my brother?

Yes. Thank you.

We thank you. Is there another question at this time?

May I ask what level you come from?

We are happy to share with you our level, however we cannot take it as seriously as some. We are at a level you would call six. You are at a level called three. We are honored to be able to speak to you. We have not been able to speak to a group before this and are enjoying the contact very much, although we realize we still sound a bit awkward. Do you wish us to speak more about the level six?


What would you wish to know, for as you can imagine there is much to say about any vibration or dimension of existence.

Does level six as opposed to level three have to do with understanding?

I am Latwii. No, my sister. Level six is not the level of understanding. Level six is a level of light or enlightenment. We do not any longer understand. Rather, we are. We exist as light and dwell as light beings. Our ability to be has made us into what you would call scientists within the Confederation. We are attempting to monitor and understand or feel, as you would say, all of the sub-densities of light that are within your planetary sphere in each of the seven octaves of your density.

We are enjoying this greatly, for [you] see, because in the end all things are one, those who feel become the best technicians, as you would say, and those who are the best at what you would call understanding or wisdom work best with philosophy and the understanding of the personality. This would be backwards from what your vocational advisors would tell you in your high school. However, as one becomes more experienced one learns that the skills that seemed to be the best for scientific endeavors are those best suited for abstract thought and vice versa.

Thus, we who are light beings feel your universe and are able to place that feeling or enlightenment about your creation into our central bank of thought which you might call a very, very vast computer. The dimension of love is level four. The dimension of understanding is level five. The dimension of unity is level six. Our teachers come from the dimension of unity. We do not know if there is an end to the progression for our teachers do not know this. But that is what we can tell you.

Does this aid you in your understanding, my sister?

Yes, thank you.

We indeed are grateful to you for allowing us to share with you what little we do know. Is there another question at this time?

I would like to ask a question. Is there truth in the science of astrology?

Ah, my brother, there is truth in everything, but truth with a capital T is found in nothing. We are aware we must be more specific but this is a very important principle which we would like to share with you. There is no truth in your density. There are intimations of the mystery of truth which you can find in every rock, in every scene, in every face, in every word that you may hear. But truth, as this instrument would see the cartoon character standing upon a pedestal marked “TRVTH” does not exist in your illusion or maya.

Now to astrology. The planetary configurations are as they are. And this in itself is a truth. That there are basic confluences and influences having to do with the stars and the planets and the relationship to each individual is also true. The confusion comes in most cases when one attempts to find too much truth in what is only the type of predictive statement, “Cats like to chase mice.” Well, my friends, this is quite true of many cats. However the cat seated upon this instrument’s lap runs from mice and indeed most other things.

Just so with the indications of an astrological chart. The chart is one of a general geography. It may show what particular material you might best work upon in smoothing out a rough personality, in determining the dynamics of a personality conflict between two people, and this sort of general use. However, to use it predictably is to assume that the universe is mechanical and predetermined and this is patently false. The universe is in the process of being made at all times and you have complete free will. Regardless of the road map you can always strike off cross-country. You can develop your own version of yourself. Again the question of will, as the one known as Jim brought up, is very relevant here. To the one who does not exercise his will, influences such as those of the stars will, along with the influences of mother and father and friends and experiences of all kinds, shape the individual pattern. With meditation and the application of the will, those things which are desired, freedom from any confines, astrological or otherwise, is assured.

Does this answer your question, my friend?

Yes. Thanks.

We are pleased. We see further in your mind, however, that there is something we should [answer] which is not particularly relevant to astrology but is relevant instead to a general mass of predictive pseudo-sciences which are grouped under the term occult or metaphysical.

You must understand that there are individuals whose psychic abilities may remain largely unknown even to themselves but who use astrology or Tarot or other occult mechanisms in order to focus their abilities to see clearly those things which may help the individual. In those cases the so-called astrologer sees much more than in a chart, the reader of Tarot reads much more than cards, and so forth. When you run across an individual such as this, recognize that individual for what he or she may be and treat the information accordingly without putting too much stress upon the mechanism by which this information…

[Tape ends.]