(Unknown channeling)

[I am Hatonn, and] we greet you, my friends, in the love and light of the infinite Creator. It is a privilege to join our vibrations with you this evening. We are especially pleased to be able to make our initial contact through this instrument for that is an important part of his efforts in channeling at this time.

We would speak with you this evening a few words on the subject of the Earth changes which you have been discussing this evening. We are aware of your great interest in this phenomenon which has begun upon your planet. We would suggest that those people who shall survive the Earth changes which are approaching rapidly will be in great need of guidance, even more than they are now, for your reality shall, in the twinkling of an eye, be changed radically and such an event will have drastic effects upon the mass consciousness of your people.

We would suggest that at such time it will be critical for the survivors to be aware of a greater reality, the reality of our unity each with the other that none are cast out alone on stormy seas, that even when the worst imaginable events have been played to their finale upon your Earth’s stage that even then and especially then we are all one. Such survivors will be in great need of those who have traveled this path of peace, this path of seeking the truth. These pilgrims who are well acquainted with that path will be of invaluable service to those who are fortunate, shall we say, to survive the changes imminent upon your plane. These people will be in great need of the light which those such as are gathered here this evening will be able to share in their efforts to share the light that has been sparked within their being.

We are hopeful that the messages which we are transmitting at this time concerning Earth changes might be of help to those such as yourselves to prepare not only your own beings but to prepare for the showing of the way inward to those who shall need such directions greatly.

We would at this time transfer this contact to another channel. I am Hatonn.

(Carla channeling)

I am Hatonn, and am now with this instrument. I greet you again in love and light. We were attempting to communicate through the one known as Don for he needs the practice in order to regain his fluency as a channel. However, he is somewhat fatigued and quite disinterested in making the effort to communicate as a channel at this time. Therefore we gladly move on to this instrument.

In the days ahead you will find that the decisions which you as spiritual beings make will be the keynotes to the decisions upon the physical plane which you then must make in order to carry out your spiritual plan. For those of you who have consciously worked on seeking out your own identity, whatever happens to you will therefore be of a much different timbre and feeling than it will be to others for it will be seen differently by you. You will find yourself being changed and, since growth is always painful, you will experience some discomfort emotionally and mentally as you adjust to new conditions of living. But those of you who are destined to live through the first changes and to be some of those who are as rocks amid the quicksand will be able to view and deal with these discomforts in such a manner as would befit your state of mind.

As you know, we are a planetary consciousness and therefore it is not surprising that we suggest that those of you who desire to aid the planet during these times of change find groups of like-minded people and work as a community. For it is in community that your best abilities both to survive and to be a center of light will be realized. We would not be so specific as to indicate that we can see into the future and say which of you will and which of you will not be existing in this density at any particular time. We are attempting to give you guidelines to follow so that the vibrational change and its after-effects that you are already experiencing will not seem overly traumatic, in fact, will seem to be in some ways a ray of hope. For you will see people turning from their previous sleep and awakening to the brevity of their physical lives and to the next obvious question: “Will I survive the demise of my own physical vehicle?” This concern alone in a time of difficulty will have many seeking answers. Therefore, we encourage you in your dedication and are with you whenever you ask.

We would leave this instrument at this time. I leave you in the love and the light of our infinite Creator. I am Hatonn. Adonai vasu borragus.