(Carla channeling)

I am Hatonn, and I greet you this evening in the love and the light of the infinite Creator. We who are in His service do thank you most heartily for allowing us to be with you this evening. This evening we would touch briefly upon an aspect of service. We have been concentrating in our talks with you upon the discovery of your inner self and of the seed of love within you. This evening we would talk about love in action, for there is no tree planted without help, and crop gathered without reapers. We have cautioned you many times not to be aggressive or abrasive in your contacts with others. But we would speak to you this evening about the confidence of the knowledge of who you are and whose glory you may manifest in this Earth world.

It is a responsibility to know, for then you must serve, and we would like you to be aware that in each contact that you make you are manifesting the Creator in some manner. When you think back, my friends, to the point in time when you yourself became aware of the kingdom of the Father and of all that there was to gain from the knowledge and the being of it, you will understand how precious it is to be able to share that experience with others. It is written that there is great joy when one lost sheep has been brought back into the fold. More joy than all ninety-nine of the other sheep engendered for they were already found. We encourage you not to be elite or apart from the world in which you live. You may see yourselves as somewhat different only because you have become conscious of who you are. Use your being to allow those about you to dwell in such an atmosphere that they too have the potential of realizing who they are also.

If you see those about you as perfect beings, you are seeing them clearly. If you see and react [to] them in their emotional, mental and physical illusory patterns, you are not seeing them clearly. You are not then allowing them the freedom to reach the point which was so precious to you when you reached it. It is true, my friends, there is often nothing that you can say, little that you can do to help those whom you meet. But there is much that you can be and much that you can conceive in your mind as the identity of those people who may to the outer eye be less than perfect.

To your inner eye, my friends, to that patient, timeless, inner eye, each being is perfect, manifesting in the eternal present. Give that gift in love, for you are disciples of a path of service. And to expend all of your energy upon yourself will block you from gaining more understanding. You must use what you have learned until it becomes a part of you, until it becomes second nature.

We would like at this time to transfer this contact to the one known as Jim. I am Hatonn.

(Jim channeling)

I am Hatonn, and am with this instrument. We have been speaking of the pathway of service and we would say to you that this is a path which few of your people have chosen to travel. The path which is most frequently traveled is the one which seeks only self-gratification, the attempt to fill what is understood to be the self with the material wealth of your people and of your culture. The filling of the self with things which have matter…

We would suggest a pause for…


I am Hatonn, and am again with this instrument. We welcome the new members of our group this evening, and hope that they will forgive us for beginning in the middle of our presentation. We have been speaking of the pathway of service that so few of your people have chosen to follow, the pathway which we suggest for your serious consideration, for to serve is to allow that gift of the infinite Creator the energy which courses through your various bodies to continue its flow and to be shared by your fellow creatures. So few of your people have been able to discern the nature of service, for their ways have been circling round, shall we say, unto themselves so that the energy which is their daily gift of the Creator stays only within their being as they seek to fill themselves with the various material rewards of your third-dimensional world.

It would seem to the surface observer that the things of your world are indeed worth pursuing, for so many pursue them and so much is made of their possessions. But we would suggest to you that as you go forth in your daily round of activities that you consider the fact that each person you meet is the Creator and what else can one do, when one knows that he or she is also of the Creator, other than serve the Creator? My friends, what else can one do other than serve the Creator?

We would leave you with this question. We would now transfer this contact to the one known as Carla. I am Hatonn.

(Carla channeling)

I am Hatonn, and I am again with this instrument, and greet you all in love and light. We give you but very poor food, my friends, for we must speak to you in words. But as we have said, we hope you have food for thought for the path of service as opposed to the path of non-service is an illusion and one which you must only come to grips with within yourself. We cannot express to you the paradoxes of your illusion, the difference between that which seems and that which is, for many are the actions which look the same and yet are diametrically opposed in intention and in effect in the thought world.

Therefore, my friends, look to your thoughts and let your thoughts create your actions, not the other way around. Above all realize that you are in a divine flow of perfect love into which you may tap as into an ever-flowing fountain cascading, scintillating, full of light, full of energy. It is easiest to do so in meditation, although there are other ways having to do with service to your fellow beings and a realization of the unity of us all. We ask you this: choose. At any moment that you can, stop and choose. It is your path, it is your illusion, it is your thought, it is your action. Refresh yourself in meditation on a daily basis and live the joyous life of love in action.

Before I leave this instrument I would like to pass among you aided by my brother Laitos, in order that we may make each of you aware of our presence and offer you our conditioning. If you would appreciate our help in deepening your meditation or in strengthening your ability to do channeling work in the future, please ask mentally for our presence, for we are in the room at this time and will pass among you. We will pause at this time. I am Hatonn.


(Carla channeling)

I am Hatonn, and will speak through this instrument just long enough to say that I and my brother Laitos thank you for the privilege of working with you. We would leave you now that one of our brothers in the Confederation of Planets in the Service of the Infinite Creator may speak. We leave you in the love and light of the infinite One. I am Hatonn. Adonai vasu.

I am Latwii, and am with this instrument and greet each of you in the love and light of the infinite Creator. We have been waiting eagerly to be able to speak to your group this evening and would like to ask if there are any questions which we might attempt to answer? Are there any questions?

Yes Latwii. I have been confused with the idea of whether… I’ve been chanting a few years, you know, high mantra and which I call the maha mantra, and I was speaking with some Jesus followers, and there is always this conflict in my mind. Is mantra OK, and is the eastern path OK, or should I just surrender with being a follower of Jesus Christ as the master? And then in my mind I go, well, I guess it’s the same path, there is no different path. But I have always this conflict, and I hear so many things about, oh, [it] is devil worship in meditations, and then the Jesus people say, Jesus [has] already been through all this so you don’t have to believe in karma and past deeds. And so could you please help me in my mind to ease it up, the confusion?

I am Latwii, and am aware of your question, my sister. We would suggest that the path which you would most benefit following is the path of your own choosing, that if you choose to do one exercise or another matters really very little, for that knowledge which you seek, that source of energy within your being is where it is, and it calls to you for you are one with it. And if you follow that inner voice you shall arrive at that destination.

Your path may wind around various trees in the woods, around various incantations or postures or beliefs, but shall surely bring you to that center of yourself. All of the various foliage, shrubbery of the woods, is there for you to enjoy along your path as you choose. You may pick one or another or many or various ways in which to enrich your journey according to your own interests. There are not what might be called right or wrong choices, for all will bring you to the destination which you seek.

What we would suggest in easing your conflict of mind is to simply experience that which is of interest, experience that which seems of value and examine it with your own thinking. Meditate on it within your own being. Ask sincerely which path is most beneficial for you to follow and you will have your answers, for you are at this moment one with your answers.

May we answer you further, my sister?

Thank you, Latwii.

And we thank you. Is there another question?

I have a question, Latwii. I’ve read that greenhouses can be used to improve a person’s health, and specifically I’ve read that incorporating a seventh part of blue glass, with the rest being clear, has a beneficial effect on the health of plants and animals. Can you tell me anything about this?

I am Latwii, and am aware of your question. We will do the best that we can through this instrument to make an answer for you, my brother. We would suggest that the color blue is, indeed, a beneficial color for growing living organisms, for the blue provides what might be called a coolness to the light of your sun, which is in its unaltered form of a hot nature, that there is a need by most living creatures to experience a combination of cool and hot light. To provide a balance in their growing cycles which is not available when the plant is in the open sunlight unshaded, we would suggest that adding the blue part of the color spectrum to a greenhouse would indeed be of value for any plants which you would grow therein. As we have mentioned before through another instrument, this would be more properly termed a bluehouse.

May we answer you further?

Yes. I’d like to know if there would be any benefits for elderly people, particularly arthritic, in such an environment.

I am Latwii, and would answer you, my brother, in the affirmative, for all living creatures would benefit by a closer interplay of their lives with various life-forms, for each life-form, plant or animal or mineral, has certain ingredients, shall we say, that are somewhat lacking in the other life-forms, and by combining various types of life-forms in one location there is a balanced exchange of various chemicals and vibrations of light, shall we say.

And the elderly of your people are especially in need of an expanded contact with various life-forms, for the elderly of your people are most frequently excluded from experiencing a variety of life-forms, and are most frequently placed in seclusion, so to speak, and therefore would benefit greatly by experiencing the vibrations and energy of plants and animals and the natural environment.

May we answer you further, my brother?

No, thank you.

We thank you. Is there another question?

Yes, Latwii. Of course you are aware of the movie, “Close Encounters,” and is that [inaudible], is that what you people use to express? How much of that movie was the true thing, and also the part of the Indian chanting, is that a special chanting you people… you know, that sequence with the sounds, it’s real pretty. Is that for real? I mean the whole thing was real, that’s the way it happened, that’s the way it goes?

I am Latwii, and would answer you, my sister, by saying that movies such as the one which you have mentioned, “Close Encounters,” have utilized a variety of the data, shall we say, available to those who study the UFO phenomenon, as your people call it. There have been many ways that your people have been contacted by beings from dimensions and other parts of your universe. Many of these have been documented over long periods of time and are well known to many of your people.

We would suggest that those which were used in this movie were a compilation of various contact methods and our own Confederation of Planets in Service to the Infinite Creator have used a number of contact methods, most frequently the telepathic contact which is now being used, and those used within the movie are not very frequently used by our Confederation but are contacts of other beings.

May we answer you further?

No, thank you.

What sorts would the other beings be?

I am Latwii, and would answer you, my brother, simply by saying that for thousands of your Earth years we of the Space Confederation have been observing your people. We have been observing the interaction of your people with other beings as well and have attempted to, shall we say, quarantine your planet so that various negative energies could be worked out, so to speak, upon your plane. These energies are not just from the outside, shall we say, but have been attracted to your planet by the condition of your people on its surface, and there is the necessity for certain energies to find their fruition and to find reconciliation. Therefore, we can only say that the other beings are other beings not of the Confederation.

May we answer you further?

No, that’s fine.

Is there another question?

I have another question, Latwii. I’ve recently heard that there is another group of entities that are known as the Nines and I would like to know whether or not, having an affinity for knowing myself, it would be useful for me to get in touch with them or in contact with that [inaudible]?

I am Latwii, and would answer you, my brother, by saying that your decision to contact any group or any resource must come from within your own being, and is best made there within your own knowing and being. Therefore, we cannot suggest that you do or do not make an attempt to contact those beings of the Nines. We hope that you will consider all such choices carefully, for they are your own choices.

May we answer you further?

Yes. How would I go about contacting those entities known as the Nines?

I am Latwii, and would suggest that any contact with any group begins simply by being open to that group or concept. This is all we can suggest in this matter.

Can we answer you further? May we answer you further?

No. I think I’ve about had it for awhile.

Is there another question?

Yes, Latwii. I’m curious on the subject that I read myself and speculated on—immortality. Like, I understand that there is the mind and your mind sort of creates the body that you reside in. So if that is so, why do we choose to die? Why [is] there the urge in men that we create this body, and the Creator gave us this body, and then it had to perish with disease and old age? Can you explain that?

I am Latwii, and would answer you, my sister, by simply saying that it is an illusion that you live within and an illusion that you die when you leave, for while you are upon this stage in third dimension of material reality you play many parts. Each requires certain basic costuming. Your physical vehicle is a requirement for this particular stage and this particular drama. When you leave this stage and pass from this third dimension you will no longer be required to continue carrying certain burdensome costumes, your physical vehicle being one of these, that you are indeed at this moment immortal, that you have been for all time and beyond all time immortal and existing within the creation of the infinite Creator and that when you pass from this particular illusion, this particular stage, you will merely change roles and costumes as you have done so many, many times before.

May we answer you further, my sister?

Yeah, there’s one thing. What if somebody is so diseased, you know, the illusion of disease, and they choose, for instance, to self-destruct their own body and pass on. Is there sort of like a punishment, or is the choice being that somebody choose to leave their body by means of suicide, or is that a way to go that is a safe way, or is that playing games, or can [you] explain suicide and that sort of illusion?

I am Latwii, and would answer you, my sister, by saying that of the various illusions and games and roles and learnings which each of your people undertake upon your plane, all are illusion, yet do teach. All are chosen by each of your people for their own unique and personal reason, reasons which vary widely from one to another. That within this range of learnings of illusions, of games which are played upon your stage, some teach one thing and some another. And some teach different lessons to different entities depending upon the reasons which the entities [have that] began that illusion.

That, in general, it may be said that each choice which a person makes is the choice which will teach the perfect lesson for that moment. We would suggest that many stresses, so to speak, are encountered by your people as each plays their chosen role, and that each moment each person has an infinity of choices of how to continue that role. Some become overwhelmed by the heaviness and the burden which they have created in their role, stepping too far into the unknown, so to speak, or taking on too much of a challenge it would seem and thereby respond by the path which is described as suicide or the taking…

[Tape ends.]