(Carla channeling)

I am Hatonn. And I greet each of you in the light and the love of the infinite Creator. May we thank you for inviting us into your circle to share your love and your light.

May we also inject a piece of pertinent information which we feel that the newer channel and the one who is relearning old skills might find helpful. It is the custom of our channeling preparations to use the most experienced channel as a sort of battery to enable the less experienced channel or one who is rusty to achieve more distinctive contact with us. Therefore, we urge each of those who are working on their channeling at this time to make use of the battery of this psychic generator known as Carla in order that when you are working by yourself you will have gained the confidence that you need. We are very interested in creating an atmosphere in which you feel very comfortable with the vibrations of the various entities of the Confederation and feel able to discern them. If you pray aright in the name of the one known as Christ you shall receive a properly tuned contact. Therefore, we leave this instrument and again, work with another instrument. I am Hatonn.

(Unknown channeling)

I am Hatonn. And I am with this instrument. And greet you once again in the love and the light of our infinite Creator. It has been our practice to begin our contact sessions with an opening message which is of general concern to those which are gathered to hear our thoughts. That this evening we would speak a few words on the subject of love as it is experienced or as it may be experienced in your daily life.

We would suggest that you carefully examine a concept which you now know within your being as love. We would ask each of you if that concept is clear to your own thinking and feeling. We would ask you to examine your concept to consider whether it is free of conditions. To examine, to discover, does the energy known as love flow freely through your being? Does it flow as the river, without interference? And if, in your examinations, you perchance discover blockages in the flow here or there, from whence come these blockages? Examine carefully, my friends, for though love is the basic power and motivating source of the universe, still it may be blocked by individual perceptions and behaviors.

And it is not always easy to allow a concept or the energy of love to course through one’s being and wash all perceptive blocks away, for frequently we would wish as individuals that it would flow one way or another. But as you examine within your own being how it is that it flows through you, we would suggest examining the course and the channel and the way in which you allow it to flow. Are there constrictions? Are there blockages? If so, how best removed?

For, my friends, we would suggest that though preconceived ideas of the world might make the mind feel better, the unimpeded flow of the energy of the Creator is the greatest feeling of freedom which an entity can experience, for the flow has within it the wisdom of the Creator. And each of the creations of the Father is as a vessel which holds and allows this energy to be. Each of you people are as vessels, are as channels which allow or restrict the flow of this energy of the Father.

We would at this time transfer this contact. I am Hatonn.

(Unknown channeling)

I am Hatonn. I’m with this instrument. What you call the beginning of the Creation [inaudible]. The creative energy creates all there is. It is channeled through each individual, controlled only by an individual’s thought. This is the natural or normal way. Creation, all the planets, all of the vegetation upon the planets, all of the animals that inhabit the planets, all of the birds that fly in the sky, are all thought forms brought into what you call reality by direction of original creative energy directed through the co-creators that inhabit the universe.

Each of you has this power and always has had it and always will have it. All of your fellow beings on the planet you call Earth have this ability. One thing, my friends, is necessary. To act as the perfect modulator or filter. The all-inclusive force is the creation. Only one thing, my friends, is necessary: that is to think as your Creator. Many lessons have been given those of your peoples who dwell upon the surface of the planet. Lessons to bring them back [inaudible] to that place, to the original [inaudible] state of perfection of things that’s normal.

There are things that have occurred that the people of your planet have called miracles. And yet these are normal activities. If you wish to perform a miracle, all that is necessary is that you do so. Each of you, like everyone that exists, has the ability to do anything [inaudible]. All that is necessary is for you to think the original Thought, become one with that Thought, to open yourself as a channel to the infinite energy of the universe. Become in tune with its song. My friends, that song is a song of love. That is the song of the universe. Become receptive to that song. Hear it. Be one with it.

[Tape ends.]