(Carla channeling)

I am Latwii. Ho, ho, ho, this was intended to come through another channel. However, we needed to begin with this channel in order to give confidence to the one known as Jim. We greet you through this instrument in the love and the light of our infinite Creator. We are at the same time extremely glad and extremely sorry to be speaking to you instead of the brothers and sisters of your special teachers, the ones of Hatonn. However, this group entity has again returned to its duty, working in the Far East, as you would call it, working against the spread of disharmony upon your planet.

We have been conditioning the one known as Jim while we have been speaking through this instrument and we would again attempt to speak through the one known as Jim. We leave this instrument, in gratitude for her quick senses of inner listening, and in hopes of speaking through her many times in the future. We thank this instrument. I will now leave this instrument. I am called by your group, Latwii.

(Jim channeling)

I am Latwii, and am with this instrument and we greet you, once again, in the love and the light of the infinite Creator.

We are pleased to be able to make this contact through this instrument, for we are aware that this instrument shall be away from this group in the near future, and is desirous of being able to continue this service as he embarks upon his journey. And it will be necessary for this instrument to be able to initiate contacts with the Confederation and with our vibration when he is on his own.

We would speak a few words this evening upon the subject of harmony, for the vibration and condition of harmony is one which is not frequently found upon your planet, as is evidenced by the condition of your world situation at the present.

Harmony is that state of being in tune with the infinite Creator, which is achieved by desire, a desire for unification, a desire for knowing and experiencing that fullness of being which is the Creator within. Harmony is that force which helps to unite people in their relationships with each other, but it must be sought before it can be found, and it is unfortunate, but it appears that few upon your planet seek harmony, for it is an endeavor which includes the welfare of those around you, and most of your people are pointed in the direction of their own interests and meeting them as best they can, fearing there will not be enough to go round.

The state of being, within the individual, which leads to harmony, is the same state which opens doors to any step of growth within the individual, and that is the receptivity, the openness, and the desire for attaining such a state. It is often too easy to think only of the personal needs, desires, wishes, beliefs and other codes which we set up for ourselves as we judge our lives. It is far too easy to consider only what one wants for oneself, instead of how to blend one’s being with another in the state of harmony. We would suggest to those who are desirous of attaining that state of harmony to consider that it is a state which is achieved with others; a state which is achieved in cooperative effort as individual entities blend their energies with each other; a path which usually entails a type of compromise of positions, so that each may share with the other a common position, and the sharing of the position, the belief, or the place, is that which is harmony within that concept.

We would suggest to those seeking such a balanced point with themselves and with those around them that the first step is to give: to recognize the needs, rights and position of those close about you. And that this state of giving, and accepting, and recognizing, will be reciprocated by those with whom you are in close contact. For the state of giving is based upon the concept of love; that to give is to share that which is love, and that which is love is recognized by the inner being of those to whom it is given, even though it may not be given directly as a gift of love, but may begin in more modest ways by the simple recognition of another person’s needs. We would suggest that harmony is that process whereby people in close communication join their beings even closer by agreeing to accept each other as they are and to work from that beginning point in a constant balancing of the needs, ideas and beliefs of each party.

We would, at this time, pause for a moment as our brother Laitos passes among each in your group and makes his vibration available to those in need of deepening their meditation and of becoming familiar with the vibrations of the Confederacy. We speak specifically of the one known as L, who has expressed this evening a desire to become a channel.

We pause for a moment as our brother, Laitos, passes among you.


I am Latwii, and am once again with this instrument. We would, at this time, like to open the meeting to any questions. If any present would have a question, we would do our best to make an answer. Are there any questions?

I was reading some cosmic awareness communications ideas, which have been run down by some people in the East, and I really have no doubt as to the truth of it. But I know that they are not, precisely, in the same company with you guys, and I was wondering what view was among your particular branch of the Confederation of [as to] what’s happening here. What about the great concern for the survival of leaders? Does that have some kind of implication as to what will happen at the New Age vibrations, with a lot of old vibration people surviving?

I am Latwii, and am aware of your question, and would answer you, my sister, simply by saying that the most appropriate phrase for this particular phase which your nation and those individuals who lead it are going through would perhaps be that the first shall be last, and the last shall be first; for those who would seek to gain the whole world and yet lose their souls, what in truth and in spirit have they gained?

For to hold onto that which is of the material world, that which has, up to this point in the evolution of human history, been unable to completely fulfill human entities upon your plane, to hold on so tightly to that which is of the material, is to focus the energies of one’s being in a direction which is likened unto building a house upon sand. And we would suggest that those who engage in such activities and have no concern for the welfare for those whom they are governing—or those whom they have been chosen to serve, those whom it a privilege to serve—these shall find that not only shall they not be serving such people or be in such high positions, but shall find themselves at the bottom of the pit of their own being, which they have dug with their own hands.

And we would suggest that the new age shall see many different responses to the flow of energy which is now sweeping over your planet. And you may expect to see the most absurd of dramas appearing upon your world’s stage, for all the energies of the universe, it would seem, shall be sweeping across the stage of your planet and you shall see many wonders. But those energies may be channeled and focused into creative elements and centers by those who are truly concerned with serving those who are their brothers and sisters. And to focus in the direction of the spirit is the means by which true survival shall be attained.

May we answer you further, my sister?

Well, I had a couple of other questions, which you may answer at your discretion, of course. I was—I’ve been very impressed by the Cosmic Awareness things that I’ve read, and I was wondering what your relationship in the Confederation was to this particular source. Is it a planetary source within the Confederation? Is it another source? What is the relationship between the two?

I am Latwii, and am aware of your question. And can answer best by suggesting that the source of which you speak is a source which is most well known to those who are familiar with the works of Edgar Cayce.

The source which is known as Cosmic Awareness appears to be simply that; an awareness of the being—the state of being—which is described as Cosmic, or of the Consciousness of all being. And this source of information is now proceeding to reveal unto those of your people who are concerned about the new age the pathway or process by which each may attune to these universal forces which we have spoken of as proceeding into your reality with such great speed at the present time, so to speak.

We cannot say whether the information revealed by this source is correct or incorrect, for it can never be known at the moment information is given whether it is correct or not, for the mere giving of information alters the situation which is being described.

We would suggest with all sources of information, including especially our own, that those who are contacted with information of this nature consider carefully within themselves what they themselves believe, to evaluate carefully on your own concerning what you are reading or hearing, and to make those judgments in light of competing or opposing information. For, within your world, you will discover there are infinite sources of information, and it is your task as entities upon your planet to sort and sift through the infinite variety of information available, and to choose that which speaks within your own being.

May we answer you further?

Yes, my brother. Then I see that confirms what I thought about Cosmic Awareness. It did seem to be a planetary vibration in that, like the Cayce vibration, it comes from a much higher plane, inner plane, of our own planet, close to the akashic records. I was—I had pretty much of an idea in my head as to the type of information that they were giving and why they gave that type of information, as opposed to the philosophy that you give, and I was just wondering if you would care to say anything on that subject in confirmation, or changing, of what I had basically thought.

I am Latwii, and would add only that information of a specific nature is most difficult to express clearly, for the future, as you know, is never fixed. Directions, propensities, tendencies and likelihoods of directions of energy, are the most easily pinpointed and transmitted information, but to say where an infinite variety of energies will eventually coincide is very difficult and is a task which we of the Space Confederation do not attempt with these types of contacts, for the distortion factor would soon cause our information to become nearly worthless.

It is for this reason that we attempt to give the basic groundwork and basic philosophy of love and light which we feel are so important to your people at this time. We do not feel that the revealing of specific names, and dates, and places, and events is most beneficial to those in your meditation group, for this information can be attained elsewhere and we would be most pleased if we could, in our effort, plant the seeds of meditation, of love, of light, and of the seeking of the divinity within each of your peoples’ being. We would suggest that sources which are focusing in the area of more specific information can be of great value, but must be carefully evaluated upon their performance, and we would suggest being very cautious in the area of accepting without further investigation any specific information which is attained, wherever it might be obtained.

May we answer you further, my sister?

Well, just a little bit. I would like to thank you because I think you do work with the basic things and teach us love and light. But I just I wanted to check out the Cosmic Awareness people, because I was interested in them at this point. I made a few basic assumptions: number one, that they were planetary; number two, that they were giving more precise information because, being planetary, they had a right to do so; and number three, that they were able to put their probability guesses through because of the particular configuration of one channel, Paul Shokely. A lighter trance, the type of contact that we have with you, would never work for that type of information, that it would take a different vibration.

If you want to confirm any of the three—you already confirmed the first one—I just wondered about the second two.

I am Latwii, and we would conclude our comments upon this subject simply by saying that the particular type of trance which is used in this contact of the Space Confederation is most beneficial to the type of message we have to offer, and [we] are also appreciative of the efforts of those who would use the trance medium, for such an entity is indeed able to transmit information of a much different frequency or nature than that which we are able to transmit through our light trances, as you have spoken of them. We would suggest to those who wish to become more familiar with the contact situation to investigate the nature of meditation on their own, so that they may themselves discover what varieties and types of information are available within their own being.

Are there any other questions?

No, thank you.

I have a question. You are aware of my desire to learn more about channeling and to serve as a channel. I would ask for advice on how to proceed on this path.

I am Latwii, and, my brother, we will answer you simply by saying that to desire this type of service is the most important ingredient for those who wish to become channels. For it is indeed a service that you render, and within your own being it is necessary to search and to seek that you might be made an instrument, and might kindle within yourself that desire to share the love and the light of the infinite Creator, which resides within your being.

And we would suggest as well a daily system of meditation of your own design. We would suggest meditating at the same time each day, so that you might develop a pattern of relaxation and communication within your own being, so that you might find within yourself that point of centering from which you might be of service.

We would also suggest that a simple prayer might be used to ask that divine guidance be with you as you serve, and that you might be made an instrument of that service of the infinite Creator. We would also suggest that frequent experiences with a channel who has experience, such as those present this evening, might be of use in making the vibration of the Confederation more familiar to you.

May we be of further service?

You’ve answered my questions.

We thank you. Is there another question?

No, thank you.

We are very pleased to have been able to speak these few words and to share our thoughts through this instrument with you this evening. We would at this time take our leave of this instrument and, as always, we leave you in the love and the light of the infinite Creator. I am Latwii. Adonai, my friends. Vasu borragus.