(Carla channeling)

I am Latwii, and I greet you in the love and the light of our infinite Creator. The desire for our words is strong this evening and we have been called in quickly. Therefore, we will pause in the middle of our message that you may as a group yet attain a deeper state of oneness. We speak to you because of your need to hear and because of our growing understanding of the difficulties of your peoples at this time. When we first spoke to you as a group we did not understand these difficulties. We knew that the people of your planet dwell within a heavy chemical illusion, but our previous study had been of the various vibrations of what you would call your heaven worlds. They too are troubled, color fading into color, the qualities sometimes distressed, as you would call it, muddying the water of your higher plane. But as we come into your minds, as we enter your domicile and join you in meditation, it is as though we were inside a deep well. And we understand the claustrophobia of those like you who, knowing there are other ways to live, must live in this well, this deep well of sorrow, limitation and lack.

This instrument does not understand why I am giving you this message at this time, for she herself is not sorrowful. Yet she is a faithful channel and will speak what I ask and what I give. We sound this somber note because we wish to tell you that although we can only be your companions in sorrow, lack or limitation, we do know of a reality that dwarfs the illusion in which you now live, and that is available to you through meditation. We know a very simple truth. It is so simple that we are laughable for speaking it to you, for all we have to tell you is what you already know. Many have said it before us. Love is all that there is. Light is the manifestation of love and each of you are vibrating in some area of light, not only in your physical body, but in your thought body and your emotional body and in your spiritual body.

Some of you are more harmonious than others at this time, and we can see you as the song you have just listened to said, as a kind of chord of being. And yet all of you, my friends, emanate it and will return to the one perfect light, the one beingness of love. In fact, you have not left. This trip, this journey, is an illusion which you have created because you have chosen not to be aware of the original Thought of love. This is your right and you have a great deal of help within the illusion which you now enjoy.

There are almost no people to whom you may speak of simple things. Almost all of those who attempt to speak wisdom unto you speak a complex wisdom, one that breaks down so that reality forever recedes before you. The truth, my friends, is simple. Through this instrument and others we of the Confederation have many times urged you to meditate daily. We do not do this because we feel that a ritual is helpful. We do not do this because we desire to convert any being from any path that he or she may be upon. We do this because this is all that we can do that is not a complete distortion of the truth, for in meditation you simply listen. It is written in your holy works, “The place whereon you stand is holy ground.” You carry your tabernacle and your meaning with you. It is a bag you can never leave behind when you pack. It is an item you will never have forgotten when you unpack. All that you are able to forget is how to find that simplicity which is yours in meditation.

When there is something that is troubling you in the physical world, it is often very handy to take an implement such as a pocket knife and remove it, be it the hanging thread or whatever else has begun to seem shabby and extraneous to your needs. There is a great deal in your thoughts that is of the same quality, and meditation has the same effect as a good sharp pocket knife. It cuts through a good deal that you would not be able to cut through by the use of your intellect, in order to bring you to the present, to infinity, to love.

I would pause at this time that you may experience in silence the force of that love. I am Latwii.


I am again with this instrument. I am Latwii. We are continuing to use this instrument in order that the one known as Jim may be more fresh when we get to the questions. This instrument is well suited to our message this evening.

We speak to your planet of sorrow. If we could, we would be upon our knees with our hands outstretched to you, for it is time. If you are going to pursue the life of a student of reality, if you are going to attempt to be one who loves with the love of the Creator, it is time now for you to decide and to do it. We realize that we have been speaking for many years of those things which are to come, and we cheerfully admit to you our inadequacy in understanding your time frame. But we cannot see any more daylight, as you would say, between the events that have been triggered by your planetary consciousness and your own paths. It is time, my friends, for you to be what you will be. There will be an hour in the not-so-distant future when you will be what you have become. And, like it or not, my friends, that will be your time. Becoming will temporarily be at an end and whatever you have developed up until that point will be your sensitivity, your resource, and your sanctuary.

We see down into a well. We do not see very well. Therefore, we ask you to come into the kingdom now and each day in meditation that you may spend as much time as possible in the light and the love of the infinite Creator, for in those days which are to come you will be called upon to be what you hoped to be. We offer you every assistance, as we of the Confederation wish nothing more than to aid you in your realization of the illusion and the way out. We will speak to you many times, for we have infinity. But we speak to you now in your bodies heavy with physical matter, and we send you our sympathy and our urgent message: seek love.

I will again pause that the one known as Laitos may touch each of you who requests it with his presence. I am Latwii.


I am Latwii. I am again with this instrument, and greet you once again in love and light. Having delivered myself of such a solemn message, I was looking forward to answering some questions and perhaps being able to spread a bit more cheer. However, we are having difficulty contacting the one known as Jim. If he would relax and allow our thoughts to flow through him, we will again attempt to contact him. I am Latwii.

(Jim channeling)

I am Latwii, and am with this instrument, and greet you all once [again] in the love and light of the infinite Creator. We are very pleased to be able to make this contact at this time and would ask if there are any questions which we might attempt to answer. Are there any questions?

I have a question. In the time I have attended these meditations I have never known you to seem depressed—what we would call depressed—or to feel the sense of urgency that you seem to project tonight. Are there events here on our planet which have prompted this that you can tell us of or events in the near future that we would wish to be aware of?

I am Latwii, and am aware of your question, and we would answer you, my brother, by saying that there are, indeed, events occurring upon your planet which require an urgent attention. But they are not events which have happened only recently, for the history of your planet is one of strife, is one of sorrow, is one of struggling for the material rewards which your reality has to offer. Your planet’s history, the history of your people, is now culminating in the dramas which you may observe occurring upon your plane each day of your existence. You need only look carefully at those sources which are available to each of your people as the bearers of news and the occurrence of events around your world, to know that things are not right, so to speak, that there is a great growing of tensions among the various peoples of your world, that these tensions have as their roots thousands of years of motion, and this motion, this energy, this direction is now coming to its full bloom, so to speak.

There will be days in your future in which you will have to ask yourselves whether you have changed realities or if you are still existing within what you thought was your world, for the events occurring upon your plane at this time are of such a nature that they are changing the reality of your people very greatly and very quickly. We suggest that each of your people look carefully at what is occurring, that you make your decisions as to your path of action at this time, for in the very near future there shall not be the time for consideration and careful reflection.

Therefore, we bring this message of a solemn note it would seem to you this evening that you might prepare the way in which your spirit shall travel, for we wish that each of your people might know love and know that love for each other, for that simple action of love is the action which has so long been absent from your planet and your people.

May we answer you further, my brother?

I have further questions, but I’m not sure what they are. I’d like to wait until later. Thank you.

We thank you. Are there any other questions?

Yes. I’d like to know in relation to what you’ve just expressed if there are any signs that you can tell us that would signal us to run for cover, so to speak?

I am Latwii, and am aware of your question, my brother. We again would make the suggestion which we have made so often to your meditation group, that you engage yourselves in meditation daily, that you look within your own being for the signs, the directions and the answers which are necessary for your survival, that daily meditation is the most efficient means for tuning in to the energy of what might be called the flow of events, and that by so tuning your energy and your vibration into your planetary vibration you might most accurately decide which direction you shall proceed in.

May we answer you further, my brother?

Yeah. I’d like to know more specifically what you were referring when you said that there would be a time when whatever we had would be all we have, and we would be more or less frozen in that position. It wasn’t very clear to me what you meant, and I’d like elaboration on that.

I am Latwii, and would answer simply by saying that as you progress upon your own spiritual path, you also are a part of the collective consciousness of your planet, and that there will be a time in your future in which the vibrations of the consciousness of your people shall receive an input of energy, and this input of energy shall signal the end of the old age and the beginning of the new. And within this experiencing of the energy, if you have chosen the path of light, you shall be catapulted, so to speak, in that direction. If you have chosen the direction of darkness, of separation from your own people, from your planet, the direction that so many of your people now seek, those so seeking shall also be catapulted in that direction, that whichever choice you have made you shall receive that choice manyfold by the increase of vibrations of energy that shall be made available and is being made available daily more and more upon your planet.

May we answer you further, my brother?

Yes. I just want to ask one more question and then I’ll be quiet, and that is how is Hatonn doing?

I am Latwii, and would report to you that the efforts of your most beloved teacher, Hatonn, are realizing more of their purpose, but there is still great difficulty in making the leaders of the various nations aware of the possibility of love becoming a part of their foreign policy.

May we answer you further?

No, thank you.

Is there another question?

Yes, Latwii. I’m being kind of split lately with the idea of having to return to my country, Brazil, due to the fact that my father is ill and I feel the need to be there right now and also I feel the need of being here. And it flashed on me a few times that I might have a strong purpose of going there more than just my father being ill, and if that is so would you give me some light on that or reassure me that I’m right, or would that be a good time for me to leave right now, and why is it that I feel so much strong power about being there in that part of the country, of the world, right now?

I am Latwii, and am aware of your query, my sister, and can only answer by saying that the feelings which you express as coming from within your being are those feelings which you must follow according to their strength, that we cannot give you directions as to where you must be but again may only refer you to the wisdom that resides within your own being, for as you yourself express, you are aware of that wisdom and have begun to tap into its energy, and we encourage you to continue to follow your feelings and to consider carefully within meditation the direction which is right for you to follow at this time. We are sorry that we cannot be more specific, but it would be an infringement upon your free will, your right to make this choice yourself.

May we answer you further, my sister?

No, thank you, Latwii.

We thank you. Is there another question?

I have a question. From what you were saying to E, I have a whole new thought that what you’re basically saying may be that already, since the new age has already begun and is growing stronger every day, already the time for contemplation and the potential for choosing and for growth is diminishing and the time for action is more and more so that we begin to learn more and more through service and have less of a potential difference between where we are and where meditation will take us. Is this true? Is our understanding beginning even now to be based on our actions?

I am Latwii, and we would answer by saying that you are correct, and, to amplify, we would also suggest the analogy of the gardener, that to reap the desired harvest one must plant the seeds; that seeds, whatever their character, do take that illusion time to grow, and there is a season for growth and a season for harvest. Previous to this time your people have had many seasons in which to sow the seeds of love. Too often other seeds have been sown, too often weeds have been allowed to grow, too often the flower of love has gone unwatered. And now we suggest once again that the season grows short, and those who have not sown the seeds of love, have not made the decision within their being, deep within their being, to follow the path of light and to serve their fellow creatures as best they can, that the time for such to decide is now, for there is only what appears to be a single season remaining for the seeds of love to be sown.

May we answer you further?

No, thank you.

We thank you. Is there another question?

I do not have a question, but I would like to know if it is appropriate to react, to share my feelings about what you are saying?

I am Latwii, and we would be most privileged to experience your understanding and your feelings.

I found myself reacting as I heard your answer to what E was asking. I could not accept what you were saying. I hear part of it, and it is beautiful, the growing new age, but what I have mainly difficulty to get into is that I hear [Latwii] dividing the world, the universe, into good forces and bad forces. I just cannot get into this idea that there is something evil or wrong that we have to overcome. I think there is just nothing evil, and somehow it is our illusion [inaudible] our [inaudible] and that everything, everything is love, everything is light, and we don’t have to do anything special, you know, it is just really nice, and I would like to be able to meditate every day, but I do not think that we have to tell everybody to do that because working, even fighting, just all this must be done. And just [inaudible] out a word like “weed,” you know, what is a weed? A farmer looks at something as a crop and something else as a weed, but a doctor or somebody who is in herbs will look at something like, you know, an unusual or not useable plant and look at something else as something really useable. So…

[Side one of tape ends.]

(Jim channeling)

…to our message to consider what part of the message has value for them, and to take that part and to use it and to nourish that that they hold within their [own] being to be of love, and to take the part which they do not feel and to simply brush it aside as the chaff is brushed aside from the berry of wheat.

And we are very grateful to you, my brother, for your sharing of your feeling, for it is very important, we feel, for each of your people to be able to share openly that which is within their being, and we encourage each of you in this endeavor.

May we ask at this time if there are any other questions which we might attempt to answer?

I have another question. Am I correct in assuming that the division of humanity in the near future that you refer to will result in a physical death for part or all of humanity?

I am Latwii, and would answer you, my brother, by saying that the division of humanity which you have mentioned is a division that is not preordained. It is a choice that each of your people make, a choice which each of your people have a right to make, and there shall be many experiences each on an individual level, each occurring in unique ways to each of the people of your planet. The experiences which each of you shall go through shall be chosen by you, by the way you choose to live your life; that there are many events which await your people. Many on the physical level in the realm of Earth changes shall indeed result in what is called the physical death of many of your people, but these changes and these experiences as well shall also be by the choice of those, each and every one who experience them, for free will is a foundation stone upon which creation rests.

May we answer you further, my brother?

Can you give us a time frame within which the physical occurrences will begin?

I am Latwii, and would answer simply by saying that the physical changes in the surface of your planet have already begun and shall accelerate in intensity as time goes on. As we have said many times in these messages, we are unable to pinpoint the exact time that any event shall happen, for your future is never fixed, and it is only possible for us to see the direction of energies as they flow, as your people individually and collectively make their choices for how they shall live their lives.

We have suggested before that the decade of the eighties which you have just entered shall be the decade of great changes. As the midpoint of the decade is passed and as the decade of the nineties approaches even greater changes, with more frequency of the various Earth disturbances, shall occur and that some time after the year 2000 your planet shall experience the great change which is known as the polar shift. Beyond this we cannot give more specific information for we are unable to see that clearly or that far into what you would call your future.

May we answer you further, my brother?

No, you have placed it in a perspective where I can deal with it now. I thank you.

We thank you again. Is there another question?

I have another question, and that is that there is more and more talk of war these days, and what I’d like to know, is it possible that we are close to nuclear war?

I am Latwii, and am aware of your question. We would suggest, my brother, that there have been many times which your people have been close to that which you call nuclear war and there will be more such occasions, and as you have correctly assumed, such an occasion is upon you now. But we would suggest it is nothing new, but is now more visible so that more of your people may see this possibility and may work in their own way to resolve the tensions which bring this possibility onto the center stage.

May we answer you further, my brother?

No, I don’t think I have to ask any more questions.

Is there another question?


I am Latwii, and if there are no further questions we would take this opportunity to thank each and every one of you for allowing us the privilege and the pleasure of speaking to you in your meditation this evening. We are always honored to be asked to share our vibrations with your people and would gladly resume such transmission at a future date. We would suggest a pause for a moment.


I am Latwii, and would close by saying that should any of you desire our presence in your meditation we would be most happy to blend our vibrations with yours. We are creatures of service and seek to serve in whatever way is made available to us. I am known to you as Latwii, and I leave you in the love and the light of the infinite Creator. Adonai, my friends. Vasu borragus.