(Carla channeling)

I am with this instrument. I am new to this group. I and my brothers are members of the Confederation of Planets of Service to the Infinite Creator. We have been having difficulty giving our name to this instrument. She is aware of this name and does not believe it. However, I am Monka. We are aware that this instrument feels that previous communications which she has heard from our source were unsatisfactorily legitimate. However, this was due to the editing of your peoples of a real transmission.

We are what you might call sociologists; we would not call it that. We share with you now what we would call it, insofar as words can be messengers of concepts, too deep for the bearing of words. We share with you a looking into the mirror. Yes, my friends, you cannot look away from the mirror. Look away from your mirror and up to the stars. The stars are a mirror. Look away from the stars and in the face of the person you like the least. Aha! A mirror. Look into the eyes of those you consider robots and thieves. Look into the mechanisms of you government. Behold the mirror.

How little you know of yourself, my friends, if you do not know that all things are you. When you study, what do you study? Whatever it is, you are studying yourself. Stare deeply into yourself. Leap at that mirror. What do you feel? What do you deny? You are looking in a mirror. You are looking at your shadow. Drink it. We know that each of you is concerned for this planet. And we have great concerns for your peoples also. We have attempted through other instruments to give you an idea of proper society, proper economics, the proper raising of children, the proper structures of a society based on the love and the light of the infinite Creator. We do not say that we have failed, for we are looking in the mirror, also. And we know that our image is infinite, and failure is far too finite of a concept to consider. Unfortunately, at this time, so is success. I am Monka.

I introduce myself to you and offer what little I have to say. I am as wordless as a fly upon the wall. But I can only urge you to continue to be both merciless and idealistic, both fierce and tender, for those who love mankind must indeed use the sword and the embrace. Look always straight and without sympathy at yourself wherever you may find that manifestation in the mirror of your existence.

We have probed both of the other instruments and find that perhaps it would be better if we worked a bit more before we attempted contact. Therefore, we will pause for a brief moment and reestablish contact with another instrument if he will accept our somewhat different form of vibration. We pause in love. I am Monka.

I am again with this instrument. I am Monka. We will return to this group if it is desired by those of you who are here. We do not feel that we can come to all of those in your group, however, this group has the proper tuning. Would you desire for us to return at another time, my brothers?


We are gratified to find our poor presence requested again and therefore will indeed again come to you. It is our honor to leave you with all of our love and light, as messengers of the one infinite Creator of the universe of one Being. I am Monka. Peace to you, my brothers, and love.

I am with this instrument. I am Latwii, and greet you in the love and the light of the infinite Creator.

We have been attempting to speak through the one known as Jim, however, we find that his attention is somewhat divided at this time. And we feel that perhaps we could be of some service to him, by offering ourselves to him in case he would like to ask any questions at this time.

I am having some difficulty in picking up your vibration. Last night I had some difficulty with E and B. I am wondering if there is something I could concentrate on or if there is any special interference on my part that is occurring. Could you shed some light on that, perhaps?

My brother, that is our business, and indeed our very nature. However, we will also attempt to make some sense as well as shed light. The difficulty you are having is transient and has to do with the feelings involved in departing and beginning a new phase of existence. Perhaps this has already occurred to you on the conscious level, however, it may not have been clear to you at this time what is occurring to you at this time on the unconscious level in your character.

You are setting the stage for your own act to come with some precision and a realization that the curtain rings down on the previous act. In one’s life this is a momentous time and you are in the fortunate happenstance of being aware of it and even enjoying it. You may have noticed that those about you who are not as consciously developed on some of the finer realms as you in disciplines of the personality have been quite upset. This will occur when you consciously make changes in your existence. Those who understand will simply flow with your experiences. You are fortunate in having fellow pilgrims. It is possible that this difficulty may occur again, and we would forewarn you that you not be upset. If it occurs in the future you must not doubt your contact but must instead be aware that there will be those to whom you may speak who seem very interested but who do not wish to know that which is not already known to them.

We cannot speak where there is resistance, whether it is conscious or unconscious. We are, however, always with you and if you cannot receive us verbally you can always feel our love and our light, as you feel it at this moment, my brother. We are aware you are having difficulty receiving these words. But can you indeed feel the power of the Creator’s love at this moment? We ask you then to remember and trust our contact. And know that the difficulty you are having at this moment will pass quickly. The difficulties you will have in the future are the difficulties shared by any instrument. That is our absolute desire, never to infringe upon the free will of any individual.

May we answer any other questions you may have?

I have a question concerning the message we just received from the contact Monka. It was a very interesting message and one statement was made that we should look into the mirror without sympathy for the reflection of ourselves that we see. I was wondering if it was possible for you to explain that or shed a little more light on that? I’m thinking in the realm of having affection for ourselves and accepting ourselves also as we look into the mirror. I’m having some difficulty balancing looking into the mirror without sympathy but also looking with affection.

I am Latwii. We are glad you speak of balance. The one known to you as Monka was attempting in the way of your world to give you some idea of the eye of the Creator as it is filtered through the tree of life, which is the tree of duality. When there abounds too much sympathy, when sympathy becomes too sentimental, when sympathy becomes self-pity, when sympathy becomes denial of a part of oneself, it is then that the surgeon’s knife must come out. You must cut away that part of yourself that cannot be merciless in accepting all that there is in yourself. When you deal with that which has no sympathy, with that which is indeed merciless, with the murderer, with the rapist, with the terrorizer, then, my brother, balance with sympathy.

The one known as Monka spoke of a cosmic mirror and the eye as the symbol of all that there is. If you look into the mirror, you see yourself as you really are. But most cannot look into that mirror, even into their own eyes, for they become quite frightened. Therefore, it is a very strong allegory for the great oneness of mankind. To love oneself fully is to know without mercy the folly of the depths of one’s heart. It is to know and accept without mercy the deepest and most degrading parts of one’s being.

For they are not fantasies, my brother. They are all being acted out against the stage of this experience on your sphere of existence at this time. As we speak to you in cosmic gentleness, many terrible things occur. At this very moment, can you cry mercy? No, my brother. You must stand without sympathy and accept the totality of your being, and then pour love from the Creator into that world, into that merciless darkness, with every iota of your being.

For only when you know total mercilessness, in your estimation of the situation of your being, can you be truly a channel for love. Spirits are lovely but the sturdy who stand astride the world of illusion, of pain, of limitations of all kinds, and against that illusion take up the sword of love. Ah, my brother, there is the soldier that shall conquer in the name of love. We hope that this elucidates the theme of our brother of Monka.

May we answer you further?

No, Latwii, that was very beautiful. Thank you very much.

[A dog is howling outside.]

We thank you and the dog thanks you. Is there another question at this time?

Not at this time. You have answered my questions very thoroughly.

We are glad, my brother. We will at this time surround you in our vibration that you may carry a charge with you and fear no more that you could ever lose our contact.

I will leave this instrument at this time. I leave you in love and light. I am a fool called Latwii, poor messenger of the infinite Creator. Adonai vasu.

[Tape ends.]