(Carla channeling)

I am Hatonn, and I greet you in the love and the light of the infinite Creator. It is a great blessing to be back with you. Indeed, we have been back for several days, and have been looking forward to the opportunity of speaking to this group, and are very pleased that you are meeting.

We have had some success in causing some of the leaders of those peoples whom you call Russians to envision a more spiritual view. However, we are sorry to report that on the whole we have met with what this instrument would call a resounding rebuff. And [this] causes us to become very [weary,] as we have our energy reflected back to us with much negative energy added. We have been retired from that particular duty once again, and are able to return to you.

Although this instrument is somewhat puzzled at the change in program, we would like to open the meeting to questions at this time. Is there a question that we may answer for you?


I am Hatonn. We were aware this was very centrally upon your mind at this time, and we feel that it is one of the central questions, because it adds into one of the central occurrences of the dawning of the new age. Therefore, we wished to focus upon this.

This instrument is experiencing some difficulty, partially due to the depleted state of her physical energy, also partially due to her lack of personal understanding of this problem. However, we shall continue through this instrument, for we have a good contact. And we caution this instrument to be calm, and do her usual job without regard to the nature of her communications.

If you can picture with me the formation of mineral crystals, you will be aware that there is a great deal of rock that is not at all crystallized, and is therefore relatively insensitive to delicate vibrations. This is analogous to a large portion of the peoples of your planet, who feel the new vibrations of what you may call the “golden age,” but whose crystallization of purpose or intent in seeking the path of truth and the love of the Creator is so truncated that it does not matter to them and they go about their business and lead the lives that they would lead, their relationships being guided almost entirely by their needs for procreation, companionship and financial aid. This governs the relationships of most of those among your peoples.

When these conditions are not met—when finances are inadequate, the procreative instinct of one does not suit the other, or the need of companionship is not agreeable to both—this type of union will cease.

Now we move on to your question. There are seeded among your peoples more crystallized souls or spirits who are much more oriented towards reflecting and refracting the light and the love of the Creator. These are people of magnetism and illumination to some degree or another, and are committed each in his or her own way to the path of righteousness, as this instrument would call it.

However, it is the nature of most crystals to be flawed, and the delicate vibrations of the golden age are such that each crystal will begin to disintegrate to a certain extent along the flawed line. It is within the free will of each of these entities to rebuild their crystallized entity in such a manner that the flaw no longer exists. However, this is extremely painful. It is much more common for the individual not totally understanding the purification that he or she is going through to blame the pain of transformation upon those nearest the entity.

Thus, many who are undergoing personal and individual purifications in order to become purely crystallized and free of flaws on the path to what you would call mastery are interpreting this pain as having to do with a relationship, rather than recognizing that the problem is completely personal, and is no reflection upon any partner, child or situation. This is the great contributing cause to the many seemingly synchronous relationship difficulties that you are now observing and indeed experiencing.

May we answer you further, my brother?


I am Hatonn, and I understand your question, my brother. You must address yourself to the fact that each individual has a path of his own. The individual who spoke in this wise to you is an individual whose nature sees things in a very simplistic way. Having once experienced relationships, and again experienced relationships, and again, this individual has determined to his own satisfaction, by simple experiment, as he would put it, that spiritual union does not exist for him, and that it is his fate to be alone. He may well be surprised when fate offers him a spiritual partner whose energy balances his own.

The simple truth is that each individual comes into this illusion that you have in third density to learn specific lessons. Some of them involve a large degree of loneliness. This does not have to do with the new age, this has to do with the choice of lessons by the individual. There are some individuals who have a great need to balance the love vibration with a wisdom vibration. Thus, they spend time alone working to become more self-disciplined and more wise. They are therefore unable at some particular point or perhaps for a large amount of time in the illusion to experience true spiritual union. Others spend their entire lives involved in spiritual union with partners due to the fact that their orientation attracts such partnership.

There is no right or wrong path. There are two poles to the love and the light of the infinite Creator. One is love, the other wisdom. Love is a female vibration, and wisdom male, if you would use those terms. We feel it will be helpful to you to understand what we are saying for us to use those terms. It is more characteristic of the male energy to be wise, and more characteristic of the female energy to be loving. Neither will be of service in becoming a channel for the love and the light of the infinite Creator without some balancing agent of the other. And in order to achieve mastery, the two must come into balance so that each male has the female energy totally balanced within his nature, and the female the male energy totally balanced within her nature.

It is basically, shall we say, nearly impossible to achieve mastery alone. Those who achieve it, for the most part, work with a partner. This is the true basis of spiritual union. This is the true yoga, for the female and the male to work out together the lessons of love and wisdom. For love without wisdom is wasted on foolish things. And wisdom without love is hollow, and foolish also.

Thus, at the end of this illusion, as you begin to achieve a mastery of this illusion, you will undoubtedly have done so through the unions that you have experienced in your lives during this cycle. Therefore, it is of course incorrect to say that there is no such thing as a spiritual union in the new age. Indeed, spiritual union is what the new age is all about. However, there are those individuals who must experience solitude, until they have reached the point at which they are ready to open themselves. Then the opener, that is to say the partner, will appear, and they will be caught up without doubts or prejudice.

For such is true union, that it is impossible to ignore. It is a characteristic of your peoples, that bitterness, as you were pointing out earlier in your conversation, is a by-product of age. It is unfortunate that some distill this from their experience, for it is not a healthy drink. Far better indeed, to let the bitterness go, and enjoy the beauty of each moment.

The entity who has spoken to you is indeed cleansing himself at this very moment, day by day, and will in time not be bitter, for his soul is a sweet one. He is simply discouraged over what he sees as failure on his part. However, when the entity has vibratory difficulties, it is not failure; it is simply the pain of growing. It is sometimes unfortunate that during the growth process, that which could be saved is lost, but almost always, this loss is for the purpose of freeing the individual for a relationship or an understanding that he needs more.

Therefore, what this instrument would call initiation through purification exists for those entities who are ready to work upon themselves. And the currency of this work is most often pain. It is in time balanced by joy. The nature of this illusion is polarity. Thus, your perception that spiritual union with a partner is not obsolete is certainly a proper one. However, this does not indicate that everyone will always have a partner, for there are times when solitude is necessary for growth process.

Remember that you are a continuing soul or spirit, and that this particular incarnation, in this particular illusion, in this particular space/time, is merely one small part of the circle of yourself. Thus, it does not always make sense day by day, but you must look at the greater picture and see the greater cycles that you experience knowing that that which you need will come to you and be unmistakable.

May we answer you further, my brother?


We of Hatonn thank you, my brother. We are pleased that you will work with what we have said. It is our greatest blessing to share our humble thoughts with you. Please know always that what we say to you is not infallible, and never trust anything that we say above your own instincts, anymore than you would trust the voicings of the opinions of a brother or a sister, for that is all that we are.

We would, before we leave this group, attempt contact with the one known as L, that he may experience our vibrations, not through computer, but directly. Thus, we will close through the one known as L. I am Hatonn.

[Tape ends.]