(Unknown channeling)

[I am Hatonn.] Tonight we have been successful in contacting a new instrument and we are pleased that he was going to step out on his faith. We of Hatonn are willing to adjust our being if it is difficult to discern for this instrument. We will pause for this purpose. I am Hatonn.


I am Hatonn, and I am again with you. We have adjusted our being and we feel that we are more closely aligned with this instrument. At this time, we would like to share with you a story of our past.

At one time, we of Hatonn were a warlike nation in that, although united as one planet, we were divided into many sects that strove to dominate or control the planet. We chose to combat one another in our efforts to achieve this control, however, none were able to dominate and all were weakened by the struggle. Finally a point was reached in which we of Hatonn were destitute. We had destroyed all of the resources that our planet had to offer and were unable to kill one another simply because we no longer possessed the raw materials from which to construct further weaponry. At this point, we had also destroyed our food chain and were near starvation. In many ways we were, at that time, very similar to you as your planet is today, fixed upon oblivion.

We discovered that our survival as a priority superseded all other priorities and that the requirements for survival became very obvious: regard each man or woman as one’s own brother and share with that brother as you would with your wife or husband or child. Our decimation became, in this manner, our strength. In our choice, in our choosing to reduce our planet’s ability to support life, we inadvertently chose a very strenuously spiritual path, that of loving through forced sharing. Perhaps this may not sound very spiritual to those listening to our words, however, then we learned that sharing was more valuable than surviving. We obtained a vibration level that enabled us to both sustain our bodies and at the same time, progress beyond physical needs.

We share this story with you not in pride, obviously, but in encouragement. Small though your numbers may be, those of you who have grown beyond your brothers in your desire to love and share will be able in destitution and poverty and in starvation to mold and guide the growth of your race but only if you keep faith with your feelings. We feel that it is necessary to encourage you at this point because the time draws near when your strengths will be called upon and tested severely. Many of those strengths in many of you are already being tested at this time.

We love you in the manner of brothers who can only watch and encourage and advise you as you grow and we desire that your growth be rapid and as painless as is possible. However, what you call growing pains will occur and are occurring now that you may adapt yourselves to the experience of pain without taking the pain within and clinging to it as one would a valuable jewel or possession. All things pass, as will your pains even if they pass as a result of your death on the physical plane. Do not let this death or these pains worry you. They are merely tools with which the universe shapes the final product which you so desire to become. I am Hatonn.

(Carla channeling)

I am Latwii, and I greet you also, my brothers, in the love and light of our infinite Creator, in whom the hope of consciousness lies. We are grateful to our brothers and sisters of Hatonn for enabling us to visit with you once more for we are very, very fond of this group and greet each of you. We are here for the purpose of answering any questions that you might have at this time. Is there a question at this time?

Latwii, I have a question or more correctly a group of questions. I have some friends who receive information of a teacher such as possibly yourself, however the advice they receive often conflicts with what I receive from you. This has aroused my curiosity. I therefore ask you about their teachers and about the level of competence of these teachers and how much they should be believing.

I am Latwii. My brother, may we answer the last question first for it is the most important. You are not to believe any teacher. You must believe your heart. This is a simple truth but important to your advancement. There is no true teacher but yourself, for there is no one but yourself. All the information that comes your way does so for a purpose. Out of it you take what vibrates to you as proper. The rest you discard. This is true of all information, including the owner’s manual of your car. You must not separate any information from any other information or treat some information as priority. This is only information that we are giving you. We do not consider ourselves, shall we say, a higher source. We are your brothers. We have had experience. We share it. It may not help you. It is as simple as that. We now go backwards and answer the first question.

We are a source that is not connected karmically, shall we say, with your physical planet or its finer planes. We are messengers or angels, if you will, in the service of the infinite Creator. We are a variety, but we are all one in His service. We do not have the right by the law of the creation to interfere with the free will of any of those upon your planet, although, in an advanced group, we can sometimes give information or confirm information for those in that group, knowing as we do that those advanced students will not believe us unless they wished to and if they believe us they already believed when they asked the question. Therefore, we are not infringing upon free will.

Those connected with the Cosmic Awareness Group and others whose information you have been acquainted with are a planetary source. This source is not a bad one at all, but you must understand it is no more to be believed than the owner’s manual of your car, which most often will get you out of tight spots but is sometimes incorrect due to misprint, a torn-out page, or the book being for the wrong model.

This often happens with planetary consciousness such as this Awareness Consciousness. It is aware, in part, of the akashic record. However, it is filtered through the egoic vibrations of the interpreter. Therefore, there is an element of human awareness in this awareness and that particular human is somewhat alarmed about the practical side of things.

It is perfectly all right to consider any information that you may wish to. How much better it is to follow your heart and do not give the slightest amount of worry to various bits of data as they occur but merely be intelligent and knowledgeable of the only tool that you have for analysis upon the physical plane, to use it correctly. That is, use your intellect correctly. Collect and store data and observe further data to see if it fits various patterns. This will inform you [that] by far the most important group of data in your life is your thoughts and actions. The printed page, the spoken word, may be paranoid, inspiring, extremely interesting or dull, but it is basically irrelevant compared to the data of yourself, your thoughts, your beliefs, your biases and the actions that you take towards those about you.

You are like a web shining in the light and you weave yourself moment by moment. Do not compare teachers. They are all lacking. Listen to the wind, and attentively weave your life from the strands of love and light the Creator has placed at your momentary disposal.

As to your second question of the three, we do not feel that it is necessary for us to evaluate sources of information. Perhaps you do not agree with this and would like to question further, but we feel sure that you are following our drift, as it were, and understand that it is not interesting to us to evaluate our brothers who are attempting to be of service but who have a different point of view, terrestrial rather than, shall we say, heavenly for our kingdom is the universe and that which is upon your ball in space is of interest to us only as it affects you in your growth and evolution.

May be answer you further my brother?

I have a different question now. In examining my understanding of the concept of reincarnation and karma, I felt that in each situation one encounters, there may be a lesson which is confusing. The lesson itself might be more clear if I understood some of the things that I had returned to learn. For example, if I had returned to this Earth with one lesson as objective to learn not to kill and I were consciously aware of this, it would be perhaps easier to complete the lesson or to learn it fully.

Is it possible for you, first of all, to determine what an individual’s lessons are for this lifetime and second, if it is possible, are you allowed to share that information with the individual to help them further their growth?

I am Latwii, and I am with this instrument. It is possible, my brother, for us to scan the various bodies that you possess and to discover thereby the patterns which you brought into this incarnation. It is not permissible for us to give you the answers to the examination before you have taken it. We are not in the business of crib sheets, and you must view your lessons as just what they are: things to be learned.

There is a shortcut and you know it well. Release all the lessons, all the worries, all the distress, and all the confusion and meditate. We cannot emphasize your daily surrender to the Infinite enough times. If you have that much faith in yourself to work upon yourself by opening yourself to yourself, your confusion, your problems, your karma will take care of itself. You may notice that you are foolish quite a lot and spend a good bit of time regretting it. That is because you are on a third-density planet. It, in effect, goes with the territory. Do not worry about it but turn instead once more to the Infinite and be enabled by contact with love to face with joy the total folly of your existence, if it seems so to you. Enjoy yourself, my brother. That is the highest advice that we can think of to give you. Laugh and love and be. What you came here to learn you will only learn by embracing this life with love.

The other part of your question has to do with karma and much is partly understood about it, which makes it very difficult to explain. It is commonly understood to be another way of saying that as you sow, so shall you reap. It is much more clearly seen in the context of forgiveness.

Karma is, very simply, action. There is a law in your physics that says there is an equal and opposite reaction and this can be true unless a higher law of creation is invoked. And that law is forgiveness. If you can forgive yourself or if you can forgive another you have eliminated that much karma. You have nulled the action and there will be no reaction. This is what the master known as Jesus was exemplifying. He stopped the wheel of karma and so may you, without being quite so dramatic.

We thank you. Is there another question at this time?


We would find it difficult to answer a snore, therefore, we will leave this instrument, wishing you only the infinite capacity to laugh as you tread the path of spirit. We leave you in the love and light of the infinite Creator. I am Latwii. Adonai vasu borragus.

[Tape ends.]