(Carla channeling)

I am Hatonn, and I greet you, my friends, in the love and the light of the infinite Creator. It gives us great pleasure to welcome the ones known as C and D to the group once again for we have not had the pleasure of meditating with you for some time in this group although, of course, we are always with you. We may make it known at this time that we appreciate those who meditate at this time in other places to join this group in its meditations and are with them also.

It is said, my friends, that the one known as Jesus was incarnate by a virgin and was made man and dwelt among men and by them was crucified. This, my friends, is a much misunderstood story, a much misunderstood example, and a vastly underrated life. Around it has been built a great organization, all too lacking in the one thing that the entity known as Jesus to you desired and that is, my friends, the experience of being one with the Creator.

The one whom we call Amira and whom you call Jesus did not desire to eliminate from his disciples’ lives cares and concerns about the state of their spiritual wellbeing. Indeed, he constantly urged his disciples to become more close to perfection. And it is written in your holy works that he said, “Be perfect as your Father is perfect,” and again, “It is not I that do these things, but my Father.”

My friends, as you go through your daily lives, so much of your attention is consumed with the needs of your physical vehicles, the security, your comfort, the enjoyment of your personality. But let us look at what is known as the virgin birth, that event which is celebrated every year by your peoples and that event which almost no one believes and even fewer understand. You, yourselves, my friends, are at some stage of holy conception by the inspirited self, that self who you really are. This self was not conceived by man but came to this plane of existence and to the human race asleep in a body, the physical vehicle.

The physical conception was, of course, not immaculate but the spiritual conception which each of you who seek are attempting to further is totally immaculate and takes place within what we may call your heart of hearts, within your deepest inner self. And like an infant, the spiritual self must be nurtured, loved and nourished through meditation and through as much right action as you can possibly interject into your daily lives.

We realize that this seems to be an inhumanly difficult thing many times but once an understanding of the love of the infinite Creator has been realized, that which is difficult will become obvious. That which is crooked will be made straight.

At this time, I would transfer this contact to the one known as L.

(L channeling)

I am Hatonn, and I greet you with the love and the light of our Creator. This evening is a special time for all who work for the cause of enlightenment. [inaudible]

We of Hatonn are able to see progress that has been made by meditating but, unfortunately, we must tell you that it is only slight. The special occasion we spoke of is an event of communication, for we are now able to speak and be heard by several others simultaneously. This is due both to the synchronization of the meditations of the various groups, and also to the level of competence or achievement that these groups have attained.

For the first time the scattered energies of the small varying groups scattered across the face of your geographic area are united, thus making our contact with you and them and your contact with them much stronger. We of Hatonn described your progress with your brothers as woefully short and that of the many-calling, [who] have been [chosen] by themselves to carry a level of learning and understanding forward among your brothers. Although we cannot urge you to contact your brothers and publicize our communications for our connections with your race must be through the warmth of an almost magnetic current of drawing seekers to light. We urge you to pursue physically a type of life that exemplifies true correct living that your light may be a beacon to those who seek.

As we of Hatonn share our knowledge, our love, and our strength with you, so also must you share with your brothers. It is only in this manner that you appear. You cannot take your plan to the universe, just as on this night the various groups that we mentioned have attuned themselves to one another.

We of Hatonn share our love with you at this moment and we ask the blessings of good nature upon you and upon your planet on this night and may you all rest in peace. I am Hatonn.

(Carla channeling)

I am again with this instrument. I am Hatonn, and again I greet you in love and light. Take heed, my friends, for you have within you the most precious thing in the creation. Take heed to your spirits. Nourish them and hearken to the faint music of the angelic choirs as they resound throughout the heavens of the creation. For each realized soul is a cause of great rejoicing among our peoples, for the harvest draws near and we grow closer to you. Draw on us if you need us but more than any, draw upon the love within you, the truth that resides within you, the one original Thought that created you. All of these things you bear within yourself. Let them be born. We rejoice with you in the here and now that is eternity. That we seekers of the Creator can even now know the joy of being part of the creation and in concert with all those who seek, we sing a joyful hallelujah, for to love and to know love is beyond all joy that can be known in the brief shadow that is your physical illusion. We leave you in the sunlight, my friends. The shadow of your physical vehicles is not a lasting one. Never let its limitation distract you from the perfect beauty of that which is born within you, the seed of creation—love.

I leave you in that love and in that light. I am known to you as Hatonn. Adonai, my friends.

I am Latwii, and I am very glad to be with you. My brother Laitos is also here and she asks me to ask you to request her presence if you wish to have some conditioning at this time. I will pause while she works with each of you who requests it. I am Latwii.


I am again with this instrument. I am again having to adjust our vibration, for we are blowing this channel’s circuits. If you will pause just a moment, we will step down our intensity, for this is a sensitive instrument. We sometimes come on a little strong.


There, my friends, we think that will be a little easier on the instrument. We are here at the invitation of Hatonn to offer ourselves at your service in order that we may share with you any information that we may have, if you have a question at this time. Does anyone have a question at this time?

Oh yes, a friend wants information on the issue of astral travel and out of body experiences. What can I tell him?

My brother, I am Latwii. I am aware of your question. Your friend knows more than is known to you at this time. However, we would say to you at this time, you may say that the higher self, with a number of more highly vibrational bodies at the moment of incarnation—which is not necessarily the moment of conception—becomes attached to the physical vehicle of an infant by means of what those of the so-called occult world call the silver cord. This silver cord is retained. It shapes the physical vehicle and those illnesses and other limitations which you experience during your physical existence occur due to the fact that the higher selves functioning through the silver cord are not able to allow that energy to flow unimpeded into the physical shell which it has created. These blockages cause these problems.

Those who are able by nature to travel astrally are those whose attachments to the physical vehicles are not taken as totally integrated either consciously or unconsciously. There are some souls who seem to know and consciously be able to leave the body and travel in the higher bodies. There are others who are unconscious of this ability but who have it happen spontaneously due to a misalignment of the physical body with the higher bodies or because of some trauma which occurs, whether it be joyful or sorrowful.

It is not particularly helpful to experience astral travel unless it is needed by the individual in order to prove to himself the subjective truth of the fact that consciousness does not reside in the physical vehicle. In that context, astral travel is very valuable. In and of itself, however, it is not inclined to be a valuable experience unless the entity is very highly trained in what this instrument would call magic.

If trained in the western traditions of magic, it is possible to reach through the astral body guides who may then instruct you while you are completely conscious. This is seen by those who work in these realms to be of great benefit. In the Eastern tradition, there is much the same consideration of the benefits of astral travel, although it is taken much more for granted in that tradition which is, of course, much older and therefore less structured and more complex.

Is there anything more that we may tell you about this subject that you feel may be helpful to your friend?

I don’t know. He’s talked to me about it before because I listened and had some knowledge that would be some encouragement. Should he be encouraged? Is he ready to be? Should he be encouraged at this point?

My brother, I am Latwii. You should neither encourage or discourage a person who is in pursuit of a phenomenon. Encourage only that the Creator may be known. The entity himself may choose the route by which he finds the Creator. For this entity, it might be the experience of astral travel. However, it is not the perquisite of any individual to give advice to another on these matters, but only to witness to one’s own feelings and knowledge of the Creator and of the methods by which he has experienced a change in his feelings, in his life, or in his work of a positive nature, due to his involvement in [a] spiritual path.

We do not mean to denigrate or, as you might say, put down astral travel. It is a natural thing to do rendered unnatural only because those of your peoples are very largely sleeping in their spirit and unaware of the possibility of separating the higher bodies from the physical body connected only by the silver cord. It is not to be encouraged any more than any other experiential phenomenon should be encouraged simply because it is unknown to anyone whether his brother may be ready for such an experience. It is impossible to judge the state of a brother or sister; therefore, it is impossible to give advice. For some this experience might be very beneficial. For others it might be terrifying due to an unfamiliarity with the process, for there are physical sensations connected with the leaving and returning to the body that are somewhat alarming to some who experience them.

Therefore, you see you are more or less in a position where you may give information but without any emotional bias. You may say, “This is what I have heard. This is information that I have been able to share but I do not know what you must do. You must seek inside yourself for the answer to that question.” In this way your friend will know you to be a person of integrity, as well as a friend who attempts to hate, to help—we will correct this instrument—a friend who attempts to help when asked.

May be answer you further, my brother?

Thank you. I’ll just keep an open ear to him and share love. Thank you.

That is good, my brother, and we thank you. An open ear is the greatest blessing a friend can have.

Is there another question?

I’ve been experiencing some unusual physical sensations as you’ve been speaking.

There is an extremely good contact this evening, my brother, and this instrument we have had to be very careful with, for she is experiencing physical sensations herself having to do with enormous amounts of heat. At least we are able to speak through her, for when we began we were hardly able to control her vocal mechanisms. We are sorry for any stray vibrations that may be disturbing you and will ask the one known as Laitos to adjust your vibrations in such a way that you are more comfortable. We will pause at this time.


I am Latwii. I am again with this instrument. Are you feeling more comfortable, my brother?

I was just thinking, now I know how a radio feels when it’s turned down.

We are very glad that we have been able to adjust your dials. Is there another question at this time?

Hatonn earlier spoke of understanding and the love of the infinite Creator. The statements reminds me of a kibbutz. I felt as though I were a finite being trying to understand the Infinite. Can you expand upon this statement?

Yes, my brother. Your concept of yourself as a finite being is essentially incorrect. You are an infinite being able to experience an infinite Creator. In fact, you are the infinite Creator, as is each person into whose eyes you may gaze at any moment in your existence. The finity or limited nature of your vehicle confuses almost all of your peoples, and it is because of this very concept in your mind that our brother of Hatonn spoke upon this subject earlier. It was intended to share with you our thinking upon this subject.

We of the Confederation see each entity, each man and woman of your planet as infinite. It is written in your holy works, “Before the world was, I AM.” There is no past, there is no future. There is an infinite present and I AM. You and we of Latwii and this instrument, those in the room, and each of those upon your planet are part of the great I AM. You are awareness. You are consciousness. You are. Your being is infinite and preceded the making of this incredibly vast galaxy, solar system, and Earth. How many eons have you been infinite? And yet there is no duration, for in reality you are. And to understand your being is to understand love. For it was the love of the Creator that generated awareness. I AM. That is you and that is infinite. You are not a finite being and your brain, with all of its limitations, its overloads and its confusions, is merely a tool that you have sometimes used poorly. Never let it tell you what to do. Let your heart and your will express itself so that your mind performs the tasks given it by love, working as a servant to you who work as a servant to the Creation.

May we answer you further, my brother?


We thank you, my brother. May we answer the one known as C at this time?

I really didn’t have a question. I just wanted to send a thank you [inaudible].

We have relayed this to our brothers who are very, very pleased that they were able to share with you in such a way that it enabled you to feel more at home in yourselves, for you are truly only at home within yourself.

We have one more question that we must answer for one who is absent, but before that we wish to make sure there are no more questions. Is there another question at this time?


Very well then, we do not like to deal with this type of information because it is so boring, but we have been asked to deal with the earthquake situation. The one known as Don wishes to know about earthquakes. Unfortunately, he is not here but if he were, we would say to him that he already knows about earthquakes and has been talking about earthquakes for the last two decades of your time, as you count time. He may have noticed that there have been earthquakes. These are the earthquakes which he has been talking about. He is probably wondering whether there really are going to be more earthquakes. Has he not talked about more earthquakes? Yes, my brother there will be more earthquakes. The scenario is being played out due to the fact that although there has been great improvement in large segments of your population, although love and light has increased to what we would call a great extent in the light centers which we have started and among self-aware people all over your planet, it has not been enough to generate the positive love energy necessary to totally remove the necessity for the expression of disharmony which the Earth must now manifest, and so it will occur.

We are happy to say and this the entity also realizes, although he has not spoken of it to this instrument, that these occurrences will be less harmful than they would have been had the scenario not subtly changed due to the love that has been generated by people such as yourselves.

[Note: In the original printed transcript of November 30, 1980 that was converted to a text file a total of three more pages were attached. However, these same pages appear at the end of the December 7, 1980 transcript and are in context in that transcript to previous questioning about prayer. It is surmised that the last three pages in the November 30 transcript do not belong to that session and that some final pages are missing from it.]