(Carla channeling)

I am Latwii, and I greet you, my friends, in the love and light of the infinite Creator. Please be patient while we step the energy down for this instrument, as usual. She is more sensitive than the one we were attempting to reach known as L.

I am with this instrument. I am Latwii. We have a more comfortable contact for the instrument now. May we say to you how glad we are to welcome each of you to the group this evening, and especially those that have been absent for a little while, such as the one known as Jim. We thank each of you for the privilege of sharing our meditation, for we in the Confederation in Service to the Infinite Creator are here only to be the mirrors wherein you find your own soul’s wisdom. And it is only by your invitation that we may be with you. We greet you in love and in light.

The light of this particular time of the year is so bright that it is harsh to many of your peoples, and there are many among your peoples at this particular time in the cycle that will leave this incarnation and pass on to other things. There are others who are very unhappy or sick or sick at heart or uncertain in many ways. If you are among the fortunate who have been caught up in the joy of this particular celebration which you call Christmas, may we ask your especial meditation and sending of light to those about you whom you may or may not know, for there are so many that it is necessary at this time that they be helped if at all possible for you to do so. Simply share the Creator with them by holding the love and the light of the Creator in your heart and releasing it to the world’s use. This is all you need to do. You do not need to know details.

We say to you, my friends, you are under the earth. This is your time of growing, of knowing and realizing who you are. This is, in your cycle of what this instrument would call seasons, the winter, the quiet time. Therefore, my friends, bring quiet to your souls as they rest in the darkness of the earth, gathering the strength to move and to blossom in season. This is the time to be patient with yourself. This is the time to feel the light within rather than looking for the light without. This is the seed time.

You may look at this earth time as a prison, for indeed it is not a time wherein your being can make the transformations of color and harmony that it will make in its season. However, my friends, you have the key to that prison and that key once used opens the door to more color and more harmony than you shall ever experience as manifestation. As you meditate in your seed time, as you discover the love that is your essence, realize the source of that love, the original Thought that created that love, and revel in the harmony and the beauty and the blooming of that reality. Your manifestations can only occur in as much fullness as you prepare for at this time by the strength and the solidarity with which you ground yourself in your own being.

I will transfer at this tine. You will have to pardon the slight pause while we again step up the energy. I am Latwii.

(L channeling)

I am Latwii, and I greet you [inaudible]. It is often said [inaudible] will receive yet how often do we find that the object of our desires is rarely as attractive as it was in our imagination. So it is, my brothers, with many of the desires of the heart. Often we [inaudible] thinking we know where it leads us. With all our hearts desiring an end, yet once we’ve achieved it and followed the path to its conclusion [inaudible] for our desires [inaudible]. My brothers, the path has no [inaudible] and like the universe goes on and on and on and on [inaudible] that the prayer of your hearts be not for ends but for growth, not for sights but for lights, not for [inaudible] but for strength, for of such is the road to the kingdom constructed [inaudible].

[Inaudible] any questions at this time [inaudible].


My brothers, I would share with you a simple thought at this time [inaudible].

My brothers, it has been said to you, and I will say again the light of the universe goes on and on and on and on. We of Hatonn realize that this is confusing yet is important that you understand [inaudible] importance of meditation on this message. We of Hatonn realize that you find little of value upon your first examination of this message, yet we would encourage you [inaudible] further meditation [inaudible] your understanding [inaudible] the love and light of the Creator. Adonai, my friends [inaudible]. I am Hatonn.

(Carla channeling)



I greet you, my children, in the name of my Father. I lift up my heart to you for are you not of my Father? This little one through whom I speak calls herself by my name. My children, it is not necessary for I am and you are of my Father. I ask you to husband the creation in which you walk your ways this day, and to wait the precious gift of your love as it wakes toward the kingdom of love. And shall you not go where you have sought to go? Yea, you shall; I am with you as my Father is with you; as I am called, I speak. For as there is no time, I am always and you with me are part of that which is always. Thank you, my children, for thinking of me and requesting my vibration. Yours are as pleasing to me as the sweetest flowers, for are you not my Father? Peace to you, my children.

There’s somebody else in the room. Did anyone request Nona? C, you don’t feel it, do you? I do. OK.

(Carla channeling)

[Carla channels a song from Nona until the end of the tape.]