(Unknown channeling)

I am Latwii. I am getting through to this instrument with more ease than usual due to her relaxed state due to the ingestion of some alcohol. Normally this is a great difficulty in achieving contact but with this instrument, our vibrations are significantly stepped up from hers that, as she has stepped down her vibrations toward what is normally found on your planet, we are able to contact her without difficulty, using our normal strength.

We wish to greet the one known as B, with whom we have spoken several times. It is a tremendous pleasure to confirm to her that it is indeed our contact which she has been receiving. Our love is beyond measure and we are most, most grateful for the return love of you people in this deep and dense density. We do not understand how you can overcome so much and love so much for we are beginning to understand the limitations of your sphere of illusion and we are amazed that you are able to deal with it as well as you are given the limitations of your senses.

We would like to open the meeting to questions at this time, for we feel that perhaps we may be of more help in moving from interest to interest than we be in giving what may be called an inspirational message, for each of those present are most inspired and are inspiring us at this time and we do not feel that we would add to your inspiration where happiness in each other and your harmony is that which causes joy among those of us who are in the Confederation.

Is there a question at this time that we may perhaps share some information upon?

Latwii, how do you feel that Don and Carla and I can best serve the planet and fulfill our mission [inaudible]?

My brother, you have one mission above all others and that is, as you already know, which we are only confirming, to realize your true nature. As it happens, you have managed to arrive into a position where the mirror in which you look to determine your true character is a true mirror given support by those who will not lie to you in any way or give you a false image. This is true of each of the three of you, and as you work together, that will be your chief work: the improvement of the understanding of your own personality and the disciplines necessary to complete the understanding of that personality. Each of you will help the other. Each of you will learn. This is your most important task. The other tasks are within your free will and we cannot comment upon them at this time for we can only go as far as free will allows and you, at this time, and your comrades, are at a state of choosing what you will do of your own free will. Thus, we ask you to meditate and learn from yourselves what it is that you must do. We are always with you and commend you to the love of the Creator.

May we answer you further, my brother?

Not at this time, thank you.

We thank you, my brother. Is there another question at this time?

There is a difficulty that has arisen with one in our group and my family, that may make it necessary for me to leave the group to keep harmony in my house, and I don’t feel good about this. Do you have any suggestion?

Yes, my sister. You must realize that you are a completely free entity. You must detach yourself from all supposed entanglements, including those of your family, and those of the person in your group. You are a star. Your radiance lights many. Your decisions must be made on the basis of your ability to shine and that which causes you to be able to function properly. Whatever temporary difficulties may arise from any inharmonious action on the basis of those who do not understand, one way or another, your main concern must always be yourself. For without yourself, you do not have the heart, the center, from which to move.

Center yourself, therefore, without reference to those who would pull upon you and ask from you to play roles. You do not play a role. You are an eternal spirit and you have your work. Determine, therefore, what you can best do to help in the most high sense that you know. In this way, any mistakes that you make will be canceled by the simple fact that your intention was of the highest nature, not attached to feelings of universal law of the illusion but attached instead to the universal law of the Creator, which come within you alone, for you, which come to each of us, from us.

You cannot live in anyone else’s understanding of life, it must be your own, therefore, remove yourself from both sides and know, within yourself, what you must do to be of service. Whatever service you feel is the highest, do. You may, perhaps, be mistaken in practice but it would not matter less, because your intention is of the highest. When one’s intention is consistently of the highest nature, the fruits will be known upon the planes that affect the thought forms of this planet and eventually they will come back to you in such a way that these problems will disappear.

May we aid you further, my sister?

Thank you, not now.

We thank you. As you know, my sister, we enjoy talking with you.

Is there another question at this time?


Well, my brother and my sisters, since we do not think the world is going to blow up tonight, we would like to share a bit more philosophical information to the other instruments. Therefore, at this time, I will transfer this contact. I am Latwii.

I am Latwii. It is my pleasure to speak with you this evening, a joy [inaudible] to feel the heartbeat and love that flows around you. We are always with you and rejoice at moments such as these and your light touches us so brilliantly. We are glad to be of service in any way that we can. My brothers and sisters, we [are] always with you. As you know, there are moments when your awareness of us is like a [inaudible]) and a celebration, and another time we feel your urgent desire to sift through the clouds of illusion that [inaudible].

We are always with you and our love surpasses the words this channel can speak tonight, or any words. Feel our love in the radiance of this woman that we share as a part of the creation, as part of the oneness that is the Creator. We will leave this instrument with love. I am Latwii.

I am Latwii, and am with this instrument. It is with great pleasure that we greet you again. It has been a long time, as you reckon time, since we have had the privilege of utilizing this instrument. We wish to inform this instrument that we have been with him in his meditations and have been available for contact at any time. This is the offer and invitation which we make to each who wishes to become an instrument and allow the vibrations of love and light [to] flow through their being.

We are most grateful for each opportunity to utilize instruments such as are gathered here this evening. We realize that each of those present this evening have strong desire to be of service. We understand and appreciate this desire, for, my friends, we share this desire with you. The blending of our vibrations at times such as these are of great significance and inspiration to us as well as to those here who hear our humble messages, for we are sure you know, to be of service to the infinite Creator in each person which [inaudible] in each activity which you engage, is the greatest joy and the greatest love which we can imagine and to be of such service is our constant desire and we urge each of you to continue in your devotion to fulfill the desire to serve the infinite Creator, for we have found no other activity to be of such a fulfilling venture.

We would wish for each of you present tonight a wish for the New Year. A wish that the love and the light of the infinite Creator might light the way that each of you travel as you journey homeward and that that light might shine upon each you meet on this journey, and that light of the recognition of the Creator in each face might remain where you have passed, to illuminate the way for others to travel that same path homeward.

We would, at this time, transfer this contact for our closing message. I am Latwii.

I am Latwii. We have probed the one known as Don and discovered that he is not able to channel due to some difficulties of a physical nature. Each one of you is a radiant beam, far more well-realized than some of your brothers and sisters. We urge you to pay no attention to what others say. To remain simple, to remain humble, and in whatever situation you find yourself, to radiate the Creator and to know that you are doing your Father’s work and not your own.

That is the key to simplicity, contentment and understanding. We know that each of you intends to work, that each of you has desires for the year ahead, as you would call it. So be it, my brothers and sisters, but let it be the Creator’s year and do not confuse in your mind the gift of channeling with the gift of sure knowledge, for we are your brothers and our knowledge is not sure but only given to provoke thought.

And as you give it, give it to suggest pathways of thought that these pathways might perhaps help those to whom you speak. We ask you to remain simple, loving, charitable, kind, and above all, humble, for that is the key to a pure channel. We are grateful that you tuned to us on this powerful night. We share our laughter and our joys with you. We are capable, also, of sharing each moment that you may feel. If you do not laugh, call us anyway, for we love with the love that the Creator has given us as messengers and we are yours as companions whenever you wish us. We leave you in love and light. I am Latwii. Adonai, my friends. Adonai vasu borragus.