(Unknown channeling)

I am Hatonn. I greet you, my friends, in the love and light of our infinite Creator. It is a very great privilege to greet you this morning and speak through this instrument. It is always a great privilege to be able to communicate to any of those of your peoples who will listen to what we have to bring them. You know, my friends, we have said many times, we have a very simple truth to bring your peoples. It is the truth, however, that seems somewhat difficult to convey. In its simplicity, it lacks this ability, ease of conveyance. We are continually searching for methods to convey the simple concepts of the greater [inaudible]. We have found without the spoken word, there is very little understood, therefore, we have to resort to the other vehicles of communication.

We are, at this time, initiating several, what you would call modes, for sending these messages which we have for your people. One of these programs has to do with your radio communications. We are, at this time, preparing certain communications to be substituted for some of your programming. This, I am sure, is a surprise to each of you, as it is to the instrument to which I am speaking through, but let me assure you, in the very near future that we will be using your radio communication to influence, shall I say, the thinking, without infringing upon those [inaudible] but we will bring them, without pain, to the limits of what you call [inaudible] of our reality or existence. We will, however, be blessed with [inaudible] because it will be a definite [inaudible]. The radio [inaudible] experience.

I will now transfer this contact.

(Unknown channeling)

I am with the instrument. I am Hatonn. Due to the previous information, this instrument is not in a good state of concentration and we ask your patience while we deepen her contact.

We are capable of many things which we have never done and due to the extreme biases of your peoples, in relation to our purposes. A few of your years previous to this message, the basic concepts of this group with whom we have the relationship of love and service, began to change dramatically, due in part to our presence and our continued information which suggest the same sort of emphasis on the information which we have come to aid in conveying to your peoples. Therefore, our path has been cleared to have a more direct role in this culture’s awareness. We are not, at this point, fearful of being guilty of infringement of free will by doing things which previously we would not have been able to consider.

The other reason, of course, for our plans at this time, is a reasoned and careful inspection, the configuration of probabilities having to do with the harvest that you are so involved in being the workers within. Because the harvest approaches and because the effectiveness of our attempt to lighten the darker forces, which have been trapped in this illusion, we are more capable of, shall we say, a more comprehensive means of indicating to your peoples certain sources of information by means of visual aids which may certainly spark the imagination without infringing upon free will. It is necessary that the energy given to and from this planet by the relationship between peoples, such as yourselves and us, be concretized so that you may begin to share some of the more inner teachings that we may share with you about our relationship to your identity, your relationship to others, and both of our relationships to the Creator. We will attempt, through the purer channels available in a more tuned, or as this instrument has called it, advanced group, information which may be needed by this group. Some of this information is not designed for publication.

At this time we would move on to a completely different subject having to do with the thought-forms which you are busily creating having to do with your service to mankind. We have consulted amongst ourselves in the Confederation and feel that we are glad to be of service by making available information tailored, to the best of our ability, for what you may call the one new to the concept of a personal identity that goes beyond the physical illusion and the other forms of life, which by means of the procreative aspects of your physical illusion, are tied to these entities. We hope to be able to aid you in furnishing information that can be used to advantage in such a campaign.

At this time, we would transfer to the other instrument. I am Hatonn.

(Unknown channeling)

I am Hatonn and am with this instrument. We greet you once again in love and light. We have been sharing what may be considered a new line of thought and action with this group this evening. It is our desire in each of our sharings with your people to provide information and inspiration of a nature that stretches or steps up the awareness and the consciousness—the vibrations—of those who would listen to our messages. It is a difficult task for your people—those who would listen to our messages—are each located at various points in their evolution of understanding. Therefore, our methods of providing information must take into account many different variables so that there is as little infringement as possible of the wills of those who would listen.

We feel, at this time, that it is of utmost importance to make the information that we have at our disposal available to your people in as many manners, as many vehicles, as possible, for the time of listening and considering grows short. The time of the great changes which long have been spoken of in the cultures and religions and folk stories of your planet, the time is close at hand when this great transformation shall occur. We will undertake every possible means for making our simple message of love and understanding available to each entity upon your plane, for each is of the fold of the Father. Each must have the opportunity to finally decide whether he or she wishes to return to the fold or wishes to continue upon a path which takes the entity further away from that state of unity which is the birthright of each within the creation of the Father.

As beings who wish to be of service, we are pledged to provide this message of love to every last being upon your planet. In order to do this, there may have to be, in some cases, a certain shocking of the senses, a certain reflecting of consciousness upon itself in manners which previously we would not have considered, this related to our initial message concerning the use of radio transmission of our thoughts as a substitution for the normal programming of certain of your radio transmissions. Such may also be used in the field of your televised pictures over your television stations. From time to time there will appear various images and messages which will have no other explainable source than our transmission. It is our hope that such anomalies will shake the perceptions of those who view them to a proper degree where internal questioning will be followed by internal seeking and the outward manifestation of those who would become a seeker of truth.

We realize that it will be unavoidable in such cases to infringe on the rights of some who will witness these events. We have carefully considered this possibility and are willing to take these actions in the hopes that opening the hearts and the minds and the souls of the few who still are able to seek inwardly, that this action will provide such entities with the opportunities which they so richly deserve.

We would at this time transfer this contact for our closing message. I am Hatonn.

[The rest of the tape is inaudible.]