(Carla channeling)

I am Hatonn, and I greet you, my friends, in the love and in the light of our infinite Creator. It is a great privilege to greet each of you and we especially welcome those new to this group. It is our hope that we may be of service to you and we are grateful that you have opened your ears to what humble thoughts we may have to share. Let us say to you who are new, before we speak upon any subject whatsoever, that ours is not the path of sure knowledge. We may give you the benefit of our experience, but we cannot give you answers that are without any equivocation, for we ourselves are still learning and still growing in the service of the infinite Creator, and that which we share with you is merely the fruit of our experiences. Thus, we ask that you take what you will from us. Discriminate in your hearts as to what you will keep and what you will leave behind, and if we may be of any aid to you whatsoever, then so be it, for this is our one desire—to aid those upon your planet who are at this time seeking to know the love and the light that surrounds them, that begat them, and that is their existence.

This evening, my friends, we would speak to you upon the subject of the love which you may manifest towards yourself and your fellow beings. This is a difficult subject. It is easy to speak of meditation and of the love that created you but as those upon a path of seeking begin to enter the domain of the meditative life, each seeker finds the daily practice, which this meditation engenders, to be the greatest challenge.

It is not, my friends, that the challenge was not there before. The same challenge always awaits the seeker. However, there comes a point in each entity’s incarnation when the entity chooses to release all responsibility for that incarnation, or to take responsibility for that incarnation, for that experience, for the manifestations of the being which the entity is undergoing, for existence, my friends, is an activity, not a state. As you meditate this becomes apparent. Therefore, as you meditate you begin to see yourself and those about you in quite, quite a different light than you previously saw them. Not vanished, but quite faded, becomes the desire to actively manipulate those about you and to manipulate your own feelings and your own beingness because of those things which you believe to be acceptable in the terms of your culture. You begin to measure yourself by a yardstick that you find within yourself. It is this yardstick about which we speak.

In your holy works, my friends, there is a parable. This parable describes the vineyard. In this vineyard the grapes are ready for harvest and men are hired. Early in the morning they trudge to the vineyard to begin to earn their day’s pay, but the owner is not satisfied and wishes to harvest more, and sends to the marketplace to discover if there might be more laborers to increase the harvest, and [the owner] admits them. Those who have worked all the morning are joined by those fresh from a lazy siesta upon the street. The afternoon passes. The heat of the day begins to vanish and the pleasantness of a cool evening breeze begins to signal the near end of the working day, and yet, the harvest is not complete. Again, the owner sends to the marketplace asking for workers, and more come and work for a very brief period harvesting the grapes of the owner.

Finally, twilight sends its violet rays along the soft lines of the hills and it is time for the workers to gather their day’s pay and wend their way homeward. Behold! Those who have worked through the heat of the morning and the glare of the afternoon, those who have worked only in the afternoon and those who have worked very briefly in the cool of the evening are all paid the same.

My friends, is this the yard stick by which you measure yourself and others? Do you feel that you work longer or harder than others and so deserve more pay? Do you find the services which you attempt to offer to others, in offering to them seeds of thought upon love and light, slightly tainted because you know that you are offering to an entity who has slept the morning and wasted the afternoon the chance to gain the same reward as you?

In your illusion, my friends, it is inevitable that you will judge and that you will be judged by those about you. This, my friends, does not make the phenomenon a well thought out experience. Would you judge yourself? Would you judge others? Nay, my friends. Whatever the behavior that you exhibit, whatever the behavior of those to whom you wish to offer the opportunity to work in the harvesting, let one thing be uppermost in your mind and that is that we are all the Creator. The Creator is in us all and we in the Creator.

Go, therefore with a free and joyful heart, lifting yourself up with cheer when you feel yourself to have fallen, offering your love and your light to any who may ask, be they saint or wastrel. This way lies a great realization. That, my friends, is compassion.

Many times we speak to groups such as this—who are seeking to serve others—about this service, but you must understand that the first entity whom you serve is yourself. To know that you are a part of the Creator, that whatever errors you make, whatever missteps you may take, you may always move back to a perfect portion of yourself. To know this is to become able not to judge.

We encourage you in the disciplines of meditation and in the attempts to be of service, but let these things flow with the freedom of the joy of your participation in the Creator. Those who harvest are under a merciful protector. Harvest yourself, and offer yourself with love and in light to others as they ask and as they wish.

We are pleased to have spoken through this instrument and would, at this time, like to transfer this contact. I am Hatonn.

(Jim channeling)

I am Hatonn. I am now with this instrument and greet you all once again in love and light. At this time it is our privilege to be joined by our brothers and sisters of Laitos for the purpose of offering our conditioning vibration to those in this group who would wish to experience it and to be aided in deepening their meditation by so doing. If each who would wish to experience our conditioning vibration would simply mentally request such, our brothers and sisters of Laitos will pass among you and aid as requested. We shall pause at this time. I am Hatonn.


I am Hatonn, and am with this instrument once again. We thank each in this group for allowing us to join them in their meditations. We would at this time ask for the permission to contact the one known as C so that we may speak a few words through this new instrument. It is our privilege to offer this service to new instruments and those wishing to become instruments in the transmission of our thoughts. If he would relax, we would now transfer this contact. I am Hatonn.

(C channeling)

I am Hatonn, and am with this instrument. As always, it is a privilege to work with any who seek this form of service. We of Hatonn always bring a simple message of love and always welcome new voices with which to speak. On your planet there are many desires that many do not quite yet understand. They seek, but sometimes lack one small push, you might say …

[A line of text is missing in the transcript.]

…choose to follow. Those who choose to serve others by the means of what you call channeling are of great assistance to us to aid those that seek, but not yet have the knowledge, the experience to feel our vibration.

We, as all Confederation members, are always willing to aid any who seek, who desire our assistance in their chosen path. We are always available to you in your meditations at any time that you ask us to join you. We are honored, privileged that we have so many who have chosen channeling as a means of service within this group, and are more than happy to work with the new ones as well as those more experienced, and we assure those within this group who seek also to channel our words—concepts, that we will work with them.

It may seem at times, my friends, that so many within a group may seem a luxury at times, but we assure you that once a channel has learned and exercises the ability, the ability will be there, and when the entity who has gained ability is needed, he or she may be of great service to other entities who seek, for you know that on your planet, that within the illusion many times groups have a way of finding harmony within them, but your various means of existence often pull groups physically apart while they may be mentally, spiritually, always attached.

That is one reason why it’s always pleasing to us that many begin a group, seek similar ability, for they can aid others after the original group has begun to go, as you would say, their own ways within the illusion. We always thank this group and all others who listen, for we seek to serve, as do you, aiding in our humble way, your seeking. We also learn in experience through you and by interacting to the extent that we can, with you.

We would, at this time, transfer our contact to another instrument, for we would like, if we may, to exercise others within this group who seek to channel our humble words. I am Hatonn.

(L channeling)

I am Hatonn. I am with this instrument, and again I greet you in the love and the light of the Creator of all that is vast and small, infinite and finite. It is amusing to us in using these descriptive terms to perceive the implausibility of these terms, for they denote the contrast between that which is of reality and that which is of the illusion. For example, the terms infinite and finite both are constructed to attempt to define that which is beyond comprehension, for while you may quickly and readily acknowledge from past experience that the term “infinite” is without picture within your mental construction, has it occurred to you that the term “finite” is of equal caliber?

Is there, within your world or any other, that which is finite? The substance of your illusion is the result of creative efforts by each of you, both individually and collectively, for your illusion is constructed—tailor-made, as you say—to support your quest for knowledge and growth. As the details of your illusion are of this same fabric, each is a facet of a particular lesson and, therefore, a fragment of your experience, that experience which continues as you do yourself

Thus, we perceive the nebulous quality of the term “finite,” for what can be finite, yet continue in existence throughout that which we label “infinite”? The term “infinite,” on the other hand, although readily acknowledged as incomprehensible, is equally finite, for that which exists, exists only in the now, for in reality now is the future, now is the past, now is.

My brothers and sisters, we do not wish for you to be alarmed, fearing perhaps that we have chosen to embark upon lengthy philosophical discussions without reference to your present situation, for there is, as you might say, a method to our madness. The temptation exists to regard your efforts towards service as money placed within a bank, drawing sufficient interest to pay for a ticket out of this illusion when the harvest time arrives. My brothers and sisters, today is the day in which the rent comes due, as this instrument would say, for the attainment of your service could be regarded as compounded …

[Side one of tape ends.]

(L channeling)

I am Hatonn. I am with this instrument and we find your own instruments humorous.

The interest compounded upon your savings of service, so to speak, are not stored up, but rather returned to you instantly that you may use your gains to further your own efforts toward the development of your ability toward selfless service. Do not be disheartened that your efforts toward service seem tainted because of your awareness that your efforts result from a desire to improve yourself sufficiently to attain harvestability, for this process is within the order of the universe.

The interest gained is the establishment of a path which through habit will more and more smoothly and assuredly guide your efforts toward a selfless form of service. Have you noticed, my brothers and sisters, that although the initial acts of service to others may come with difficulty and only after lengthy forethought and argument with one’s more selfish nature, after a sufficient number of these experiences occur, you may suddenly realize that the path toward service to others, while still motivated by service to self, has become more easily acquired as your nature, your vibration, has been adjusted through your efforts toward an automatic choice or orientation toward service to others without tremendous amounts of lengthy forethought and planning.

For this reason, do not be disheartened by the selfishness which exists within all of us, for this characteristic being of negative or selfish polarization acts as a catalyst which results in selfless performance of service to others. We would encourage, therefore, all efforts toward service to others, however motivated, and would comfort those who find their own selfish nature disquieting.

At this time we would attempt to answer questions that you might desire to offer. I am Hatonn.

Hatonn, how do chemicals bridge the gap between our physical illusion and our spiritual reality?

I am Hatonn. I am aware of your question. My brother, the chemical substance is of a nature that is unpolarized, yet, as a key, is capable of unlocking synaptic blocks which are used to prevent the subconscious mind from overriding the wishes of the conscious mind. These synaptic blocks are of the substance of your physical illusion, yet one of the rules, so to speak, of your illusion gives dominance to the conscious mind over the subconscious mind, thus allowing you, within the illusion, to refuse communication from your higher self, if such is your choice. The chemical key, or drug, acts to dissolve temporarily those blocks constructed by the conscious mind, allowing the subconscious mind’s receptions to be transmitted directly to the conscious mind. The quality of the reception is the result of the orientation of the conscious mind during the period of time in which the synaptic block is removed.

For this reason, the same individual may, with the same key, receive either enjoyable and encouraging or unpleasant and discouraging experiences.

May we answer you further?

Yes. Essentially, you remove the chemical inhibitors in the brain to allow the subconscious to come to a conscious level. The images that we then become conscious of, are they a creation of our own—or the spiritual type things that are experienced, are they real spiritual experiences? Are they experiences we are creating for ourselves, or is it a perception of reality that we’re then capable of seeing?

I am Hatonn. My brother, all experience is real. For this reason, we suggest that you may desire to rephrase your question.

OK. Are you actually having a spiritual experience or are you creating a mental illusion?

I am Hatonn. I am aware of your question. The receptions of the conscious mind from the subconscious mind are similar in nature to that which is referred to by your people as radio or television. The quality of the image received is solely defined by the source of the image which can be of numerous transmitters, so to speak. The image may be the result of a seeking conveyed by the subconscious mind for a specific experience or communication. However, it may also be of the nature of a seeking for an unusual or exciting created experience to entertain.

The subconscious mind can only convey that which is desired and can only attain that which is earned. The spiritual experience, as you refer to it, is the result of a calling within the individual for a specific type of contact or experience and as all vacuums are filled, this calling is answered. However, we would caution you that a calling for an experience which may be characterized by the description, “I want to see God, but not have it really count,” will result in a form of entertainment that is characterized by a pervasive aura of goodness.

May we answer you further, my brother?

One last part. You mentioned that [if] the subconscious has made a calling for an experience and you are in tune to do that, the drug will help you bridge that gap. How can it be [done] more easily without the assistance of the chemical promoter?

I am Hatonn. My brother, the drug, or key, cannot provide that which has not been earned. For example, the key cannot acquire for one the skills of the adept without the learning or discipline. Conversely, the learning and discipline themselves are sufficient to dissolve the synaptic block if such is your desire. Often this occurs during times of meditation or sleep or prayer, for these are times in which the persuasive contact of the conscious mind with the illusion ebbs and the individual is less convinced of the reality of the illusion within which he or she functions.

To most easily activate—correction—deactivate the synaptic block is through prayer or meditation, for at these times the orientation of the individual’s calling is firmly established and the nature of the desired experience controlled by the individual. The chemical synaptic key, conversely, is subject to the whims and changing moods of the individual and thus may cause the entry of both angels and dragons, so to speak. For this reason, we strongly recommend the paths of prayer or meditation over the use of chemical substances.

May we answer you further?

No thank you, Hatonn. You’ve been very helpful.

As always, my brother, we thank you for the opportunity to serve in our small manner. Is there another question.

I’d just like to clarify something. You mentioned several times that you only get those things which you earn in the drug experience and I was trying to link that up with other material with which I’m familiar and also with my own experience, and it seems that in Ra’s terminology, the conscious use of the polarization towards service to others and the desire to worship or praise seems to aid in the experiencing of, as you put it, the angels, rather than the dragons, which would suggest that one were not at the mercy, shall we say, of a drug, but rather had a cooperative effort with it, given that enough energy centers were activated and aware of the seriousness of the experience to use it.

I have no desire to advocate the use of drugs. I just wanted to clarify that. Is this concept correct, that it is the opening of the energy centers, the desire to polarize, etc., that you mean when you say you get what you earn?

I am Hatonn. This is correct. If we may reiterate more clearly our words upon the subject. To give an example—if an individual who has not chosen a direction of polarization consumes a chemical substance designed to dissolve synaptic blocks, the individual is at the mercy, so to speak, of his or her own fluctuations of polarization, which tend to fluctuate more uncontrollably in the absence of your contemporary illusion. Therefore, our statement concerning the angels and dragons.

The individual who is polarized, however, has established a consistent nature within the subconscious mind which acts as a controlling influence on the nature of the receptions transmitted to the conscious mind. Therefore, that individual which has earned his stripes, so to speak, has the ability to receive a consistent quality of perception, whereas that individual [who] is undecided will find the quality varies wildly. The intensity of the experience is also affected in the same fashion.

May we answer you further?

No thank you, Hatonn. Your clarity is exceeded only by your prolixity.

I am Hatonn. If it were possible, we would blush. We thank you. Is there another question?


As always, the music of the spirits pervading the night draw us closer as we long to share more fully the incredible beauty of your home. We thank you deeply for sharing with us. I am Hatonn.